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The Power of Belief Part 1 with Johanna White 


This episode started as one about visual branding but we were meant to hear something else from our incredible guest, Johanna White. Today, Johanna joins the She Sells community to share her story and this story truly has shaped her success not because of the circumstance but by what she chose to do about it.


Listen to this emotional and powerful episode as Johanna shares her battle with a brain tumor and her bewilderment with the rollercoaster of modern medicine. In the end, Johanna learned about the illusion of certainty and chose joy instead. The experience made Johanna realize that she was meant for more than her day job and is now an award-winning graphic designer and visual branding strategist. She uses her talents to design premium brand identities that create impactful first impressions.


Don’t worry. She’ll be back for a part 2 where she dives deep into her strategies in building and elevating your visual branding. But first, listen to her impactful story and fall in love with her joy and positivity like I did.


Show Notes:

[2:57] – Welcome to the show, Johanna!

[3:53] – Johanna started three companies in one year while battling a brain tumor.

[5:29] – The brain tumor and the experience with that was the catalyst for Johanna to accomplish what she has. She shares what her life was like prior to changing mindsets.

[8:09] – The experience wasn’t just an obstacle to overcome. 

[9:12] – Johanna was working multiple jobs and shares the time she received the news of her tumor.

[10:05] – Through it all, Johanna learned about the illusion of certainty.

[11:33] – Without health insurance, Johanna was told by many to quit her job and receive Social Security.

[14:12] – “I had reached the end of my ability to play it safe.” – Johanna White

[15:07] – Johanna reached the decision that she was made for more than her day job.

[17:04] – With the negativity of the people around her, Johanna changed her circle.

[19:06] – We don’t fear the circumstance. We fear how the circumstance makes us feel.

[20:20] – She couldn’t control the circumstance, but she could control the fear.

[21:41] – It only takes one voice telling you that you can do what everyone else says is impossible.

[22:51] – What you believe matters but what you do about your belief matters more.

[24:52] – Johanna shares what she started doing with the help and how a close friend pushed her.

[29:18] – Those in authority have a lot of power with their words.

[33:14] – Johanna wanted certainty so badly that she didn’t care about the risks.

[34:50] – When you get to the next level, your old fears come back.

[36:37] – How does Johanna use the illusion of certainty in her life presently?

[38:51] – Nothing is certain, especially in the current state the world is in, but Johanna can always choose joy.

[40:51] – Certainty cannot be the goal. Joy does.

[43:50] – Johanna started a business called Uniquely Yoga.

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Elyse Archer (00:02):

Welcome to she sales radio. Well, I am so excited for today’s episode and guest, and I almost thought, gosh, we should have hit record a few minutes ago. Cause we started talking about zoom fails and I hope there won’t be any today on this call. <laugh> but I could already tell, like I just, I love this woman. You’re gonna have so much fun learning from her as well. And the other thing that’s so exciting is I know she is gonna help us really up level of what’s a very important aspect of sales that I really haven’t talked about too much yet on the show, which is your visual brand. And when I think about the brands and the companies that I’m most loyal to, you know, what often drew me in at the beginning was the visual elements of their brand and like the feelings they evoked in me.

Elyse Archer (00:49):

And if you know me well, you know, I’m someone who in invests a chunk of money in coaching every year. And for so many of the coaches I’ve worked with, they really drew me in first with this very high end look and feel to their brand, which I, at that point, like I really wanted to experience in my own life. And then they hooked me with helpful content and their hearts. And then that ultimately converted me to being a customer, but it still came down to that first impression with their brand. And so whether you are an entrepreneur, maybe you’re a sales professional who sells via social, which we all do by the way. Even if you don’t think you are, you are doing, you are doing it. The visual element of your brand is so key. And my guest today is gonna help you elevate your brand and your image online tremendously.

Elyse Archer (01:35):

And so with all of that buildup, my guest today is Johanna White. She is an award-winning graphic designer and visual branding, strategist who premium brand identities that create impactful first impressions. And she’s the founder of design by Joe’s studio. And for over 10 years has worked with individuals, startups and fortune 200 brands worldwide to help them brand like the best and attract ideal clients, which we all want more of. So Jan welcomed issue, sales radio, we are so excited to have you. Thank you, Elise. I’m so excited to be here. Well, and part of what I love about what you said, cuz you were, you were kind of fixing your hair and I was too, before we started and I was like, you look so great and so polished. And so of course on brand and you were like, oh, it was in a messy bun five minutes ago.

Elyse Archer (02:22):

And we were like, you know, the great thing about this zoom and zooming is like, we only see half the head. So the back is like we only have to do half the work for, to create the great visual brand on video. So <laugh> anyway, I love you already. And I’m so excited for the conversation and with all of that, it’s like as if there wouldn’t be enough for us to talk about just with visual brand, which we gonna dive into deep, your personal story though, is so compelling. And when I read this about you, I was like, I just need to, like, I need to get in her brain and learn how she thinks <laugh>. So part of your story is that several years ago you started three companies within one year, while as if that wasn’t enough, three companies in one year while battling a brain tumor. So, oh my gosh. Like I tell us more, what, tell us more about what happened. Obviously you’re, you’re doing well now, but like I, my mind is blown by you right now and I wanna hear about everything to do with that. So, so tell us more there please.

Johanna White (03:22):

All right. I will, um, do my very best to give you the short version of that story without like leaving you in a cliff hanger. I have, yeah. We’ve we’ve

Elyse Archer (03:32):

We struggle with cliff hangers over here. So yeah. Take your time. You’re good. Take this story accidentally done that to people, but before, and they’re like,

Johanna White (03:40):

So what now? Like how are you here?

Elyse Archer (03:44):

There’s certain things we can’t do cliff hangers on and I feel like this is one, so yes. Go, go ahead. <laugh>

Johanna White (03:51):

Yes. So, um, the, you would think that the, that a brain tumor would only have an obstacle that I pushed past and got through to get where I am today and that is mostly true, but I would also say that a brain tumor, um, it was in 2014. I’m on the spot. I’m not gonna say how many years ago that was. Sure.

Elyse Archer (04:16):

Well, it could be different times depending on when people are listening. Yeah, but it was okay.

Johanna White (04:20):

So 20, so it was in, it was in 2014 and it was actually also the catalyst that drove me to do all that I’m doing today because before I had that, I was living a very like safe life. I was always playing it safe. I was scared to, um, put myself out there and I was always flying under the radar because as long as nobody knows about you, you can’t have haters and oh, all of this stuff. Yeah. So I was very like, um, pretty low, low income, like enough to pay the bills. I was not working on my own at that time I was working at a creative services agency. So I was doing design, but like in a really low form. And it was really toxic culture. And like, you never knew if you were gonna get fired from one day to the next. And it was, but I just, you know, put my head down, pushed through one was like, I’m just lucky to have a job. And I kind of lived in that mindset where I’m okay. Just existing <laugh>.

Elyse Archer (05:32):

Yeah. And I, and I, I apologize for interrupting, but I want, I wanna just hone in on one element before you go further, because I think it’s like, that is one of the commonalities of the members of our community. Is that in some way, shape or form, oftentimes they have been living a safe life and they’re done, like they’re really ready to put it all out on the line. And so I just, as you’re listening to this, I want, I want you as a listener to be thinking about, wow, like how much of that can you relate to, and maybe are you still there in your life or have you taken the plunge and done what you’re about to tell us? <laugh> no doubt you did, but that’s, I just, I wanna appreciate and take a moment for that, cuz that’s such a common theme amongst this community. So, so please continue.

Johanna White (06:14):

Yeah. And feel free to pull out themes anywhere along the way. There are so many, um, and I love relating them like so much of what I learned. And I’m about to tell you, uh, created the way that I run my business today and why in a lot of the Le like life lessons. So, um, I was rolling along middle of the road and then I got diagnosed and I apologize for the voice tr here. <laugh> all good. All good. It’s like the one, one remaining reminder that this happened. Take your time. Sorry. Sometimes I talk about it and it’s like, my body goes, oh yeah. I, what? That was like, <laugh> for

Elyse Archer (07:00):

Sure for I’ve got stuff like that too. Like, no, this is it’s and it’s a, it’s a big, and it’s a big thing to jump right into. So thank you for, um, thank you for being willing to

Johanna White (07:10):

Absolutely. So, um, it was not just an OBS obstacle to overcome. It actually became the catalyst that pushed me out of my comfort zone because, um, I was walking along thinking I was healthy. And then one day I woke up with a pounding migraine that felt like pick acts through my skull. I never even had a migraine before. It lasted for four days. And when it went away, all of the sudden I had all of these debilitating symptoms, like I couldn’t raise my left arm. I couldn’t swallow. Wow. Um, food would come out my nose instead of going down my throat. Hmm. I couldn’t talk <laugh> my vocal cords were partially paralyzed, like all of these weird symptoms. So, um, started going around from doctor to doctor, went to the ER, they told me I was imagining it sent me home. Oh my gosh. Super helpful. Oh. Um, but eventually ended up at a neurosurgeon. Someone put the pieces together and said, this is controlled by your cranial nerves and you need to go get an MRI. So we did that and I got the call from the doctor at like 8:00 PM. I’m at work. I worked second shift. When you, when you play at safe, sometimes you have to work a lot of, of jobs

Elyse Archer (08:24):

Tweetable from what you just said, but yeah, for sure. For sure. It’s so true. Yeah. Um,

Johanna White (08:30):

So I was working also like a 5:00 PM till midnight job. And I got the call at eight o’clock and I was like, okay, this isn’t good. The, the doctor himself is calling me. It’s eight o’clock at night. And he tells me, we found a mass. We don’t know much about it. Like the results are inconclusive. I heard that for the next two years, the results are inconclusive. So I also learned a whole lot about the illusion of certainty. Ooh. And, um, which is something that’s really come in handy in the last couple of years, as people are like, nothing is certain I learned then that, um, certainty is, is like, it is your faith and that’s about it. And everything else can shift and change. And, and even doctors really talented, skilled doctors who have gone their whole lives to, to school to know things like can still not know things.

Johanna White (09:27):

And um, so he tells me there’s a math. They don’t know. And I just ask him like, am I gonna die? And he said, I don’t know. Oh, I don’t know. And so, um, that began a long journey of like two years of going from surgeon to surgeon, each one, promising that they could operate on this. And then later telling me, nevermind, we changed our mind. This thing we thought we were gonna do, actually we’ve only ever done on people in their seventies. So we don’t know long term, like I got a brain biopsy. Guess what? The results were inconclusive. Oh my gosh. Like it just kept going. But shortly after the diagnosis, um, all my friends started in the most well-meaning way telling me that I needed to quit my job and go on social security to get Medicaid, to cover what was surely a mountain of impending bills. Wow. And I didn’t have insurance at the time because the agency I was at was keeping me at like 30 hours a week so that they didn’t have to pay by benefits. <laugh> another problem with playing it safe. Yeah. Um, and so they kept telling me like, you gotta just quit. Like you can’t work enough. Like pretty soon you might not be able to work at all. You need to get help.

Elyse Archer (10:52):

So as if you’re not already like stressed out enough about this thing, that could be so that you don’t know what it is now you’ve got the added. It’s not even from what I’m hearing, from what you’re saying, it wasn’t even real yet. Like you weren’t getting all these medical bills yet, but they’re saying you like, it’s coming, you’ve gotta, yeah. Quit what you’re doing. Oh, I can’t. I mean, wow. Yeah. I love what you said about illusion of certainty, because that is so like, that is so key in all of this. So keep going, but I’m just, oh, I’m I have to, I still, you, the story

Johanna White (11:20):

It’s wild. That will come back again later, but, okay. Yeah. So they were all telling me, like just quit. And I looked at it and I looked at myself and I could still physically function for the most part. Okay. And, and like, actually I have a really cool story that like lays underneath of this, of what was happening on the inside and with faith and all of that. But um, on the outside, I was about to have a ton of bills, no way to pay it. And everyone was like, you gotta just go rely on the government or something like, you need to do this. And I looked at it and I said, no, because if I do that on the other side of that, let’s say they do surgery. And it costs a lot, like a hundred thousand or a million or whatever. Um, and then I’m the person that went on Medicaid when didn’t have to, I could still function.

Johanna White (12:15):

Yeah. And I’m gonna have such a hard time recovering from that in my career. And I wanna look past this and go, no, I’m gonna be healed. There’s a Johanna on the other side of that, who has a life who is successful and this would be really hard to recover from. And if like I might die, especially if I just focus on right now. But if I look past it and say, there’s the future and in that future, I’m successful. Um, then that successful person doesn’t go on Medicaid when they don’t have to, oh my gosh, mentally, I don’t think I’ll be able to recover from that. And that to me would be worse than, than this. How

Elyse Archer (12:56):

Did you stay during that? Like how did you <laugh> I was just putting myself in your shoes. How did you stay focused on that future vision? When, and I love your perspective on that, but it’s like everyone around you is telling you play it safe, go on the defense. How did you, I guess maybe it was faith or maybe you’ll tell us more about it in a minute, but that’s definitely something I wanna know.

Johanna White (13:20):

Yeah, I definitely will. That was definitely, I had reached the end of my ability to play it safe. And so like a few weeks after the diagnosis and I’ve got all these people telling me this, I go back to the, I go back to my job. I’m looking around the office and I just went, I’m not going out like this. I was made for more it’s now or never. And I don’t know how much time I have left, but I know that I was made like God gave me skills and talents and abilities. And I am not using them here. And if I’m to be working through this, I want it to be something that’s making a difference in people’s lives. And if I’m not working, then I wanna be spending my time with my family and my best friend. And like, so I just walked out and said, that’s it. We’re done. I quit. I can’t, I can’t, um, waste what I have left. I don’t know how much it is. I am going to make the most of it.

Elyse Archer (14:18):

Oh my gosh. So

Johanna White (14:20):

I, I walked out of there and I literally started knocking on business doors and going, hi, I’m Johanna. I designed stuff.

Elyse Archer (14:27):

<laugh> I love you. I love you. All right. So for everyone, listen, like you have done door-to-door sales. This is <laugh>. There’s the, there’s some of us like from that school of hard knocks here, myself included <laugh> so you did that. Wow. <laugh>

Johanna White (14:44):

I did not do it the easy way in any way. And like now for my clients, with, with branding, I try to shorten their runway so much. If I had had that, that powerful brand to make me look as good as I knew, I was, it would’ve been much easier and a much shorter road, but, um, <laugh> still, it was something. And I started, so that was starting designed by Joe. Wow. And then at the same time, I also, um, had gotten this pair of yoga pants from someone that said, um, I can, I will on the leg. And I, for a long time, I wanted to give up on working out because like migraines and couldn’t move my left side and all this stuff. And a friend kind of coaxed me into trying yoga, cuz it was gentle enough. I could still do both things. And um, the same people that were saying quit your job were also saying like, why are you trying to work out your body’s like falling apart. It doesn’t matter what you do. Why <laugh>

Elyse Archer (15:48):

I have a feeling you changed your circle at some point during, I mean, seems goodness much, so much.

Johanna White (15:57):

I even had one person say like Yohan, you’re being way too optimistic. You need to be prepared that it’s not gonna turn out well. And I was like, what? Good with that too.

Elyse Archer (16:06):

Wow. Well and one quick thing I wanna, and also I wanna just first apologize. I mispronounced your name at the beginning. So Johan thank you. And one of the things I wanna pull out from what you said is something we talk, I, I love this story and I feel like there’s just points. I can pull out all along. So thank you for bearing with me. Yeah. Keep doing that. One of the, love it. One of the things that we talk about in, um, over here in sheels world is like, who are you taking advice from? And looking at from people who you’re thinking, you know, like you’re taking their opinion, do they have the life you want and always filtering it through that lens? I mean truly. And, and cuz so many people will have an opinion, especially when there’s something really big going on like that and looking at, do I want this person’s life? Do I want their mindset? Do I, our bank account, whatever it is and if not their opinion doesn’t matter. So I just, I wanted to kind of pull that out of what you’re saying. Cuz I would Ima like you said, at some point you said I’m gonna shift friends, circles and friends proof, but wow. Okay. So keep, so keep telling us about this, these workout pants cause this, these are good pants. This is really interesting.

Johanna White (17:11):

So I got these yoga pants here were from a co company in Switzerland I think. And they said I can, I will on the leg. And I looked at those and I was like, I can, so I will like the fact that I can move at all still is a gift. And every single day that I can, I will. And so I’d put them in my drawer, I’d put them on my dresser and I’d remember them. I’d pull them out and I’d be like, I can still move. I’m gonna move and I’m gonna enjoy that. And the other thing that I started to realize, and I loved when I was listening to the, the podcast episode about, um, that I mentioned <laugh> now I’m blinking. Oh the one released resistance one. Yes. Yeah. So yeah. You mentioned a quote about, um, that it’s basically like don’t look at your circumstances and let them tell you what is happening.

Johanna White (18:03):

But instead you decide in your mind what the truth is and all your circumstances. Yes. And then it was also like that we don’t fear the circumstance. We fear how the circumstance will make us feel. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, that was so true because I started realizing like the symptoms that I was having would double when I pant and I panicked a lot initially like, as you can imagine, anxiety was high <laugh> when am I gonna die? I don’t know. And so I would go from partially like collapsed throat, couldn’t breathe through full out choking. And um, and I quickly realized like, okay, it’s soon as panic gets in here. It it’s like, the fear will kill me if the tumor doesn’t. And so I don’t know what I can do about the tumor, but I can do something about the fear. Wow. And so I just started, like, that was my first thing to tackle.

Johanna White (19:04):

And I started putting in every positive input that I could, it didn’t matter if I totally believed it. I started putting it in because my brain was like a hamster wheel of you’re gonna die. You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die. I’m at work. And it’s like, you’re gonna die. You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die. And so I started finding every sermon that I could on healing. Um, and I started just like listening to them while I worked, not even paying that much attention, just I needed an input that said you, you can be healed. And then I found every verse in the Bible that talks about healing and like would play it at night and just started playing it and then started speaking it out. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and that’s when it started to change. And yes, like I mentioned, I had a lot of, um, well friends that were not very encouraging, but I had one that was amazing.

Johanna White (19:56):

And you know how it’s the same in business. If you’re trying to get to six figures and everybody in your life is telling you, like, you don’t come from much, our family doesn’t do that. Who cares what they say? But it only takes one voice telling you that you can’t <laugh> to make all the difference. And it’s the same. Like now I hit six figures. Um, and then immediately doubled it in the next month. Like hit six figures next month. And then <laugh> you’re next year. I’m like, I’m going for a million. Yes, yes. And you’ll do it. It, and I have lots of voices telling me, like, that’s a really big leap and I’m like, but I have one voice telling me I can, you can totally do it. Now. I have two, you have two that’s. You can totally do it. You can, I’m only gonna listen.

Johanna White (20:45):

I’m only gonna listen to those ones. So that same thing happened with the tumor. The day I was diagnosed, a really dear friend of our family showed up on our porch. He was a chiropractor. He canceled his like 50 patients canceled his whole day, showed up on my porch, handed me an iPad, mini pre-loaded with the olive tree Bible app and all of the verses that he could find about healing. And he said, this is tools for the battle and we’re gonna fight. And by the way, <laugh>, I’m gonna cry. Ugh, goodness. And he said, Johanna, you’ve talked your whole life and said, you believe in God. And that you believe healing is possible, but now is your chance to actually stand on what believe. And you have to say that out loud. You’re not allowed to say I have a tumor. I am sick.

Johanna White (21:33):

All of these things. He’s like, you can say, the doctor says this or the latest skin says this, or he’s like, stop owning it. Stop claiming it because your body is going to believe you. So here’s his versus anytime you tempt to say that, say this instead, like, this is what you do. Wow. And that is when I learned that, that what you believe matters. Oh, but what you do about what you believe matters way more. And I had to go from believing something kinda loosely as a general concept to do. I actually believe that this is true, true enough. That I will look like a fool and tell people I I’m not quitting. I am gonna be healed. I am this. And I believe this, even as my head is pounding and my like, eyes are twitching and my throat is collapsing. Like, am I going to tell them this?

Johanna White (22:28):

Wow. And you know, the silly thing is I was more afraid of looking like an idiot than I, than I was of dying. I think. Mm. How, how bad is that? <laugh> I get it. I get it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but I like, I was like, but what if I tell everyone that I believe this and then I’m not healed. And then I look like another one of those fake counters of faith who are like, yeah, it works. I’m broken and my leg is broken and like my arm fell off, but it totally works. Like, yeah. I was so scared of looking like a imposter imposter syndrome, 1 0 1 maybe fraud. I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. But he was like, who cares? What they think? Who cares? What they say? It only matters this. And then I tried all the excuses, but, but so, and so also was a Christian and believed and they died.

Johanna White (23:16):

And so, and so this, and so, and so this, and he was like, stop their stories are not your story. You don’t know what they really believed. Or you don’t know what they stood on. What they believed, like, all you know is what’s right here. And it says that he healed everyone who believed, oh my gosh, that’s the only thing that you need to stand on. And I was like, it was hard. I hated him for a little while. Cuz he was the only one that wouldn’t let me like feel sorry for myself. Mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> and every time we’d get together, he would push me and I’d be like, I’m bad you. Yeah. But also he loved so well and he wasn’t afraid of me hating him. He was the only one brave enough to tell me, tell me something unpopular. And yeah.

Johanna White (24:02):

So I started doing that and I would like call my parents or call my boyfriend who’s now my husband, like if the pain was so intense and I couldn’t get outta bed, I’d call him. And I’d say, I can’t read the verses. I need you to, oh my gosh. Wow. They would just speak them out and I’d say, okay, like body, this is what’s what? And so that, that quote from your podcast where like basically there’s what you can see. And then there’s what is, and sometimes you need to just claim what is and tell it to the physical. It was like that. It just clicked one day. There’s this first. And I apologize to your listeners for going all Bible on you. But it’s like, this is great. This is, I don’t know how to tell love the direct story. Yeah please. No, no, no please.

Johanna White (24:49):

Oh, I’m so moved. Yeah. Keep going. Um, there’s this verse, um, that I I’ve read all my life and you know, when you need it, then it takes different meaning. Yeah. Like it’s alive. That’s why I believe the Bible is alive because cuz it, it takes shape and applies where you need it right then. And so it’s this verse that says, if you live by the flesh, you will die. But if you buy the spirit, put to death, the, my needs of the flesh, you will live. And I was like, well, a tumor is deaf. My it’s not supposed to be here. It’s not part of my perfect form. It’s not part of how it was made. And you mean, I can just choose. I get to just tell it like <laugh> yes. What? Yeah. Yeah. And no, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. No, I pull from it what you will, but that was my like revel of, I have a say in the matter.

Johanna White (25:50):

Yes. And I get to go, okay. I believe I am healed. And I’m gonna start telling my body that instead of letting the pain and the symptoms tell me what’s going on. Yes. And so I would, it was like this roller come in the first, um, I had muscles that were atrophied like this one completely gone. The one behind my collarbone completely gone, just looked like somebody had scooped him out with an ice cream scoop. And they said, the doctor said that that was nerve damage from the tumor. And that even if they removed the tumor that wouldn’t come back <affirmative> and <laugh> so right there, it was like, okay, here’s something I can watch for. And um, they, I started standing on these verses and getting better and better and better. And my muscles came back like in the first six months my body started functioning.

Johanna White (26:47):

Amazing. But I wanted certainty. So I went, went ahead with my like six month appointment to the next surgeon, got an MRI and I’m expecting to see a clean scan because I’m like functioning and better and everything thing. And uh, they do it and they come out and they’re like, well, we’re not for sure because it’s on a bigger, like a different machine, but it’s either the same or it’s bigger. Wow. And by the way, here’s all the next symptoms you’re about to experience like your face is gonna swell and like your eyes gonna lose vision and all of the, these things, oh

Elyse Archer (27:24):

My, I just wanna leave you the whole medical community, please keep going. But this is like, oh my gosh. So

Johanna White (27:30):

I went into the, I went into it with like all of this faith and then I left with all of my symptoms back because I believed him like,

Elyse Archer (27:41):

Okay, so, so I wanna hone in on something you just said that’s so for it. So when you left, like did you start experiencing a recurrence of the symptoms? Mm-hmm <affirmative> okay. So this is like your story. And I love this cuz I was not thinking we were gonna go in this direction on this podcast, but it’s so it’s so powerful. It is literally just such a demonstration of the power of your belief and thoughts mm-hmm <affirmative> and that we literally control our physical with our and people don’t I didn’t get this for a long time. It actually makes a lot of sense when you start studying it. But literally it’s like the physical manifestation is the last piece, but it all starts with your beliefs. So you can literally shift your physical body, your circumstances by your, your thoughts. And when someone comes in and has a white lab coat on it as an authority figure and tells you something, it like goes straight into your subconscious, right? If you’re not mindful and then your body will produce what’s ever in your subconscious. So I just wanna, I wanna pause on that because I think that’s, we can apply this to everything. Health, finances, yes. Our business, all of it, whatever you are thinking about. And if you’re believing someone to telling you something about your life, it will move into form. So keep, keep going. But this is like, oh, this is, this is so

Johanna White (28:52):

Powerful. Yeah. That was my biggest takeaway was like, what? I, I feel better. I look better. Everything’s functioning. And then I go here and the doctor who’s learned physician up brain surgeon for crying out loud. Like they’ve had more college than anyone. Pretty much tells me this and I couldn’t help. But believe him, I trusted his authority more than my heart, more than what I knew or more than more than God. And I really wanted a clean scan. Like I wanted certainty. I, to be able to prove to people that I’m not making this up, I am healed. And so I left that appointment just totally crushed. My symptoms came back and they’ve they, they said like tears and experimental treatment. We’ll try on you in three months. So come back then. So like over those, um, then they actually called like a week later and said, nevermind, I wasn’t a good candidate. So was encouraging. That happened. Great. Nothing like that to instill some faith in you. But wow. I finally like then I pushed through again, I reapplied everything. I like rest stood re and kept going and the symptoms went away again and my body got better. And then I go for my next appointment and I’m like, this is gonna be the time. Yeah.

Johanna White (30:21):

Then they did another scan on a different machine and they go, well, we can’t really tell same or bigger and I can’t help you, but I’m gonna like submit your stuff to a panel of other surgeons. Maybe one of them will like pull you from the hat and be able to help you. So this, this rollercoaster continued for two years or two and a half years where I would get better and then I’d get a scan and it’d say, just kidding. You’re not better according to this. And then I’d plum it and then I’d go up. And I finally had to say, Uhuh, I refuse to take the doctor’s word as the last word. And I love doctors. Like they do a lot of good and I am friends with many of them. Yeah. But in this case I had to say, I had to be my own advocate.

Johanna White (31:10):

Yes. And say like, no I can’t. And it finally ended where we had a surgeon who said he could totally help. The risks were minimal. They were gonna like go in through my ear, take it out, all this stuff. This signed me up for surgery. And I showed up for surgery. It’s like 5:00 AM. Haven’t eaten in 24 hours. Family flew in from across the country, cuz it’s supposed to be this 10 hour surgery with like a month long recovery. And um, I’m there on the operating table. Anesthesiologist is here, ready to knock me out. And the doctor walks in with my charts and he goes, I changed my mind. <laugh> what? And he said, um, looking at this, I actually think the risks are much higher. Now it would be like, could put you on a feeding tube for life or in a wheelchair for life.

Johanna White (32:00):

And when I look at you and your body and your symptoms, you look perfect. And I can’t do this to a healthy person. And I was of course, like confused and mad and angry and furious because I, at this point I should have distrusted and said like, I am healed. I am well and just gone on with life. But it was that like, I want certainty so bad, even if it comes with risk to my perfectly now perfectly functioning body sign me up because wow. I just wanna, never think about this again. And like I was so mad at mad at him been I’m so grateful to him now. Sure. Um, for, for not like needlessly risking, but um, but the funny thing was, he said, we still want you to come back every six months and do like a watch and wait mm-hmm <affirmative> thing and we’ll do a scan. And I, and I was like, but you’re not doing about the scans. You just said, you’re only gonna do something based on my symptoms. Right. And so I’m not coming back every six months. Have the pants scared off of me. I’m not sure my faith is quite strong enough

Elyse Archer (33:12):

For sad. I get it. I get it. Wow. So did you just, so yeah, so, so what ended up happening

Johanna White (33:19):

Just walked out, said, I’m done, I’m done with this. And um, I’m gonna say, I am healed and stand on that and I don’t need to see it. Like I no longer need to see the, the scan that I can show everybody and prove that I’m not a fraud or prove that I didn’t make it up. Or like, guess what? This is now a living and active faith <laugh> yes. That, that carries through life every day. And occasionally I freak out, like I get a headache and I go, mm-hmm <affirmative>,

Elyse Archer (33:55):

Mm-hmm <affirmative>

Johanna White (33:55):

Have a headache. Yeah. Which is also applies in business and life. Like you get to the next level. And then those same silly fears come back

Elyse Archer (34:07):

In a different yeah. In a different format. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. They, they could be the guys, they can look a little pretier next time, but <laugh>, there’s kind of like, I, I don’t know about you, but I think there’s these life lessons that we are that we get to learn. And for each of us they’re different, but they tend to be in certain theme areas for each of us. And so it’s like, we will get new opportunities to learn that lesson at a deeper level with every Ascension. Yeah. As well. So here’s what I wanna do because this is, um, this is so incredible and I’ve actually, I’ve never made an on spot, this decision like this before I would love, because I want to, I want you to also talk about visual brand brand and your area expertise. I, but here’s what I wanna do.

Elyse Archer (34:49):

Here’s what I wanna do if you’ll be up for it. And we’re recording. So you can’t say no. Would you be just so just kidding. Would you be open to coming back for a part two where we dive into branding? Cause I feel like this piece is so it’s like, this has been a full conversation and I, I wanna have you land on the illusion of certainty and how you like, how you apply that in your life now. Cuz you’ve had so many quantum leaps, so it’s like, this is gonna be the mindset part. And then we’re gonna have you back for a part two to talk about the tactical. Are you good with that? Which yeah, absolutely. I love it. OK. So for everyone listening, you’re gonna get because, and you’re gonna love it. Like I am just so drawn by your story. And I got so much out of listening to you and I’m so grateful for you sharing that. And that was exactly how this episode was meant to be. And so we’re gonna have you back to talk about visual brand. Um, and like we’ll do a part, one part, two of this. Okay. <laugh> but I want you to land the plane for us with, I wanna bring it home with the illusion of certainty and how do you, how do you use that concept now in your life to help you achieve quantum leaps?

Johanna White (35:59):

Oh man, I use it every day. <laugh>. Mm. Um, okay. I’m gonna tie that question back to another quote from your, your podcast. I told you I was totally fangirling over the, I

Elyse Archer (36:11):

I feel, I feel very honored right now. Yeah. <laugh>

Johanna White (36:14):

But the, the part where you talked about, like we don’t fear, um, the situation, we fear how the situation makes us feel. Right. And I forget the exact words or who said it, it was really good. I should have written it down, but it’s we got

Elyse Archer (36:27):

The gist. Yeah. It’s good. That’s perfect. Yeah. Yeah. But

Johanna White (36:30):

During this tumor, like shortly after the first idiot said, uh, you should just give a up and die basically. Like, why are you fighting this? Why are you being so freaking optimistic, Johan, like you’re too happy right now. It was then that it sort of like I dug deep and it clicked. And I said, I’m not afraid of dying, but what I’m afraid of is living in a subpar life like paralyzed or like whatever. At that time I was afraid of losing my quality of life. And I was afraid of not being happy and of losing my joy mm-hmm <affirmative> and then I was like, okay. So what if that’s not where my joy comes from? What if I can chew is joy in any circumstance? And then I have nothing left to be afraid of because joy is from the Lord. Joy is from within joy is from li life and people.

Johanna White (37:32):

And like, there’s always something to find joy in that can’t be taken from me. Therefore there’s nothing left of fear because I don’t fear death and you can’t take my joy. And so that became my certainty. And the same thing is what I applied to my business. Like, um, uncertainty is rampant, you know, like right now office is shutting down again for COVID travels and, and all of this stuff in my head has literally been spinning with how do I serve my clients in this time? Like, what if I can’t travel to them for their, their personal branding shooter, like this, this, this, and like, what if then they think I’m a terrible person because wish wouldn’t because they’re all dealing with day, but your brain will tell you stories like that. Yeah. Your brain will tell you that. And that uncertainty becomes that hamster wheel.

Johanna White (38:28):

And then I look at it and I go, Nope, same thing. Like, what if I can’t go, I choose joy. I will still have an amazing thing. Like I had a trip, I was supposed to go to Prague and it got canceled because Switzerland like changed their policy. Last second, couldn’t go. And I said, that was uncertainty at its finest. And in I’m gonna make the absolute, best of the fact that I can’t go. And I landed my dream client. I bought my dream horse, which I had been looking for for a year. Oh wow. And like also another client signed up that I had sent a proposal to months ago and suddenly it was signed in my inbox. And it was because I said, I choose joy. Yes. And like, um, in brand builders talks about finding your uniqueness. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And I think that mine is joy. That is my antidote to uncertainty or just like this. Like I realize with the tumor, you know, like I, I thought I was perfectly healthy and then I wasn’t, I could not have predicted that I ate healthy. I worked out like I had a, a grip strength that was 40 pounds stronger than the average woman and like 10 pounds stronger than the average man. Wow. At point like you wouldn’t have said, oh, she’s about to have a tumor

Elyse Archer (39:55):

From, from what you just shared. I think the biggest thing, and I think this is so important for me to hear today. And for everyone to hear today is if you wanna live a really epic life certainty, can’t be the goal. Yeah. Joy has to be the goal. Yep. And that’s like, just feel like really remembering that. Am I trying to do things so that I feel because if you are, I can promise you you’re going to live a life where you look back at the end and wish you had gone for it. Yeah. And wish you had seen what happened. And so I am, I am just like, I adore you. I’m in love with you. I’m so inspired by your story. And we’re gonna have you back for part two. Okay. To dig into your, like your professional expertise. So I’m so excited for that. Will you please Yana, will you please tell everyone where they can connect with you where they can get more? Like until we, until we dive into part two, cause I know they’re gonna wanna go ahead and connect and find out more about you and start following you. Cuz you’re so, so inspirational.

Johanna White (40:57):

Yeah. Yes, absolutely. So, um, for following I’m on Facebook and Instagram, both as designed by Joe studio, you can find me on there. Um, but if you wanna reach out, go to my website, designed by Joe and um, just schedule a free consult. Don’t be scared that it says that you don’t have to want branding. Let’s just chat. I would, would love to

Elyse Archer (41:19):

Connect. <laugh> love. You’re gonna have like a, you’re gonna have another business as a mindset coach after this. I mean seriously

Johanna White (41:26):

<laugh> I, I have tried Elise. I have tried so hard to not be a coach. It’s hilarious. My dad is a life coach. My husband is, um, a career coach for engineers. Oh my God. And like I’m surrounded by coaches. Like I

Elyse Archer (41:39):

Will not be a coach. Oh, it’s happening? It’s inevitable. I think, I think it’s time to just surrender and say it’s happening. It’s <laugh> that whole,

Johanna White (41:47):

Bring that up again next

Elyse Archer (41:48):

Time. And the massive action. I feel like I got a surrender. It’s just happening. I get the nudges. I’m listening. Great. <laugh> oh my gosh. Well Joe, thank you for everything today. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for your boldness. Thank you for just being an example of trusting yourself, which is actually the core message of she cells. And I’m so grateful to you. Um, I’m so grateful to you for being here.

Johanna White (42:18):

Thank you for having me. And um, I realized like I did leave a tiny cliff hanger, but it’s so unimportant.

Elyse Archer (42:26):

Well, you gotta tell us what it, okay. Tell you, gotta tell us what its feel free to edit

Johanna White (42:31):

This back into the part of the video where you actually ask the question about starting the three businesses. And then I went into the yoga

Elyse Archer (42:37):

Pants. Oh my gosh. Yes. Okay. So tell us, so we’ve got like one minute, so tell us, and then

Johanna White (42:41):

We’re gonna, so, so those pants inspired me so much that I thought that other women needed that opportunity. So I started uniquely yoga, which is, um, yoga pants made out of recycled water bottles that like amazing and look amazing. And I would go to, um, popups sometimes and watch women run out of the dressing room. Be like, have you seen my butt?

Elyse Archer (43:03):

I look fricking amazing. <laugh> we all made those fans and I just wanted them.

Johanna White (43:09):

I wanted, I started that so that I would have a way to connect with other women who might have gone through similar things who might have told like that their health is, um, like they’re going to die and to just have a way to give them something, to encourage them, to keep moving no matter what. And, and that, so that was uniquely yoga. And then the third company was a motorcycle company actually, uh, which has sent shut down because who has time to run three?

Elyse Archer (43:37):

Yeah, no kidding. <laugh> but

Johanna White (43:40):

We were building custom cafe racer motorcycles. Oh my. Because that’s just one of my passions, but now it’s just for fun. The garage is just a stable of motorcycles and no more business because designed by geo deserved all my attention. But goodness, that’s so sorry for that cliff finger. I was like, you answer

Elyse Archer (44:00):

That <laugh> I got, I got so swept up by your story that I, I forgot, but I’m so glad you’ve closed the loop on that. Cuz I know we have, we have listeners we’re like, but wait, but you said, you said something about yoga pants and then at least took it, got a different track. So thank, I know, I think the biggest thing that I just want to, there’s so many things I wanna leave everyone with. And I probably also said, wow, in this episode, more than any other I’ve ever done, I realized as, as we wrap here, but I like that speaking. I, I dunno who says this, but um, she says faith is truth spoken in advance. And so your current reality, whether it’s your financial reality, your health reality, that’s old news by the time it’s your physical reality. It’s all just a reflection of the past.

Elyse Archer (44:48):

And so we get to consciously create a different future for ourselves and we do it by starting with our thoughts and then verbalizing and vocalizing what we want and then acting as if knowing that faith is true, spoken in advance. And so you’re such a beautiful example of that. And I just wanna say, thank you for that. And I wanna encourage everyone listening to connect with you and also to get excited, cuz if part one, which is like, I, I did not know this amazing, this was gonna come out of it. I can’t wait to learn from you about creating a visual brand that exemplifies who you are and that has heart and that draws people in with the energy and enthusiasm that you share here. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. From the lot of my heart. You’re so welcome. I look forward to part two.

Elyse Archer (45:35):

Just send me the, send me the link. I will book it. We will do this <laugh> I love it. I love it. I love it. All right. My friend will as always thank you so much for being a listener of she sells radio. I’m so grateful for you and I really encourage you go out and connect with Joe and get super inspired by her, um, by just her spirit, her mindset. And then also I know you’ll pick up some amazing branding techniques for your business and for growing your sales as well. And I will see you next week on our next episode of she sells radio bye for now.



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