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Mindset and Habits of Sales Champions w/ Ian Koniak

Today’s episode is a little bit different. It is actually a recording of a live training I did months ago with Ian Koniak. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian on her personal brand in the sales space and he is no stranger to the She Sells Radio Podcast. Check out Episode 144, where he talks about the surprising truths of being a top sales performer. But now, Ian is a full fledged sales coach with an amazing company and a few months ago, we teamed up for a live training. This episode is a peek into that live training!

This training was all about the mindset and habits of sales champions. You will get so much from this, both from the mindset piece as well as the masculine habits that can help you. It’s all about balance and that abundance mindset! You will also hear real questions from real listeners like you who are doing the right work to reach their goals.


Show Notes:

[3:54] – Ian runs a coaching business and shares what he helps people with to succeed in sales.

[4:55] – Listeners from the live session share some of their 2023 goals and many of them are targets.

[5:53] – Your mindset determines your results.

[7:03] – Ian works with more than 100 sales executives and he describes the work he does with them through his coaching.

[9:09] – The trends in sales are leading to an increase in mental health challenges.

[10:30] – Elyse shares her pain points before shifting her mindset.

[11:41] – If you are experiencing these pain points, you are not alone.

[13:27] – Focus on what you can control. You can’t control economics.

[14:40] – Your current results are a reflection of the past.

[15:47] – You can’t create abundance with lack.

[16:49] – What is an abundance mindset?

[18:13] – If you care about serving your clients, closing a sale will be a natural outcome.

[19:39] – A viewer of the live session presents his struggle and questions what to work on first.

[21:01] – In sales, you have to prioritize the pipeline.

[23:45] – Having blind faith in the process is hard.

[25:34] – Another viewer of the live session presents a situation and asks how to train herself to think bigger.

[27:26] – After spending time with a mentor, Elyse saw the patterns and surrounded herself with people who challenged her thinking.

[29:07] – Get the perspective from outside of your circle.

[33:18] – Having doubts around your goal is a common problem especially when your company gives you a goal that doesn’t seem attainable.

[35:28] – Everyone has an internal thermostat and we can alter it.

[37:50] – Once you trust the process and detach yourself from the outcome, results will come.

[40:07] – Just because you have the negative thought, does not make it true.

[41:06] – Habits change your mindset.

[42:50] – Ian shares his morning habits and why they are important to him.

[44:01] – One habit for Ian is affirmations and he shares a few of them that have the biggest impact.

[46:11] – Elyse describes her morning routine as well. Everyone’s will be different and they may change at different stages of your life.

[48:09] – There are a lot of different approaches to meditation.

[49:12] – Acknowledge yourself at the end of the day. This is so easy to forget.

[51:31] – This activity is wonderful for your self image.

[53:47] – Why are people unhappy? What is the source of misery in sales?

[55:30] – The way you have a great day is to have a productive day.

[57:17] – Ian uses a system called Priority Scorecard that eliminates decision fatigue.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio. I am excited to bring you this episode today so this


is a special episode it’s actually a recording of a live training I did


several months ago with a dear friend a former client of mine Ian Koniak and he


and I worked together a couple years ago when he was actually still at Salesforce he was the top rep for Salesforce for


several years and I had the pleasure of working with him on his personal brand


as he was growing his own sales coaching and Consulting agency as well and just really building his brand in


the sales space he is now a full-fledged sales coach amazing guy has a really


really cool company but he and I came together gosh this was I think January towards


the end of 2022 and we recorded a live training for some of our audience that


was so powerful I wanted to bring it here to you on the podcast and it’s all about the mindset and habits of sales


Champions and whether you’re a sales professional whether you’re an entrepreneur you’re going to get so much


from this I think both on the mindset piece that’s necessary to be really


successful in sales today as well as what are some of those more masculine


habits and tactical structures that you can put in a place that will really help you grow your sales your business and


your Revenue we also talk mental health we do some live coaching on this


recording so you can hear us working in real time with some some of the attendees there it was really powerful


and I think you’re going to really enjoy it so without any further delay let’s


get into this training with Ian Koniak all right welcome welcome welcome


everyone we have got such a great group in the house today I


think we’re letting everybody in from the weight room hey everyone Ian


don’t you love it when people are on time I love it there’s more than people on just 56 people right on the dot which


is pretty good out of like 130 registrations so I’m I’m impressed what’s up everyone we can get you guys


on camera too so we can see your lovely faces that’s always even better 100 yeah


100 we are super excited we’re gonna in a moment just take a quick minute to introduce ourselves but I would love as


you’re coming in if you could share in the chat we want this to be like super Interactive


Ian and I we both love to talk and we would talk the whole time but we also really just want to talk with you and


connect with you today so what is I’d love to hear what’s your biggest sales related goal for 2023 and then what is


the number one challenge you feel like you’re currently facing in that area because we really want to gear a lot of


the conversation today towards that and towards you and what’s coming up so I’m gonna pull up


the chat and and just take that take a look at that while we go


and while everyone is typing in the chat do you want to take I know we’ve got some of your audience here we’ve got


some of mine do you want to take a brief moment and introduce yourself and and say who you are and sure


Ian Koniak I run a coaching business I know some faces here so it’s


good to see a lot of you guys hey Julian what’s up Isaac Luke um and I help people Master the mindset


habits and skills needed to succeed in sales and in life so that’s me I love it


I love it um and if I have not met you yet my name is Elise I am the founder of a company


called She Sells and I feel like Ian you and I are both so aligned in what we


want to teach and and how we help people so I help women scale from six to seven figures like


help them to get their first six figures and then multi-six and seven figures beyond that but learning and mastering


sales in a way that is really aligned for them is women and again it’s a lot of the inner game


um like Ian is a real pro at teaching and I am I’m excited for the conversation today so Ian what are you


saying in the chat that people’s goals are let’s see what people are here for today I see a lot of


achievement related goals so Megan says presidents Club Jonathan bring in ten new logos 


Michael similar shift from current customers to new logos Julian to get to


300 of plan income John 150 I see a lot of goals specific to to targets


um to Targets in terms of percentage of quota is what I’m seeing here yeah and


just learning to sell so a lot of sales related goals as well and Dan I see you Dan is in the house of day-to-day


Cadence that brings success at work and personal happiness I’m a fan of goals like that I like Greg console developing


a mindset of abundance I think we’re going to talk about that today I think I think so too sure and


I’ll and I’ll tell you like for everyone here your mindset does determine your results your mindset and your habits I I


coach I have over 100 people in my program and the people that I work with that get the biggest


impact the quickest the ones that change their mindset about what’s possible you know and


and start believing in themselves and also change their habits so the the goal


of hitting 150 or 300 is enabled through shifting and becoming the person that’s


capable of doing that through how you think and how you work so that’s a lot of what we’re going to focus on today absolutely absolutely and so that’s so I


think let’s dive in and we just you know right off the bat like we don’t have anything to sell here we wanted to come


together and connect and just try to give back towards the end of the year help I’ll just set all of you up for


success for 2023 so and I think to kick us off you know Ian like you mentioned


you’ve got a hundred plus account execs in your program right now and I know


you’re seeing a lot in terms of what’s going on in the market what’s going on in the field


share a little bit of what you’re seeing from the work you’re doing with your clients just to kick us off yeah I


get texts and I get calls every single day kind of like Ian talk me off a ledge and that’s kind of the theme of what I’m


seeing right now in some places um I’ll just give you the high high level trends that are happening in sales


um the first one is that quota attainments down and this is not my Trends this is data coming from


um you know all over and and I’ve seen it too it’s it used to be around High


40 High 40 percent of people so 47 48 ish


um percent of reps are hitting quota now it’s dropped nearly 10 percent so low 40s high 30s so that’s a significant


drop in Quota attainment and that data came from rep view right across all orgs


if you if you don’t know rep view I highly encourage you to check it out because it’s it’s what’s happening in every company As Told by sales reps um


so that’s the first trend is it’s harder it’s harder to hit quota and that’s really being driven by customer


um customers are getting tighter right in terms of um there’s a lot more scrutiny about spend there’s a lot more oversight of of


projects and I think things are just harder with with layoffs going on and


with um just a stalling of growth companies have moved more instead of trying to grow more they’re moving


towards improving profitability or improving efficiency in their organizations which means Cuts layoffs


and ultimately doing more with less and so that’s the big trends that I see and


because people are hitting quota a little less and because there are layoffs going on there’s a lot more fear


in in the sales world and I see a lot of people that are operating from a place


of of fear of their job there’s a lot of managers that are really feeling the pressure and just passing that right


down to their teams and that results in micromanaging it results in a lot of


like kind of like intimidation like if you don’t do this you’re going to be put on a plan I had someone reach out yesterday saying their manager


threatened to put on a plan and they were number two on their team so this is something that unfortunately it’s not


unique to one or two companies I’m seeing it across the board and that’s why Elise and I wanted to do this


session because it’s very easy to let that dominate that that track of fear and uncertainty and in doubt take over


and um and that that has led to an increase in mental health challenges for sales


people and the last piece of data I’ll share is that um last year in 2021 the the mental


sales Alliance said that 58 of the the people surveyed they surveyed thousands of sales reps 58 would rate their mental


health as fair or poor in this year the survey results just came out a few weeks ago it’s gone up to 63 percent so the


the mental health I I wouldn’t say crisis but certainly sales reps aren’t thrilled and they’re not exactly in a


great space right now and that’s continuing to to get worse so those are the top trends that I’ve seen across the


industry at least gosh thank you so much for sharing that and I I want to open it up too just for any of you who you want


to share in terms of mindset like is there something coming up for you specifically we’re going to segment into talking about mindset shortly I know I


saw in the chat about um abundance mindset and personal happiness and I’ll just I’ll share so


candidly like my personal journey I was in corporate for quite a while before launching my own company and on the


outside looked like I was doing well but on the inside I had so much anxiety I was having panic attacks I had an eating


disorder and it’s like I’m not saying you have to like share all of that and stuff like that is going on for you but


I just want to let you know like you’re not alone and we want to really um we’re going to share today some of


what shifted my own experience to help create a lot of personal happiness and peace while also making more money Ian I


know you you know you obviously share your story and your journey with your clients too but we just really want this


to be a place that’s like supportive and so whatever your biggest mindset challenges are right now I think as we


go into this segment we want to open up for you to share in the chat and I think we’ll Ian what we open up to for people


to ask questions maybe get some coaches yeah we can’t we can kind of take questions as we go we’ll provide some


tips along the way for mindset and for habits for um for Success regardless of what’s


happening around you but before we do I’d love to just ask the group you know reply yes if those Trends resonate in


your company or how you’re feeling or know if they don’t I mean that’s what I’m hearing from my clients it doesn’t mean it’s everything but those are kind


of the high level I see a lot of yeses okay so to to that point you’re not alone and I think that’s important to


know it’s like in in the community Lisa and I are both through and through sales people and we we that’s how we identify


and that’s why we’re here this is important to know that what you’re going through and what you’re thinking you’re


not crazy in that it’s it’s really common across multiple companies because I see it in in at least as two so that’s


that’s why this topic is very important because it’s really about how do you get through the little voices in your head


or the the doubts and not let this these Trends or these these negative things


going on impact how you work and how you serve your clients and that’s hard to do um if unless you have the right tools to


be able to handle it so that’s a lot of what we’re going to talk about today yeah I love it I love it and for those


of you who are I know a decent amount of my audience are entrepreneurs I see some of you here on on the show too so we’ve


got such a good mix of AES entrepreneurs sales leaders so it’s like we we all


feel it in different ways right but just seeing all those yeses in the chat is huge so so why don’t we do this why


don’t we start talking about vote I’m gonna start with some mindset yeah


for sure okay awesome awesome so why don’t you kick us off we can kind of go back and forth here and


um if you have a question or if you want to receive coaching around something just can Catherine can they raise their hands I think they can raise their hands


yeah if people have questions while we’re talking let’s keep it interactive this is going to be we Elise and I


thought it’d be helpful to do like a live coaching session so if you want to bring us your challenges or your


uncertainties or any anything that maybe is going on feel free and I’ll you know share how I would coach anyone right and


same with the least so feel free to jump in as we as we’re talking we want to keep this informal and interactive so


let’s just go through and kind of popcorn back and forth the least top mindset tips so my number one mindset


tip would be focus on what you can control okay you can’t control layoffs


you can’t control economic um stock prices dropping you can’t


control your company and what their what their are communicating what you can control is how you show up every day


what you can control is how you treat other people what you can control is how hard you work and what you’re working on


so if you focus on the process of just showing up and doing the right things every day and not letting all the


outside noise affect what you actually do I think that is a key to riding the


storms because there will be storms and if you’re consistently riding whether it’s a a dark storm or whether it’s a


sunny day you know that that’s going to lead to consistent results in good times and in bad times but where people tend


to get tripped up is is when they let the things outside of their control impact how they work how they think and


then they actually stop doing the things that are going to make them successful in the first place so that would be my number one tip would be focus on what


you can control gosh I love that so much and I’ll just I’ll share one thing related to that this is something I get


to remind myself of all the time too like your current results it’s a reflection of the the past right so it’s


a reflection of who you were being in the past what you were thinking what you were doing what your actions were what


your emotional state and we get tripped up when we get so focused on what’s currently going on in our lives and so


just knowing like who you’re being so what you’re thinking what you’re feeling and what you’re doing today is going to


create a different result for you tomorrow but if we get so fixated on this deal didn’t close or my bank


account’s not where I’d like it to be like we can really get in our heads and then we just keep perpetuating more of


the same so just really remembering how that works and I think that ties in with for me I’d


say one of my favorite mindset pieces is just that mindset of abundance right which somebody had shared in the chat


that it was um that it was your goal for this year and Ian I’ll share a couple thoughts that I want to kick it to you for kind of how you think about this but


I mean we’re all in sales or entrepreneurs for those of you who are entrepreneurs


partially because we want to create abundance right we like probably we like helping people we like serving and we


want to create abundance in our lives and you can’t create abundance from lack thinking you just can’t it’s not how it


works so I think really shifting I want to kind of tie an e into what you shared


thinking about with what you can control how can you add more abundance into that


whether it’s gratitude for your current customers whether it’s um creating an abundance of


opportunities for yourself whether it’s like blessing what you do have right and


then letting that grow because what we focus on expands so that for me is part


of my daily practice we’ll get into habits a little bit more as we go we’ll talk about morning routine but really


just focusing on no matter what is going on in the external world like where am I


feeling abundant right now and where can I Express gratitude for that yeah jump in Ian yeah I have a lot of thoughts on


this but like I think it starts with knowing what is an abundant mindset to begin with so people say well what is


what is abundant what is abundance and the way I look at abundance an abundant mindset specifically


is it’s a mindset of of really focusing on serving other people


that that’s the simplest definition you see when we get in our heads and we want


to just serve ourselves and we put our own selfish needs ahead


of those of others generally we fall pretty hard and I I am living walking


proof of that and did everything the wrong way for for a very long time until I nearly lost everything but when I


shifted my mindset to serving other people and really how can I actually help other people


um and how can I actually try to do good you know in in terms of I’ll share a few


examples of what this looks like but when I’m with clients an abundant mindset when I’m selling is let’s see if I can help them first let’s


have a conversation and if I am a fit I’m going to share how I can help them and if I’m not I’m going to direct them


to the right place I’m not attached to the outcome of getting a sale


I’m attached to seeing whether or not I can help someone in this conversation and if I can then it’s my obligation to


share how right so that’s a very abundant mindset going into a sales call without the expectation of I need to


close because I don’t need to close I don’t care about closing what I care about is helping my clients and if I can


then closing is a natural outcome of that so that’s an example of abundant mindset with with clients an example of


an abundant mindset with family is when I’m with my wife I’m going to be present


I’m going to put down my phone and I’m going to listen and maybe her problems or her complaints are not something I


necessarily am thinking about but those are important to her and therefore I’m going to listen and just be present and


acknowledge it versus being dismissive and saying what are you worrying about something this doesn’t matter right so again you can take an abundant mindset


anywhere but in my mind it really does come come down to this shift from being


inward focused on my needs first to outward focused on how can I serve the needs of other people when you do that


generally your needs get served in an even bigger way than if you’re focusing on only serving your own needs so I’ll


stop there that’s how I look at abundant mindset I love that so much I love that so much


um I want to look at we had a couple questions coming in the chat that could be good to call people up for some


coaching sure Ryan Johnson asked how do you know the right things to work on


Ryan do you want to come off mute I don’t know where you are but do you want to come yeah there you go awesome hey


Ryan hey all right so your question was how do you know the right things to work on


tell us a little bit more about that yeah so I’m I work in the Telecom industry and there’s


um if anybody’s ever worked in kind of a software um as a solution kind of cell thing you


have to go through I have to go through so many different things to get the sale to go to complete it’s a pretty complex


selling process and so I find myself every day where it’s like well I have


this deal I’m working on I have this deal I’m working on so I need to process it through this way I have I need to set


time I’ll um I need to set time aside for prospecting but I have to drive too much I have to drive two hours to go to my


area to prospect so it’s like I just find myself always bouncing around and I and at the end of the week when I look


at my week I’m like I don’t feel like I got anything done because I’m just jumping all over the place you mind if I


take this one Elise no I was just gonna say Ian take it and roll with it yeah so Ryan I there’s really in sales there’s


two things that two buckets of activities that you should be working on that are the right things to work on


okay the first bucket is anything to advance Pipeline and that comes first


okay that comes before prospecting you see if you have a deal and you have to


do a lot of steps to advance it if you don’t do those steps in favor of maybe trying new clients or cold calling that


deal is going to slip through right the intention of the client to move forward is going to waver and diminish with time


so you have to prioritize any deals where you’ve already met with the clients you’ve had your first meeting


maybe the next step is a demo maybe it’s a business case maybe it’s you know getting your Executives with their


Executives it’s going to be different for every client depending on what you sell and how long your sales cycle is


but I always look at my Pipeline and I say what are the next steps in this


um in this deal and that comes first that is the number one priority and that happens in the first part of my day so


that’s advancing pipeline bucket and that’s any next step on any active deal in your pipeline that’s a real


opportunity the second bucket is creational pipeline so if you’re


spending all day every day advancing pipeline your pipeline’s full that’s a good thing you don’t need to in fact in


Salesforce I usually prospected my I had an Enterprise account so a lot of those deals were you know six to nine months


12 months sometimes multiple years to sell and I only had a handful of accounts so I didn’t always see the


money right away but I had to trust the process and the execution sometimes these were 20 30 40 meetings before an


actual sale would occur if it was a seven or eight figure deal so I I had to have this faith of like what’s the right


thing to be doing to advance the deal so it’s really important to have a mutual plan that you’re working towards to have


a project plan you’re almost a project manager at that point and executing and planning those next steps so if your


pipeline’s full that’s your first priority if your pipeline’s not full and if you’ve exhausted every next step in


your active deal that means it’s time to Prospect and then it’s a matter of the second bucket which is creation Pipeline


and that creational pipeline entails a lot of activities it’s not just prospecting it’s the research on how do


you personalize and create a relevant message for your clients it’s the actual sending of emails it’s the actual


copywriting to send out it’s video potentially on LinkedIn it’s you know prospecting picking up the phone it’s


you know looking at the people and maybe watching their web webinar or something about them where you can use to gain


insights on what you’re going to use in your messaging so there is really unlimited amount of activities you could


do that falls under that prospecting bucket but the way I always Pro order it is advancement comes first because I


don’t want deals that are you know already in pipeline to slip through the cracks and once I’m done advancing I move to creation and everything else is


noise everything else that’s busy work or unrelated to advancing and creation generally I try to say no to or delegate


that’s kind of how I structure my my habits my day so that I know I’m working on the right things and then just having


Blind Faith that it’s going to work out and trusting the process rather than being impatient patience is a huge part


of this yeah and and I guess that’s that’s that’s the hardest part is that having that Blind Faith that like okay


I’m I’m going through these steps and I’m hoping that this these steps actually turn out and I guess that’s


just part of being in sales right so it is and especially if you have a long sales cycle where your deals take a lot


longer and there’s a lot of steps involved you almost really need to just for Enterprise I see this all the time


because it might take eight months and you might have seven zeros up to that deal and then all of a sudden it’s it’s


seven figures and then you made your number for the year so that that’s the nature of a more strategic selling cycle


versus a more transactional where you have kind of a lot of sales going on and a lot of um velocity I would say so it


just depends on what you sell and how long it takes okay thank you you’re welcome awesome question yeah so


advancing then creation was the the bottom line takeaway there and I think incorporating you can incorporate the


abundance mindset piece into that too right it’s like when you’re doing the activities right and having that


abundance mindset how can I have abundance and service mindset while I reach out while I do each step of the process


um just to help stay in that energy of Faith so we had um Mike said I’d like to


work more on a mindset of gratitude Mike did you want you want some coaching around that I mean I think that’s


something we can probably a lot of people can relate to I don’t see where you are Mike but feel free to come off


mute if you wanted some support around that let’s see here


well while you so Mike feel free to you know feel free to come off mute I saw Amanda too said I like the idea of


an abundant mindset how do you train yourself to think bigger which I really love I love you want to take some of


those yeah yeah Amanda are you Amanda do you want


to come off mute there we go hey hi how are you guys amazing how are you I’m


great thank you for doing this today I appreciate it all of this is obviously stuff we think about every day within


our sales careers I am an I.T consultant so I work with a lot of I.T leaders


and their leadership teams and you know you get the you get the little


deals you’re working with your management um to grow the business and especially


now when they’re saying hey what are you going to do next year give us an idea um and you don’t want to come in too


small of growth but you know that these deals take you know eight to ten months


sometimes to get off the ground how do you typically approach that as


far as like again you know thinking big like you know I’m gonna hit my number and then some


and not not getting you know stuck in the trenches


of your mind I mean I’ll share what worked for me and


then you know I’ll kick it over to you to add in anything there but for me it’s all about like what type of thinkers are


you surrounding yourself with so you’ll always be and people know this right but it’s like are we actively doing this


you’re always going to think like the average of the five people who you’re around the most so for me I was stuck at


the six figure level for about 10 years and it wasn’t until and I’ll share numbers for context here just to kind of


understand the value of this um and I wanted more for my life you know I wanted I wanted a bigger life I


want to be able to give more contribute more Etc so I knew there was something in my thinking that was keeping me stuck


because I was doing all the right things but staying stuck creating the same results every year and I finally I hired a mentor who was a


multi-millionaire who was also a mom who was like I wanted to know how she thought like


that was really it I wanted to know how she thought and as I started to see


thought patterns in her of just one was like unavailability for any sort of lack in her life and just being completely


Unapologetic about it right like I’m worth it I own it and like her energy was just a different level of energy and


I wanted to start thinking like how does she think I joined a mastermind of other women who were going for seven figures and it was with that like my results


transformed and I 10x my income in six weeks and so it’s it was who I was


around because I knew that if I wanted to think bigger I had to be around people who were going to challenge my


thinking and keep telling me you’re thinking too small you’re thinking too small and most people won’t tell you that right for all of you like you’re


you’re high Achievers if you’re here like the fact that you’re here you’re motivated you’re a high achiever


um even if you’re earlier in a role and you haven’t seen those results yet I just know by the fact that you’re here you are a high achiever probably a lot


of the people around you are not going to be like a next they’re not going to have Next Level thinking


for you right they might look to you and say like oh he’s got huge results or she’s got huge results you need to get in the room with people who are thinking


way bigger than you that make you feel like not in a bad way but help you see how small the thinking has been up until


this point so that’s what that’s what I would say Ian what would you what would you say to that I I would Echo that I I


just got off call with Isaac who’s on the call right now he’s like I have this great opportunity to have this great job


and I said well it’s not that great and and it’s not because it’s not great


it’s because I see hundreds of different you know opportunities and it’s about


getting perspective outside of your circle I I would agree with that a hundred percent and and so just having


exposure to me Isaac gets a different lens of the


opportunity and where you know where where he could be you know focusing and and how we should be thinking about that


so I think I think that’s one the only thing I would add is, I think that


thinking bigger if you’re thinking bigger for yourself that’s great but if you’re thinking


bigger for your client then that’s a a like you’re you’re a vessel for them so


if you’re if you’re trying to sell a a big deal and your clients only thinking


about it small and that small project is not going to have an impact a material impact on their business it’s not going


to have a material impact on their their financial goals or their company goals you’re doing them a disservice so if you


know in the right thing that they need a full overhaul of their I.T infrastructure and that that’s the way


they’re gonna move faster innovate quicker Amanda in their business it’s your obligation to tell them that so


it’s like begin with the end in mind say look we can start here but where you really need is this let me show you a


road map on how you can get there let’s work on a phased approach but we’re working towards a full overhaul so


that’s what clients want they want someone who can challenge them to think bigger and do things differently


especially if there’s struggling especially if they’re not achieving their goals you know having someone to


tell you hey you’re doing it all wrong without necessarily calling their baby ugly right that that’s a that’s that’s a


skill in sales that I think will serve you very well when you can go and say hey you need to be thinking about this a


little differently you’re thinking here but really you need to look at the big picture so how do you become a trusted


advisor well you need to know about what’s happening in the industry you need to know about how companies are


innovating Faster by over hauling their I.T organization you need to know specifically what people in their roles


are facing so I always like to look at industry research I always like to you know stay equipped with Trends one of


the reasons why I’m we’re doing this is because mindset and habits are one of the biggest areas that sales reps are


struggling with now so it’s like where you have to have a pulse to be able to say with confidence and certainty you’re


thinking about this maybe a little bit smaller than what you could here’s what I see for you and then they can say well


that’s great but we’re right here right now okay well great we’ll start here but we need to still be looking outward at


this bigger vision and here’s why that’s important and I want to make sure we’re working towards that are you aligned because if you’re not maybe we’re not


the right partner maybe you know you’re better off just hiring a company that can just do this one job for us versus


partnering with us so that’s kind of the way I would think about it is like think bigger in service of your clients versus


just in service of like getting a bigger deal done for yourself right because if you have a bigger Vision that you’re


helping a client execute it’s going to mean bigger deals bigger commissions that’s just a natural outcome yeah I


love that thank you and I think it applies the reverse engineering how you want your life to look too 100 so thank


you yeah that’s so good that’s so good and Ian what you were talking about reminded me of for any of you who’ve


read science of getting rich this concept of the impression of increase right which is that all of us just our


nature is we want to expand we want increase so Ian to what you said of helping your clients see the potential


for increase in their life right right and in their business and what you’re selling like that’s huge that’s going to get people excited that’s going to get


them to for the right ones right to want to say yes and move forward so um amazing we had we had another


question I’m kind of you know you I just want to like go through questions right now


for sure well we’ll we will fit in our points as we go I want to get habits too


though we’re about halfway through it I want to talk about like so that’s daily daily habits if if we let’s talk about


this let’s do one more are you cool if we do one more question on belief then we can talk about habits sure yeah we


had I think this was good I think this was a good one so um Damien I don’t know if I’m pronouncing your name correctly but you


said thoughts on belief and attainability I was given a new really aggressive number and having some major doubts which how many can relate to


having doubts around your goal right so I think that would be really good to speak to um you want to first of all how do you


pronounce your name yeah go ahead oh you got it right oh great okay yeah yeah for sure


um yes I work in the cyber security space um there’s like a managed cyber security provider right companies bringing us on


so they don’t build out their own infosec team and yeah my new goals are just way larger


than last year you know because we take a land and expand approach right so some expansion but just the amount of net new


low because I’m gonna need to bring in the next year and I’m having to do a presentation next week to my board on


how I’m going to hit this number and it’s like kind of one of those things like here’s your number go figure it out


and tell us how you’re going to do it and I’m like I have no freaking clue how I’m gonna do it so it’s going to be a thought why I thought this was so


relevant was like well I’ve got to figure out how I’m gonna do this and really believe it because otherwise like this means to go awful next week


so yeah um and you want to start um I like Napoleon Hill’s book Think


and Grow Rich and he says whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can


achieve so if you don’t believe it it ain’t gonna happen because your actions


in your you know your plan is not going to support it but I I would say in in


general um there’s the there’s the emotional side of belief and then there’s the


planning and The Logical side and they’re different different parts so for for the emotional side


um you know it’s interesting the the there’s a guy I I listen to he has a


podcast it’s great his name is Ed mylett and he talks about this concept


of a internal thermostat so if you think of your opportunity everyone’s got an


internal thermostat so elise’s was around six figures right and it’s like I’m a six figure earner this is where


I’m comfortable this is what I’m meant to do and then once she surrounded herself by people that were doing seven


figures and you know much more successful people that brought him so the two ways to expand your belief into


actually run think of the think of your thermostat as your operating temperature the Rhythm which you run and maybe


you’re running as a 200k a year earner and that’s what you do and that’s kind of where you’re comfortable well if you


get really hot sometimes you self-sabotage and go down and if you go really slow then you pull yourself up right so we’re always comfortable well


if you want to raise that internal thermostat that the key is to again it goes down to


um surrounding yourself by people that are doing large deals in that space of


cyber security so are there companies doing four five six million if your target went from a million to to 2


million you’re maybe like oh my gosh that’s impossible it’s doubled but I I know people in cyber security that have


a four million Target that are hitting it right so it’s like finding those experts in in that industry that are


capable either within your company or outside of your company and learning what they do and how they do it and and


connecting with them I think is it strengthens belief it strengthens belief


when you have people that have walked before you that you can model in their


footsteps for so I think that’s one part of it and the second part of it then is is really getting a plan working


backwards right so I I didn’t believe it was possible for me to run a marathon


and I certainly didn’t believe it was possible for me need to do it in the time I did it but then I found a mentor who


um you know did marathon training and he gave me a plan and sure enough I just followed the plan and and I and I hit my


goal so I think that is a big part of it is like you need to have some guidance it’s not just go figure it out it’s like


okay we’ll work with your boss work with other people to get the right plan and then back into it


um I’m going to give you a video I just made I think it was released today on my YouTube on how to strengthen your


beliefs but I have a five-step process for that right and it’s it’s really again it’s about finding a mentor right


it’s about visualizing and feeling into the success before it even happens it’s about


um you know getting the right plan and then it comes down to again trusting the process and not getting attached to the


outcome but knowing you know that your plan is right and once you do those things you’re going to feel more confident so I’ll drop that in the chat


for you um Damien so then you can kind of see it but you gotta you gotta have more than


just figure it out you gotta have like a road map and ideally a model who is


doing some big numbers in your space that you can learn from and model after no this is super helpful appreciate it


anything to add a lace on it yeah you know I think um gosh you know it’s it’s so good like


it’s all perspective right so kind of like to Ian’s point of get a mentor get get around people who have done that


like it may feel big to you Damien but would it be big to everyone right like would it feel and you could just use


people who you know or who you don’t know like would it feel like a big number to Ian I don’t know would it feel like a big number to at least I don’t


know right but like it’s all context right it’s all perspective and I would say two other two other


things so one is you’ve got this number for a reason right and anytime I


something happens in my life that feels challenging or feels like I don’t know how I’m gonna do it I go through an


exercise an old Mentor of mine would have me do which is I’m thrilled this is happening because it doesn’t matter what it is it’s like something could go


sideways a deal could go wrong and get a big challenge I don’t know how I’m gonna do it I’m thrilled this is happening because and I forced myself to list out


10 different reasons why I’m thrilled and I think I would really look at for you like who do I get to become in the


process right so like first of all like I got this because the only reason I could get this is if it’s possible for


me and then who am I gonna get to become in the process and also really I don’t


want to spend too much time on the sticks I know we want to get to habits but the way the Mind Body Connection works is when we have a negative so our


thoughts trigger our feelings so when we have a negative feeling in our body a feeling of Doubt a feeling of in


security it’s actually your body’s feedback mechanism that you’re thinking something in that moment that’s not true


for you so when you have a feeling of doubt I would really examine the thought of what did I just think did I just


think I can’t do this my body’s literally telling me right now that’s not true it’s like I was just thinking a


lie right so again we could do like a deep dive on um on neuro programming and everything


here which we’re we don’t have time for but just knowing that feedback loop I think is so important and just because


you think a thought doesn’t mean it’s actually true right so um yeah a little bit to add on there so


um awesome awesome


I just dropped the five steps there for you in the chat too so you can have that in the video okay amazing literally just


published this today so it’s a great question you want to transition to some habits let’s talk about let’s talk about


habits because we started talking about it at the beginning and you were telling me about your most perfect morning routine today which I was like I like


all of it except for one part so let’s talk habits let’s get into it I


like it so here here’s the thing about habits okay ah habits change your mindset


when you when you’re doing things that are healthy that are positive that are productive you feel better and you and


you think in a in a better way so people will say what comes first mindset or habits it’s like the chicken of the egg


right there’s no right answer because you have to you have to think differently to change how you how you


work and how you operate but in my experience just doing things differently actually makes you think differently so


the two are interlinked tremendously and for me um my number one recommended habit and


it’s not one habit it’s a series of habits but having a morning routine and starting the morning off with


um winning is what will set you up and set up the rest of the day for success and so I’m


I’m not gonna recommend doing my morning routine because it is you know a result


of 60 years of personal development um Elise and I are both very into personal development and and I think it


would be a lot for people to take on but I can share what I did this morning and people ask me Ian how’s your energy so


high all the time how are you consistently so you know positive or in a good mood and I’m like well it’s


because I set myself up through what I’m doing before I see you so in the morning typically


um I’ll just share this morning so I woke up around seven not like crazy early not like five or four a.m like


some of these people but for me it was seven o’clock and I went and I I had an


energy Shake right with with vitamins and greens and you know super you know charged me physically


um then I went on a three mile run nothing nothing crazy but nice 30 minute run popped in a cold shower which woke


my butt up and also got a lot of the the blood Circa calculating and was really


good for my cells and my skin um by now I’m feeling pretty good okay I got the shower the energy shake well so


that’s like the physical part of the morning routine is doing something physical that is going to make you feel good and then the mental part began so


after that I went and I did a daily affirmation now for people that struggle


with mindset and I do too all the time again I I come from a family of addict addicts and I struggle with addiction


myself so I have to constantly you know put myself into the Abundant mindset and the way I do that is through


affirmations and so I created an affirmation that I can share with everyone because it’s


it’s really um new for me I I do affirmations all the time but I just updated mine that’s


more around spirituality so I I affirmation is something you say to yourself every morning that reminds you


of how you want to show up in your best life right and it comes down to being in service of other people so I am kind


loving and humble in spirit this is how I want to show up my second is I’m hardworking focused and disciplined in


action right how do I work my habits my interactions I respect listen and


stay present with others okay I know that’s a challenge for me being ADHD so really being focused and being attentive


I lead by example do do what I say you’re going to do I Inspire others to be their best and I put God’s will


before my own which came from my addiction recovery and so I know if I’m focused on my selfish desires I tend to


behave badly and don’t feel good but when I’m focusing on serving other people and being an example and you know


and putting God first that that helps me um truly not only feel great but serve others at a higher capacity and then I


have a picture in my family which reminds me of why I’m doing what I’m doing so that is something I read it’s


pinned to my mirror in my bathroom I read it out loud in in on days when


maybe I’m not feeling so hot at least I know how I want to show up and that programs my brain to show up that way if


you see it every day you’re gonna do it so I highly recommend affirmations then I I say a prayer and I did a it was a


10 minute meditation and then I started my day so imagine how great you feel after exercising after seeing an


affirmation after connecting spiritually and after meditating right so these are things that do I do it perfect every day


no but I try to get into exercise or meditation in which gets me grounded and


starting the day right so that’s that extends then to how I interact with other people and you know how I can show


up um in service of other people so that that’s the the morning routine and for anyone who wants to kind of incorporate


all of those elements there’s a great book called The Miracle morning by Hal Elrod and he talks about that doesn’t


need to look exactly like mine you got to do what works for you but I find that’s like one of the biggest hacks


that you can make to getting your mind and your habits right is is to start the day with a very healthy morning routine


yeah amazing um and I mean if it’s I can share I can share like mine is so it’s funny because


it’s similar but it’s different and I think yeah share yours I’d love to hear it at least yeah I mean I think that’s just like the takeaway from this is you


get to pick what works for you and I think it’s different for different life phases that we’re into so I’m like I am


a super early riser mine starts at three but I also go to bed at eight I’m like a grandma so that’s it’s just it I get my


sleep but it’s just different I do everything Ian does except for the cold shower


um I just start mine differently I start with the um with more of the mindset piece so I list I actually have my


affirmations recorded and it’s like a vivid description of how I want my life to be like whatever the next kind of


goal is in my life that I’m working on and it’s about a five minute recording I listen to it first thing when I wake up


because when you wake up your subconscious is more open so it’s a lot easier to program yourself so that’s the first thing I do


again I do a longer meditation I do like 45 minutes to an hour kind of depending on the day


um but I’ll do that I’ll study and then physical part of mine is not as rigorous as he and so I’ll like I’ll hop on the


treadmill and kind of answer DMS or answer emails while I’m going but I always make sure before I get in my


inbox before I get in reactive mode I’ve got that time for me to get really grounded and like anchored in for


spiritual connection with who I want to be with how I want to show up um and so I think it’s like you get to


kind of pick what works for you but you’ll hear commonalities and elements in both of those of of what really


matters you know so um and you feel good I mean how do you not feel good starting the day that way


and that’s really what it’s about when you feel good you can show up your best and you can serve others at a high level


so it starts with yourself you can’t pour from an empty cup you can’t serve others if you’re depleted and so taking


care of your mind your body your connection your relationship I know I have two kids at least you know as a


family right it’s like how do you balance it all well you you have to make time you have to prioritize your health


and you have to prioritize your connections and relationships and that enables you to then I think just operate


at a much higher capacity and cope with stress in a much healthier way 100 100 I


want to um there’s a quick question of meditation Michael I do um Joe dispenza’s which is why they’re so long


um in what type of meditation do you do I have the waking up app so I I


um it’s usually 10 to 15 minutes per meditation it’s kind of a more intellectual approach to meditation


versus a embody it’s like explaining what’s going on and why and it’s for people that are Skeptics about it which


which I was um you know to for me honestly it just helps me focus it helps with the ADHD


for sure awesome awesome we got some JD fans in the house I love it um Ian what do you Here’s my thought


tell me if this works for you I would love to spend like one to two minutes on end of day acknowledgment and then I think everyone’s going to want to hear


your daily planning process cool are you good if we if we roll with those go for


it is that cool okay so I’ll do super quick on end of day acknowledgment and then I want you to take over with with


your planning process I think for for your mental health and for you to


continue to just stay motivated something that so many of us forget to do but is so important is that


acknowledgment of yourself at the end of the day right so you can hear what I love about Ian’s heart like you can hear


it on this webinar it is so service minded and it’s like if I’m just showing up and serving people like I’m winning


which is true it’s how it works and on top of that I think it’s also so


important to show up for yourself and acknowledge yourself for how you showed


up during the day regardless of whether or not you had a sale regardless of whether or not you hit like a specific


goal because we can’t control all of those factors but acknowledging yourself or what am I proud of myself for so this


may sound corny but I swear to you it is one of it’s one of the biggest things that created an up level in my life and


I have my clients do it and they make a lot more money when they do it so I’ll just put it out there so the end of the


day looking at yourself in the mirror I know again it sounds corny just give it a try and this is from Lisa Nichols so this


is not Amy Lee sarcher original if any of you follow Lisa Nichols she’s a great motivational speaker and you just speak


to yourself and you say to yourself like I’m proud of you for and you list out seven things you can journalist by the


way or you can just think it if it feels really corny to look at yourself in the mirror but I’m proud of you for right it’s like I’m proud of you for


exercising today I’m proud of you for um getting up on time I’m proud of you


for um giving your best on that sales call right like whatever it is proud of


myself for seven things then you forgive yourself for one thing so for me it would be like at least I


forgive you for and then whatever I fell into an old habit I judge myself I judge


somebody else and then the final is um I commit to you that so I feel like at least I commit to


you that and it’s seven things I commit to you that you’re going to have a great night’s sleep I commit to


you that you’re going to achieve all your goals and more I commit to you that everything you want wants you back I commit to it’s like whatever it is that


I need to speak over my life um I say that and it’s that building of this it will build yourself image


tremendously and your income will always be it it’s it’s based on your self-image


right so um so if you say that out loud do you write it and journal it when you


do the when you do those those so it depends but I’m just doing mirror work I don’t say it out loud because usually my husband and my son are in the Next Room


and I don’t want them to like look at me like a lunatic so like I’ll say it in my head or if I’m by myself I’ll Journal it


like if I’m journaling I’ll Journal it gotcha yeah but it makes a huge difference in your self-image so I think


it’s how you go to bed too you know totally yeah well you’re falling asleep pretty early so you need to do this like


at 5 PM or something no no you’re not wrong


can we I think there’s a there’s an underlying theme Here of just self-awareness


you know knowing who you are and staying true to your values knowing who you are and living your values right if you


don’t take the time to even know who you are how are you going to write an affirmation how are you going to Express gratitude how are you going to plan and


dream big and like that’s at the underlying like root of all of this is


like who are you and what do you stand for and then once you know that are you going to live your values every day and


then having tools to say okay maybe I didn’t live my values today maybe you know I didn’t have a perfect day but


that’s okay right and I forgive myself and tomorrow’s a new day and and we’re all human we all struggle Elise and I we


have our struggles I guarantee you I I do every day right but you have to choose


consciously how you’re going to show up and you have to you know make sure that’s the line with with your values


and so I think that again this this comes down to this journey of


self-awareness that we’re all on and once you know yourself then you know what is in alignment and what’s out of


alignment and if you’re out of alignment you you need to Pivot and course correct and if you’re in alignment you can you


can feel good at the end of the day and sleep well at night knowing you you know you did your best so I love that


practice Elise and I think it’s nice to put it all together for sure so awesome


you want to take I want to make sure we have like two minutes and then we can just kind of do q a for


the last like seven or eight minutes and just do some coaching with what people resonate so um I I will say I’ve been thinking a lot


about this and I just want to share it so why are people unhappy why are people


you know never content Never Satisfied in sales and outside of sales too right


some of those stats that we talked about and I think Elise hit on it but it’s focusing on what you’re not doing


and looking at what’s wrong versus appreciating what you are doing and and


acknowledging what what’s actually progress or right so I think that that’s really important like the source of


misery comes from like comparing yourself to others or thinking about all the gaps of all the things that you didn’t do


because look there’s never enough things to get done in a day right there’s just we all have the same amount of time in


the day so I think that that’s like giving yourself Grace in realizing that there’s no such thing


as perfect is so essential to being happy and being fulfilled because it


just doesn’t exist perfect doesn’t exist right there’s no such thing as a perfect day you’re all even if you have the


perfect day you might snap at your kids because they’re impatient and you might have values and I don’t snap I I don’t


yell but maybe you slip and that’s because we’re human and then we’re all we’re all gonna make


mistakes but if you can make those mistakes a little bit less frequently every day or maybe a little bit less


time you are going to be better each year right and so that’s


that’s kind of the grace the concept of Grace and giving yourself Grace is is what Elise is talking about with the I


forgive myself for and I just love that and I think it’s really important right um so to to feel better at the end of


the day typically if you’re in sales or you’re an entrepreneur


the way you’re going to feel better at the end of the day is if you have a productive day okay if you get things


done that you want to and you aim to accomplish and so for me I’m just gonna


share the 10 000 foot view of how I get more done in a week than most people do


in a month and I can say that very very confidently okay um per context I have a family of four


people I have two little little boys two and six years old my wife is a full-time


mom and she wants me present around um I take four vacations a year and probably another four or five weekend


getaways um I run a seven-figure coaching business I also am active in the recovery Community I post every day on


LinkedIn so I’m doing a lot and I’m not saying that to brag I’m saying it and I


ran a marathon I’m saying that because it is possible to hit the goals in your


personal life and your family life and in your business life if you manage your time efficiently and that’s what it


comes down to okay so what I do I have two techniques I use to manage my time


efficiently the first is a um I can send this to everyone who registered as a follow-up if we have the


registration link but I use a system called the 12 week year


and this is a really really simple um system that I do once a week on a


Monday morning usually and I’ll write down here the critical things that I want to get done this week okay and then


what happens with the 12-week year is I’m going to share my screen because I think it’s easier than seeing my little


my little paper here um is at the end of the week um or at the beginning of the week I


will prioritize this and I I print it out I print it out I do it every week so it’s it’s called a weekly scorecard and


I write here are the key actions and I brained up all the things that I want to get done and then I rank them in


priority so from 1 to 15 or however many are on the list


and then that’s my start of the week so the reason why is this eliminates what’s called decision fatigue indecision


fatigue is like oh my gosh I have so much to do where do I start well if you just take the time to prioritize and


rank it you can see I’ve done one I’ve done two I’ve done three and we’re on a Tuesday already so


I got seven critical things done that I needed to do yesterday okay so that’s


the first part of it the second part of it is the daily planning so once you do the weekly planning using the scorecard


then you could pivot to the Daily planning which is at the beginning of the day I usually take about 10 minutes


and I fill in the white space of my calendar and all I do is I go in the order of importance and again the things


that are the most important are the rgas advancing deals or things in my case related to my upcoming lunch for my new


program so I’ll go in and I will look at the calendar and I will fill in the white space so my calendar


has things on here that are both meetings and tasks so yesterday I fixed


something in my portal it’s done right I finished this download it’s done I


created the workbook it’s done right so again I have this listed out and it’s a direct feed from the weekly scorecard so


white space is dead space white space is where we put take our foot off the gas


where we slack off where we go to distractions or habits you don’t see YouTube or Instagram or a bunch of


personal stuff in here it’s it’s I’m working on the things that actually move the needle in my business so in my


experience you can go back to my calendar and look at every week for years and years and it’ll always look


the same right so it’ll be a mix of meetings and tasks that are high


priority and I do that every day in the beautiful thing about the system is I


already know at the beginning of the day what I’m doing because I’m just going off of this 12-week year and the most important things get done first and so


that that to me that that’s it’s it’s like a to-do list on steroids because there’s a prioritization component here


and that just is what I use to to do my planning every day amazing that’s so awesome I think 


yeah so you’ll send that out we’ll we’ll get you the list of everyone register you’ll send that out so I’ll send the


template for the weekly scorecard I recommend printing it so it’s right in front of you if you look at my desk you can’t see it but there’s only two pieces


of paper right there’s the marathon training plan the running Plan and there’s this plan


and that’s it you don’t need clutter you Sim less is more fewer things that are


the right things executed is is how you get to Seven figures in sales and Entrepreneurship it’s about working on


less things but working on the right things it is 100 the truth that is 100 the truth and I used to believe the


opposite I was like it’s just more and more and more like more business more things it’s if you talk to any successful entrepreneur sales


professional the million dollar plus level it’s less but better it is 100 True


um we so we’ve got a couple quick questions I want to give a moment just in for you to tell people where they can connect with you further I’ll


share on my end and then we can maybe do yeah so two play two places for me


number one is LinkedIn connect with me there you probably already are that’s why you’re here but if you’re not send


me a connection request and um I’ll I’ll give you some resources to help you with free video trainings okay


my YouTube and my newsletter the other thing is if you do want coaching or you want to enroll my program my enrollment


opens in January and the website is so I will be


taking my next cohort of students and feel free to jump on that there is a wait list just make sure you’re on the


wait list you’ll see a big button to get on there because I’m selling to the waitlist I’m launching to the waitlist so you got to be on there amazing and


people have tremendous Quantum leaps in that program so highly highly highly recommend um and then for further


connection with me LinkedIn is also a great place so send me a connection request there if we’re not connected yet


um we’ve got a bunch of free resources in our community I’ve got a daily podcast called She Sells Radio so you


can join that subscribe to that on your favorite podcast player and we’re actually hosting a retreat coming up in


January the 17th through the 19th in Sedona so if you want more details on that you can go to


Sedona or send me a DM I’ll be happy to send you more details as well


um and I know it’s top of the hour I know there were more questions these were such good questions but I know Andy I think you gotta go I got a meeting as


well um thank you everyone thanks everyone good luck and stay positive and finish


the year strong happy holidays and wishing the best for 2023. All right take care everyone bye-bye. Appreciate it,


thank you.

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