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How to Jolt Your Results to a New Level with Larry Long, Jr.


With probably the most energetic guest on She Sells Radio, we dive into how to “jolt” your results. What does that mean? It means upping your game, boosting your energy, and pumping yourself up. Because according to Larry Long Jr., “Success doesn’t happen by accident.”


Larry Long Jr. is the founder and CEO of LL Jr. Enterprise, the host of The Midweek Midday Motivational Minute, and the author of Jolt!, a book on how to get zapped into intentionality. As a coach, Larry focuses on helping professionals take their game to the next level. As an experienced sales leader with a demonstrated history of success, he brings a unique perspective to the table and understands many of the challenges faced by sales professionals. 


In today’s interview, Larry’s energy will leave you feeling energetic and just as enthused as he is. We talk about the fear of failure and how your highest peaks come from your lowest valleys. Larry really encourages us to rediscover the greatness we have and gives us the jolt we need for success.


Show Notes:

[3:12] – Larry explains his background and how he “fell into sales.”

[4:27] – During a slump, Larry had a different experience with two different managers that made a huge difference in his perspective.

[5:58] – After experiencing failure, Larry started speaking from his heart.

[7:31] – Larry had the opportunity to coach a kids baseball team and started helping other team leaders coach.

[8:23] – His drive is to transform the lives of his coaching clients.

[9:42] – In a previous position, Larry was making 150 calls per day.

[10:40] – To make a large quantity of quality calls, Larry had to pump himself up.

[12:17] – The fear of rejection is a hard hurdle to get past.

[13:20] – We are conditioned to think that failure is final, but really it is where we learn.

[14:50] – “Some of my highest peaks have come from my lowest valleys.”

[16:02] – A couple of years ago, Larry was not fulfilled with his job because he felt stuck.

[17:33] – What story are you telling yourself that you are believing?

[20:15] – It’s not just thinking about it. You have to speak it.

[21:44] – You need people around you who are supportive but also hold you accountable.

[23:15] – Clear vision, mission, and an understanding of what you want to accomplish makes your whole business more purposeful. That compass grounds you.

[24:29] – Success rarely happens accidentally.

[26:15] – What are you doing to help others?

[27:40] – We have to make relationship deposits before we can make a withdrawal.

[29:49] – Larry shares how he stays positive.

[32:21] – Ask for help. Don’t do it alone.

[34:07] – Larry shares what he has learned from his mom and other women in his life.


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Jolt! By Larry Long, Jr.

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Welcome to she sales radio today’s interview is going to blow your mind. It is with a friend of mine who not only is local to where I live, which is so much fun, but is a fellow Salesforce top sales influencer, and is someone who I was immediately drawn to because of his energy, his positivity, and his enthusiasm, which you will get what I’m talking about shortly. And so if you’re serious about upping your energy and your game in sales, I know that my guest today is gonna deliver so much value to help you do it. So let me tell you a little bit about him. And then I will have him introduce himself. Larry Long, Jr. Is the founder and CEO of LL junior enterprises, which focuses on sales, motivation, inspiration, training, and coaching. He’s the host of the midweek midday, motivational minute, and the author of jolt.

Speaker 1: (00:56)
As a former college athlete, he played baseball for the university of Maryland. Larry is extremely passionate about coaching and helping professionals take their game to the next level. As an experienced sales leader with a demonstrated history of success in SAS sales, Larry brings a unique perspective to the table and understands many of the challenges face by sales professionals. Larry, welcome to the podcast. We are so excited. We’ve got props out already. Look, if y’all are listening to the audio version of this, go over to YouTube and watch because Larry has the coolest props for his videos. It’s so good to see you. How are you?

Speaker 2: (01:32)
I’m happy to be here. I just wanna make sure my microphone is on with that. So kind introduction. Elise, where do I send the check? That was amazing.

Speaker 1: (01:41)
I’ll oh my gosh, Larry. I, you know, we were just having so much fun in the pre-chat and like I said, one of the things that just drew me to you immediately was your energy and your enthusiasm, which as you and I both know in sales, I think that’s I, what do you think? 80, 85, 90% of it. Right? You gotta be enthusiastic about what you sell, but I wanna know a bit of your backstory. So did you always know you wanted to go into sales or was this not the lifelong dream? Like tell me how, how did this transpire for you? I,

Speaker 2: (02:17)
I fell into sales. I, I can remember back as a teenager, uh, launch by Larry. I used to mow lawn and my mom made flyers and said, you gotta go knock door, door to door. And I said, no, I’m not gonna do that. She said, why what’s the worst they can say? And I said, no. She said, is it really that bad? And I said, yes, I don’t like to hear no, but she strongly encouraged me. I E she kicked me in the behind and said, get out there and start knocking on doors. And lo and behold, I earned some clients and I started making money. And the next year I went out again, knocking on doors. This time I had my younger sister, my mom got her dressed up and her Sunday best. And I got more clients. I said, wow, I like this.

Speaker 2: (03:03)
But professionally I, I owned a baseball academy. The baseball academy failed. And I found the, the only company that I could find was making 150 cold calls every day to accounting firms. Ooh, that’s the biggest slump. I think I got one sign up in my first 750 calls. I, I was ready to give up. I was ready to throw in the towel, but one manager, I won’t say his name. He knows who he is. He said, Larry, come in my office. He said, Hey, you made 148 calls. We expect 150. If you do that again, I’m gonna tell you, don’t let the door hit you. Where the good Lord split you. Wow, you’ll be outta here. I said, whoa, wow, Savage. Now another manager said, Hey, Larry, you got so much potential. You gotta ditch the script. You gotta rip up the script and just talk to people like you talk to your homeboys. I said, James, his name is James Hatfield. I said, James, you don’t know how I talked to my homeboys. That might be an HR violation. He said, you’re right. But let’s find that happy medium. Because when you’re selling, it’s just people talking to people, people helping people. And when I got that perspective, that’s all she wrote, Elise. That’s all she wrote.

Speaker 1: (04:19)
Wow. Wow. What, so what changed for you then? I’m so curious because that’s one of the things we teach is, you know, let the script be guardrails, but I think so many people get stuck there. So, so what shifted for you then?

Speaker 2: (04:31)
Hello, this is Larry Long Jr. Calling from prophets. And I sounded like a robot. No wants to talk to a robot. There. There’s a reason why people were hanging up on me. I had one guy in New Jersey who said, Larry, I got something for you. I thought I was getting a sign up. Oh no, no, no. He said, I want you to put on a pair of concrete shoes and jump off a bridge.

Speaker 1: (04:51)
I said, oh my God,

Speaker 2: (04:52)
I looked in the manual. I said, I don’t know how to overcome that objection. So I said, what, what came to mind? I said, God bless you too. And then I hung up. But what happened is I started speaking from the heart. I started sharing my story of being a, a failed small business owner who wishes his accountant, had helped him understand the numbers of the income statement, the balance sheet statement of cash flows. And that’s what our software provided. So when I shared my story and I asked the question, do you have small business owners whose eyes glaze over? When you start talking through the financial statements, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Mm we’ve got a winner winner, winner, chicken dinner. And that totally changed the game for

Speaker 1: (05:36)
Wow. Wow. So already the takeaway, which I think all of us can, can relate to you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re a sales leader, coaching your sales people, how to be successful with phone sales, whether you’re a salesperson listening to this, it’s like connecting from the heart. And I, I, I, to me, I always try to check in before I do do a call or before I send an email, it’s like, am I overanalyzing what I’m gonna say? Am I too in my head with it? Because any, like, we can all go there. Right? We can all go there, but any time we’re there, we’re not as successful. We’re just not. So I love that takeaway. I love that. So from there, I just wanna hear a little more of, of the journey that I wanna get into some of what you, you teach in your book, which I’m so excited about, but what inspired you from there to go into coaching like you do now?

Speaker 2: (06:26)
Yeah, so it it’s funny at least because I used to coach kids in baseball, uh, when I became a SDR making $150, I had some success and I had the opportunity to coach a team. And then other organizations said, Larry, how come your team is smiling? They’re standing up, they’re smiling and dialing, having fun. How do you do that? Our teams aren’t doing that. So folks would bring me in to just share how I would lead my teams and I would do it free, free 99 over and over and over again until I met a, a speaker and a coach who said, Larry, are you stupid? Or are you dumb? When you give value, you gotta get value back. And it was just really that natural progression where I’m able to help people as well as I’m able to make a business of it. So I love speaking. I love coaching. I love training. Most importantly, I love transforming lives, taking people from where they’re at and when they leave, my goal is that they’re somewhere different. That’s better. They’re in a better place, personally, professionally all around. So that’s what really drives me. And now I have the opportunity to do that full time as a business venture who, who would’ve THK. It a least

Speaker 1: (07:44)
It’s the best in the world. I always, I always think that coaching is the best in the world. So actually, based on what you just said, I am so curious. I wanna ask this before we go into more about the book. So how did you do it? So I want everyone listening to just kind of think about, okay. A hundred. It was 150 calls a week. Is that right? Every day, a day, every day, day. How many calls a I’m okay. Do the math for me. Walk me through a day. I don’t even know if I wanna know, but what is okay. Here’s what I wanna know. Give us some context for what that’s like, like how many calls you’re making an hour. And then how did you shift your mindset to be so successful in that? And then to be able to go teach other people to do that? Cuz that takes a definite mindset shift.

Speaker 2: (08:31)
Oh, it definitely does. And, and I’m not good. I’m not a math major, but we used to have these grids where every time we made a call, we were gonna check it off and I can tell you, oh, it, you talk about being mentally tough. This is being mentally tough because every call and most calls, you’re getting the, uh, accounting firms. They always have a, I’m not gonna call them a gate. They have a receptionist who answers the calls. And generally the receptionist job is to make sure you don’t reach the accountant that you’re trying to reach. So it’s kind of a cat, excuse me, got me choked up. Just going back with flashback,

Speaker 1: (09:07)
Right? It’s

Speaker 2: (09:08)
Kind of a cat mouse game, but we, we had to make it fun. I’ll never forget Casey Gallo. We would make calls and people would say, we’re not interested. And my response is not interested in what I haven’t said anything. What if I have a million dollars? Are you still not interested? And their answer would be, yeah, still not interested click, but we used to have fun with it. And it really taught me that you can have quality. We wanna make quality interactions while also having quantity. Because throughout my career folks have said, I can’t make 50 calls, a hundred calls, 150 calls and have them be quality. And, and my, my response back is I’m I’m selfish. I want it all. So in terms of how do you do it? You have to prepare yourself mentally. And it’s kind of like baseball. I, I played baseball growing up.

Speaker 2: (09:59)
It’s kinda like before ever at bat, you have to get yourself pumped up in terms of I’m going to have success. I’m going to control the controllables. Keep my head down eye on the ball, swing at strikes. And I’m gonna hit hard line drives. Before I picked up the phone, I’m going to have a great attitude and the words of the great philosopher, Bob Marley, I’m gonna get up and stand up. So my energy is I, and I’m going to have the best D on interaction and call that I can possibly have. I’m gonna give it my all. If I leave a voicemail, I’m gonna speak straight from the heart to make an impact. Not, not expecting them to call me back, but planting that seed. So that next time I do call and I reach them, oh, it’s Larry. The guy that helps out small business owners, the guy that helps out other accountants. Oh yeah, that was my goal. So it taught me so much and it taught me about perseverance. There were plenty of times let’s keep it real least that I was ready to give up. I understand. And essentially I looked at myself in the mirror and said, you’re not a quitter. That’s not how you roll Larry. You better go ahead and get on that horse, dust yourself off and make that next call.

Speaker 1: (11:08)
Yes. Oh my gosh. Yes. And, and here’s one thing I know. And it almost, it goes back to what your mom said to you, way back when, when you were starting, your lawn mowing business was like, get out there and don’t be afraid of the no, but, but this is, I’m sure the conversations you have with your clients and conversations I have with my clients too, it’s that fear of rejection. Right? And I’ve got things that I coach myself around with that and things I tell my clients, but I wanna hear from you cuz we have the Larry Long Jr. On the podcast today. How did you get past the fear of rejection?

Speaker 2: (11:39)
Yeah. Yeah. It’s uh, that, that 500 pound phone gets heavy when you hear a bunch of nos. Right. But it’s keeping the end in sight and it’s knowing that, Hey, I have to come up to bat and, and for those, those that are watching the video, I gotta pink baseball bat. You have to come at bat. If you want to hit a home run. So everyone wants to hit a home run, but you wanna do it the easy way. No, you’ve gotta go through the gauntlet. You gotta go through the turbulence, the chaos, the nos in order to get to that. Yes. And that’s where you sharpen. You really sharpen your skills where you learn. Uh, so many times I think society kind of conditions us that being unsuccessful or AKA failure is, is final. Failure is terrible. No failure is where you learn. Failure is where you develop character.

Speaker 2: (12:33)
I played on some losing teams in college at university of Maryland go TURPs. I know you’re a tar heel, but it built character. And it made me realize I don’t like this. I need to work harder. Let me go back in the lab. So it’s the same thing from a business sense. As an entrepreneur, as a sales professional, who better have an entrepreneurial spirit, I can control my effort. I can control my actions and my attitude and I can control how I treat other people outside of that. I can’t control anything and that’s okay. And it’s okay if I’m not successful every time, because guess what? The more I fail, the more I learn, the more I learn uhoh you gotta watch out now.

Speaker 1: (13:17)
Yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh. It’s so good. It’s so good. It, and, and I was thinking that when you shared at the beginning, you said, you know, I owned a, um, was it a baseball academy? You said, yeah. Baseball,

Speaker 2: (13:28)

Speaker 1: (13:28)
Academy. It failed, right? Yeah. But, but it’s like, would you even looking back, would you consider it a failure or would you look back and say it was leading me to where I am today?

Speaker 2: (13:37)
That’s that’s right. So many times we go through ups and downs and it’s those valleys that we learn and we’re able to bounce back to hit. At least for me, some of my highest peaks have come from some of my lowest valleys. It’s amazing. Ooh.

Speaker 1: (13:52)
That’s so good. That’s so good. Tell, okay. So I wanna hear a little bit more about that because I know in your book jolt, which by the way, it’s a relatively new book, right. Came out a couple months ago at time,

Speaker 2: (14:02)
May 19th, it dropped drop it like

Speaker 1: (14:04)
Congratulations. Oh my gosh. I love it. So, so you talk about in the book, like getting unstuck, right. And I know that people will listen. It’s, it’s so easy to listen to someone like you, Larry and hear your energy and hear your enthusiasm and think he’s always this positive. Like it’s always things he’s always got the baseball bat out and the mic’s out. like, he’s rolling all the time. But I, I know because anyone who is experienced the level of success that you have, has to have had challenges has to have had times when they felt really stuck. Tell us about, so I’m guessing perhaps, and you can tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing there was some personal inspiration around getting unstuck. I’d love to hear about a time in your life where you felt really stuck. And what did you do to move forward? What did you do to propel forward? And we’ll kind of talk about how, you know, how our listeners can apply that to where they are right now.

Speaker 2: (14:57)
Yeah. So Elise, let, let’s go back to, uh, the start of right around COVID time. And I’m doing, I’m working full time as a sales director at a software company, but I’m not fulfilled. I’m not happy in my role. I’m happy, overall, healthy family, beautiful life. I’m getting paid, but I’m not fulfilled with what I’m doing, but I’m doing what I’m doing because I feel stuck. And because I feel scared my first experience with entrepreneurship, with the baseball academy, it failed it, it was a failure. But Larry, you learn from that. It’s a lot easier said than done. Sure. A lot easier said than done. So it’s kinda like playing double Dutch. I would go through modes where I’m gonna quit. No, I’m not. I’d be stupid to quit, to give up that stability, that paycheck. But speaking with my wife, speaking with my kids, my friends, my family, my mom told me, you gotta pray harder.

Speaker 2: (15:53)
God’s got an answer for you. And for me, my faith is strong. So I prayed on it and I prayed on it and God sent me a sign March 26th, 2021. The sign was that I don’t need to, I don’t need to be in corporate America. Now I’d been preparing for over a year for that moment. So when it happened, I was ready. And I can tell you looking back at it a year and a half later, Ooh, it was the best decision that I made or that was made on my behalf. Sure. Ain’t no stopping us now. So it’s, I can tell you that there was a lot of fun, fear, uncertainty and doubt the book chapter. Number one talks about what story are you telling yourself? And believing that’s a chapter that I needed to hear when I was writing it. I needed to hear it because I work with a coach and she said, Larry, it’s amazing how positive uplifting, encouraging you are to everyone else.

Speaker 2: (16:51)
But when you start talking about yourself, Hmm, you talk more junk to yourself than you would ever talk to anyone else than you would ever let talk to you and it’s holding you back. And when I finally came to the realization and, uh, recognized that she was right, that change started happening. The words that I use about myself, the beliefs that I have about myself are so powerful. Giving myself grace, understanding that no layer, you have high expectations, but you’re not gonna be perfect. And that’s okay. It’s been an amazing transformation. So I’m, I’m on a mission to pass that along. And I’m hopeful that your listeners understand you don’t have to be perfect. Give yourself uplifting messages, give yourself encouragement. Make sure you do that to everyone else as well, but make sure you support yourself. Number one, to give, give yourself a chance at success, success beyond belief. So that, that, that that’s been kind of my experience. It’s been powerful. It’s bringing a tear to my eyes. I think about it. Cause just that, that growth is so amazing.

Speaker 1: (18:04)
Oh, I got chills. While you said that I can relate so much to that because that internal dialogue, that chatter, that runs non, I mean, we all have it, right? And that’s, that’s a exactly, it’s, it’s a core thing that I teach with my clients and it’s really out. I mean, this is something I teach all the time with, with my training in my methodologist. It’s like it’s 95 to 98%. What you believe about yourself? It really is. It’s two to 5% strategy. Success is two to 5% strategy, but the vast majority is what do you believe about yourself and to your point, which I love how you said it. What are the stories that you’re telling yourself? I I’d love to hear. I’d love to dive into that a little bit more with you because I think, I mean, we could do a, between you and me, we could do a three day seminar on this so we could just keep going. I’m pretty sure cause we’re both really passionate about this. How did you, so I I’m hearing you say that made a huge impact to start to shift that dialogue. Give us some like as tactical as you can, what are some things you did specifically to start shifting your inner dialogue and to start telling yourself a more like speaking, a more powerful story over your life?

Speaker 2: (19:12)
Yeah. It’s very simple. It’s actually speaking it. It’s not thinking about it. So I moved around a lot as a youngster and kids can be mean and my mom, I to pray mom, we would say, oh, pray or a night. Then she used to make me stand up in the middle of the room with my hands up and say, I am somebody 10 times. Ooh. Well, I went back to what my mom did as a youngster. And I started when I woke up, I would say, I am somebody before I went to bed. I am somebody out loud, 10 times my wife, she already knows I’m crazy. So she’s like, what is this crazy guy doing now? But it’s amazing when you say those words and you say it like, you mean it from the heart. And even if you don’t really believe it, you can trick yourself into believing that you are somebody because you are.

Speaker 2: (20:04)
And when you say that over and over and over again every night, every morning, now you start to have this swagger and it’s not even it. It’s one of those things where it’s just the, the little bit, the little change in your heart. In your mind, in your words, in your actions, you’re now transforming into a different person. So that worked for me. I encourage others to give it a, try to see if that can work for you as well as to let other people know, who’s your age team who’s surrounding you. That’s lifting you up. Hercules, Hercules, who’s cheering you on. It’s so important that you don’t have people that are trying to bring you down, but you want people around you that are lifting you up that are supporting you and giving you a kick in the behind when you need it. My wife, Ooh, she’s, she’s an expert. And that behind kicking, the Lord knows I need it.

Speaker 1: (20:58)
That’s a special role that only the wife gets to deliver. I’m speaking as someone who occasionally gives a behind kicking too. I love it. I love it. And, and to your point, and this is something I had to really learn for myself. Like when you’re doing affirmations, when you’re speaking a new belief over yourself, it will feel like a lie at first because your subconscious hasn’t accepted it. Right? So most people I think give up then, but I love what you said about you. Keep going, you keep going. You keep going. Cuz if you keep going long enough, eventually it’s like, okay, well I guess he’s serious. I guess he’s serious. Like this is my truth now. So that’s so good. That’s so good. Tell, like, tell us a little bit about, I know your book two is so much about the power of intention and in my own life learning to be more intentional has shifted so much, but I know everybody has a different definition of that and what that looks like. So can you speak to us more about your definition of intention as it relates to business career and life, and then what are some things we can do to start bringing more intention into our goals every day?

Speaker 2: (22:07)
Yeah, for me, it’s the thoughtfulness so many times, and I work with coaching clients that are kind of just going with the flow, which is okay. But if you have clear vision, mission, understanding of who you are and who you wanna be, what you wanna accomplish, it makes everything that you do more purposeful. It’s kind of like it’s that compass. If I was to sail from New York to Africa and I didn’t have a compass Taza, I’d end up in the north pole, chilling with Santa Claus. But when I had that compass, it really grounds me in terms of making decisions of yes and equally important saying no to things. So that intentionality, if you wanna be great, you have to intentionally wanna be great. It does it doesn’t just happen. I know we live in a microwave society, but there’s no pixie dust or, or magic silver bullet.

Speaker 2: (23:03)
That’s going to get you there. So I just want people to slow down to speed up to think things through and be thoughtful about what am I going after? Why am I going after it? What do I need to do? And who do I need to do it with in order to get there? Because it doesn’t success rarely happens by accident. Now, now some folks might say, oh, I accidentally fell into it. But when you really dig in deep, it’s like, no, you’re an overnight success, 20 years in the make. Right? Right. That, that whole journey that you’ve been on has built you up. It’s built a foundation for you to be able, able to thrive right now. And I want people to know that, Hey, you’ve been through some stuff. That’s okay. That’s a good thing. The best is yet to come. Let’s go get it. But we’ve gotta be intentional. We’ve got to be thoughtful. We’ve got to be mindful. We’ve got to be purposeful every single day with what we’re doing.

Speaker 1: (24:07)
Mm, wow. Wow. How do you do that? So strategically, how do you do that? Is that like a, in the morning you’re thinking about what’s coming up for you and your, you know, planning out the day or what, like, what does that look like for you?

Speaker 2: (24:21)
Yeah, for me, it’s my, my trust busty notebook or notebook. I I’ve got notebooks everywhere. I mean, at least I’m, I’m a notebook. I, I tear up some trees, but for me it’s really documented. And one thing that I’ve gone back to this, this is very basic, but for anyone listening, I encourage you. I’ve got my top three win the day. If I can win the day, if I can do these top three things, even though my laundry list is about 50 plus, if I can do these three, I’ve won the day that, that that’s, uh, it’s a game changer because most high achievers have so much stuff going on. Yeah. But it’s like, Hey, what can I do? That’s important and urgent. That’s gonna move the needle. Those are my top three mm-hmm . And I do have to share this with you, Elise.

Speaker 2: (25:08)
It’s not, it starts with us, but it’s not about us. There’s a quote by Martin Luther king Jr. And I ask myself this question every morning, his quote says life’s most urgent. And persistent question is what are you doing to help others? If you can answer that at the end of every day, Hey Larry, what did you do today to help someone else out to help others out? If you can answer that question, I guarantee your life and other people’s lives that you’ve touched will be so fulfilled. It’s an amazing thing. So putting that in the practice, I do something called the hashtag three minute challenge. And I’m, I’m a overachiever. It’s actually, I do the hashtag 15 minute challenge. But every day I go into my Rolodex. I know some of the youngsters out there, the millennials are like, is that the fancy watch?

Speaker 2: (25:56)
No, that’s a Rolex. That’s so expensive. I can’t even spell it. But I go into my contact list in my phone. And I find five people that I haven’t been in contact with. It could be three weeks, three months, three years. And all I do is take three minutes to surprise and delight them. Elise, if you were my surprise and delight today, I would go into Google. My best friend. I would find a funny Roy Williams Jiff for him dancing. I’d send it over to you and I’d say, Hey, what’s up Elise, marvelous, Monday. Hope you’re having a wonderful week. I thought this might bring a smile to your face. I’m not asking you for anything. Oh, I’m just making a relationship deposit. Oftentimes we try to make withdrawals. We haven’t made any deposits. Uh oh, Houston, we have a problem.

Speaker 1: (26:43)
Yes. Oh man. That’s so good. That’s so good. You know what I love about? So here’s the thing that I love on this show is I get to study really successful people like you and hear like, okay, what are they doing every day? And there’s, and I look for commonalities. And so I’ve got you on now. I had Glen Lundy, a breakfast with champions on last week. And both of you said the same thing about like, before you start the day, send love to someone else, send out, like send out something good, do that. And I love that so much because it’s you look for clues, okay, everyone is doing this thing. It must work. Right. And it’s like, you’re not doing it because you think that person’s gonna buy from you that day. It’s more, it’s just like, it makes you feel good. Right. Karmically. We know that comes back to us some way. Somehow we don’t have to micromanage that process, but I’m just, I’m hearing this repeated again and again. And it’s so powerful. So

Speaker 2: (27:36)
It, it is, and people need it. We’re going through some tough stuff. Yeah. And, and just to, just for someone to know that you’re thinking about them, I wrote, I co-authored a book and my chapter was the little things are really the big things. And I, I wanted to be called the little things are really the big things, but they said, nah, you can’t, you can’t talk like that in our book. Go ahead and write your own book.

Speaker 1: (28:02)
Good for you. Good for you. oh man. That’s so good. speak to, so, so I think as we, I’m gonna have you in a moment, just share like where people can connect and where they can buy the book and, and get more plugged into your world, Larry. But I’d like to spend a moment and acknowledge what you just said and, and look like this is gonna apply regardless of when someone is listening, as we record this. I mean, this is, I don’t watch news cuz I think it’s always just junk on the no disrespect, but , it’s always gonna look negative on the news. But right now, especially right. There’s a lot that people are feeling fearful of, feeling afraid of what it tell us. What is your take on that? How do you stay positive? How do you stay motivated? I’d love if you could impart some wisdom on us,

Speaker 2: (28:51)
It it’s, it’s a choice. It’s intentionality. And it’s really being careful of what I consume. There. There’s a chapter in my book, you are where you consume, which would make me a fried chicken because this is what time it is. The least it’s bow time. But, but honestly got me choked up again. What are you putting into your system? Who are you surrounding yourself with? If all you do is watch the news, they should call it bad news. Chances are you’re gonna be in a bad mood. But if you read encouraging books, listen to encourage in podcasts like she sells. Uh, and, and you surround yourself with encouraging people. Chances are, you’re gonna be encouraged. You’re going to feel hopeful about the future ahead of us. So I just encourage people to do an audit and be mindful, intentional, thoughtful with your surroundings for your eyes, what you put into your mouth, what are you eating your environment? It, it plays such a huge role whether you know it or not, and some people don’t wanna admit it, give it a try.

Speaker 1: (30:00)
Ah, it’s the absolute truth. It is the absolute truth. This is, this has been so fun. I knew it was gonna be fun. It’s been beyond fun. It’s it’s uplifted me. It’s helped me expand my thinking. It’s inspired me. So I have two final questions for you. Um, before we get into those, please, Larry. Tell us where, um, where can everyone connect with you? So tell us where they can go to find the book where they can go to find out about your coaching, your training.

Speaker 2: (30:27)
Yeah, my website, Larry Long That’s Larry Long. Jr. You can also find me on LinkedIn. I got the smile for a mile. Got the face for radio Larry Long Jr. On LinkedIn. Oh yeah. I would love to connect. And then my book is on Amazon Joel, uh, with an exclamation point, you’ll see the lightning bolt, uh, whatever I can do to help and support your audience, Elise.

Speaker 1: (30:52)
Ah, so good. So good. So final questions for you, Larry. Number one, I would love to know, just looking back on your journey for yourself. If there’s someone listening who can, and I can promise everyone can relate to part of your story here I can for sure. Um, but what is that? What is the piece of advice that let’s say like your 20 year old self, like going into your career, going into business, what do you wish you had known when you started that? You know now?

Speaker 2: (31:19)
Yeah. Ask for help. Don’t try to do it alone. I, and I’m still guilty of it at least, but I’ve gotten better. It, I’m still on a journey where it’s kind of that ego. I don’t wanna ask anyone for help. I don’t wanna bother anyone. No people wanna help. And if they can’t, they’ll let you know. But if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. And, and why do it alone? I, I don’t know the exact saying, but if you want to go fast, I think they say go alone. If you want to go far. Yeah. Go with someone else, go with the team. And that I just posted about this teamwork really does make the dream work. Mm-hmm it really does. I don’t care how hokey you believe it is. You can look time and time again. I, I, I, I will challenge anyone that doing it as a team provides so much more power than it is doing it by yourself. So that, that would be my advice. Hey Larry, you, you hardheaded knucklehead. Just ask for help, man. Instead of running in the walls, when you could have asked mentors, you could asked guys, you could add a Sherpa. I pitted a fool.

Speaker 1: (32:26)
so good. So good final question for you. And I love that you’ve already you, you teed this up well, because when we have male guests on our show, I love to just give a shout out to the women in your life. And I know there are multiple phenomenal women in your life. I wanna take this moment to ask about, you know, you mentioned your mom a couple times throughout the show and it sounds like she really instilled some powerful mindsets and habits in you that you still have used today, uh, to, to get to where you are to overcome adversity. So what is, what’s the number one life lesson you’ve learned from your mom?

Speaker 2: (33:05)
Oh my goodness. That, that I am somebody and, and that love conquers all. I I’ve been so blessed just to see the example of my mom as a hard worker, didn’t get a college degree, but the smartest person, I know just an amazing, phenomenal woman. And I don’t know. I’m I’m I do know I’m, I’m blessed. I’m fortunate. Uh, and in addition to my mom, I know you didn’t ask this, but I gotta give a shout out to my wife, Maria alone, please. Because day in and day out, her support her strength beyond anything that she even believes. She doesn’t even know how strong she is. Just an amazing woman. And the example she sets for my daughter and my son and for everyone around her is just phenomenal. So I’ve been blessed with a beautiful mom, a beautiful wife. My daughter is a beautiful young lady. And just, and I appreciate everything that you do. The example you are setting of excellence. I just tip my cap to you, Elise. And I say, thank you.

Speaker 1: (34:08)
Wow. Thank you so much for that. Thank you. That is, Ugh. I received that and that was beautiful. I’m I’m so inspired by you by the women in your life, by what you just shared. So thank you, my friend. This is like I said, this has been a really, really powerful conversation and I’m so grateful to have you on the show today.

Speaker 2: (34:27)
Likewise. Thank you so much, Elise.

Speaker 1: (34:29)
Absolutely. Absolutely. So to you, my listener, thank you so much for listening. Go connect with Larry by his book jolt, if you, and I know you enjoyed this, if you wanna pick up on more of his energy and more of the deep dive into how you can get unstuck, how you can build a life of intention, how you can create success on your terms in your life, your business and your sales. Go connect with him, buy his book. And as always, I’m so grateful for you being a listener of she sells radio and I’ll see you on our next episode, buy for now.

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