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Building a Powerhouse Personal Brand on LinkedIn w/ Matthew Rolnick

If you want to grow your brand and visibility on social media, especially LinkedIn, you are going to want to listen to today’s episode with my guest Matthew Rolnick, who literally wrote the book on finding your voice and building your brand online.  

Matthew Rolnick is the VP of Strategy & Innovation at Yaymaker, an Amazon Best Selling Author of the book Find Your Yay, Speaker, a Udemy Instructor w/130k+ students enrolled, a Forbes contributing writer, and partners with his wife Sabine Rolnick with Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Chicago in Real Estate.

The strategies that Matthew talks about in today’s episode are the ones that helped his company get to 60 new corporate clients from LinkedIn content.


Show Notes:

[2:45] – Matthew was furloughed at his job during Covid-19. He took to LinkedIn and really leaned into it.

[4:46] – Leaders should encourage employees to share and make posts.

[5:54] – Your natural strengths and interests are potentially the indicators of your voice.

[7:41] – Your hobbies and interests can be tied into what you’re doing in business.

[9:27] – Everyone has a different and unique voice.

[10:58] – There’s a balance that needs to be established on types of posts, but they should all provide value to the person who reads or sees them.

[13:05] – Interviewing others is a great way to connect with other people, gain insight, and create valuable content for others.

[15:16] – You may need to seek leadership buy-in from the company that employs you.

[18:50] – Voice notes on LinkedIn are a great way to make more personalized content.

[21:53] – Matthew’s success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including consistent and valuable content, accessibility, and client testimonials.

[25:08] – How are you forwarding the message? How can you build a name and change the thinking in a space as a thought leader?

[27:19] – Compare it to working out. You won’t see the progress right away, but over time, you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

[28:49] – Many more people are seeing your content than are engaging with it.

[30:11] – Matthew shares the number one lesson he has learned from his wife.

Connect with Matthew Rolnick:

Find Your Yay: Find Your Voice and Grow Your Brand on Social Media by

Matthew Rolnick

Matthew Rolnick on LinkedIn

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Welcome to She Sells Radio if you want to grow your brand and your visibility on social media which I know you do


specifically LinkedIn which I know so many of my listeners do then you’re going to want to listen into today’s


episode with my guest Matthew Rolnick who literally wrote the book on finding your voice and building your brand


online so if you’re not yet familiar with Matthew he’s the VP of strategy and Innovation at yaymaker he’s a


bestselling author of the book find your yay he’s a speaker he’s a udemy instructor with over


130,000 students learning from him a Forbes contributing writer and he partners with his wife Sabine who we


were actually just talking about in the pre-chat so we’ll talk about her a bit more today too um in their real estate


business so Matthew I’m so glad to have you here today and I understand that what you’re going to tell us about and


some of what you’re going to teach helped you secure I believe 60 corporate clients for uh for your company from


LinkedIn is that right that is correct um and great talking to you D’s very excited and I love talking about


LinkedIn and social selling and building your brand with it so absolutely absolutely yeah well we’re I’m excited


and uh when you shared that with me when we we connected initially on LinkedIn which is how this came together so I


think it’s always so powerful when you get to learn from someone who practices what they preach and uses uses it the


right way um and I’m excited to learn more too because I found for us like LinkedIn is a huge place where we


connect with clients and grow and I also know there’s so much I can learn and grow in and I want to um and I want to


dive in with you today so I think before we get into that I would love if you could just share um what got you so


passionate about helping people find their voice helping them build and create authentic content online like was


this always something that you could have seen coming or is this something that developed in you over the years um


well I’ll share at the age of 50 right when the pandemic hit I actually got


furled from Groupon they fured a lot of managers and their sales professionals and


um I for some reason I had a lot of peace of mind and I decided to utilize LinkedIn to share ideas to help


businesses and help others and I was LE a little less worried about myself and I just started posting a lot and it


started building more connections more people were sharing with me they wanted to hear more at the same time um a


friend of mine Dan Herman started the company y and paint night and and I


joined him and he really encouraged me to lean a lot into it where in the past


when I worked for companies I was a little more concerned like am I aligned with the company brand will they


encourage me does it need to get approved by their Communications or PR but he’s like Matt go for it share help


it’s only going to help yay maker and everything we’re doing so I started posting a lot uh about corporate culture


and team building events and it just started started snowballing where I started building new Partnerships and


then started getting new clients from it so it really happened I’d say I 20 April


2020 is when I really started started promoting more and doing more on LinkedIn yeah it’s so interesting when I


I love um you know getting to connect with all sorts of people varied backgrounds here and uh the pandemic


clarified a lot of things for a lot of people so it’s it’s interesting that that’s where some of this kind of spawned for you too um that opportunity


that on the front end probably felt like a big challenge but then on the back end you took it and leveraged it so like


first lesson right there right for everybody listening is there’s always the gold inside the thing that feels


challenging um and then I think also for any of our listeners who are CEOs or who


are leading organizations and sales teams I you said Dan was his name is


that right yes how you said that he empowered you to just go out and post and share and um some of my background


is in the personal branding space as well and that’s one of the biggest things that I saw holding companies back was like not encouraging their people to


post trying to control and uh and and just micromanage every single thing


their employees put out which it doesn’t work so I know we’re gonna talk more about that today too uh whether you’re


an entrepreneur or you’re in sales um as a sales leader so so let’s talk about


this I want to kind of lay the foundation here for if someone is to get


more visible online and wanting to build their brand um but they they don’t feel


like they’ve really found their voice yet because I know that’s something that you talk about in your book find your yay and you help people do what is our


voice online how do we find it how do we figure out what it is like what is there a process is it more just iterative


trial and error what does that look like so it’s interesting I checked a post I believe you did today and it was for 10


things women should do to elev at their sales and one of them was what are your


natural strengths um and you also talked about challenges and setbacks and I


thought that was important too but anyway I I think we all know what we have personal interests or strengths in


and I feel like that is an indicator potentially of some of our voice um I do


like asking CEOs leaders all professionals if you could do one Ted


Talk what would that be on anything you want open slate and um I


feel like if somebody can think about or answer that that can help them think about what’s really most important to


them so I feel like if you can really align personally and professionally what your real message is that can give you


an indicator on what the kind of the perfect Bullseye is but whatever industry you’re in or whatever role you


have or if you think you have a per a strength I think that helps you kind of shape your voice and so if you’re it


doesn’t doesn’t matter the industry whether you’re in Tech whether you’re web development accounting fashion you


know if you’re in that industry you can start sharing some things that you’re seeing that you find interesting and if


you’re not necessarily comfortable of saying here’s my all my ideas you might just find an article that you find


interesting or somebody else’s post and I’d say a step one is saying I saw this on LinkedIn I thought this was


interesting because of ab or C uh ab and C so anyway I think that’s a step on finding your voice and I think I believe


in a lot of putting things out there see what resonates with people resonates with yourself but I’d start with your


industry your role and any personal interest that you have I also believe


there’s Hobbies people have so I have friends that love pickle ball and they tie pickle ball into lessons with um


what’s going on in business I mean you can take almost any sport or hobby that you’re personal and and how you relate


that professionally and that’s something that’s authentic and connects people to you and you give like insights and


lessons that way so what if somebody is they’re like okay if I could give a TED Talk it would


be about blank it would be about this thing they they get clarity on it but


they don’t see how it ties back to what they’re doing in business is it are you saying is it like do something that’s


totally unrelated to your business or you got to find the tie in and if so I think I know your answer is going to be


because I know how I approach it but I’m curious to hear what you say how do we find the tie in is there are there


questions we can ask or is there like a lens we can frame it through I’d love if you could give a little bit of thought


on that so just to share I have a little ADHD where I try to connect a lot of


dots that maybe others don’t but I always like to align things personally and professionally um but you know


there’s some people it’s a really maybe a hot button they just how they want to be communicated it’s just very important


to be transparent or be fully honest or you know maybe somebody it’s just so important they love being creative I’ll


say I mean it’s different for everybody I mean for me I talk a lot about


relationships and to me that’s like everything I mean the most important thing in life besides maybe health and


other I mean I think relationships are so important with yourself with friends with colleagues with others and so I


talk a lot about that and I and I use that to tie in a lot of my content um


but I talk about like what’s important for me when it comes to communication staying in touch with people and I I try


to encourage people to always be Forward Thinking and helping others not always


expecting as much in return but it’s like you need to Foster and develop those relationships but um it it’s not a


clearcut everybody has a different calling a different voice I mean there’s some things I’d say that’s common sense


I mean the most basic is hey this is my job this is my company this is what I like I can start with you know when it


comes to selling um for example I like talking to people that have similar


interests as me and so I’ll connect with people that went to you know whether similar education whether it’s a similar


sport whether it’s a similar hobby I find I can connect people that way I can send outbound messages that way I find a


connection that way maybe that’s something you can start with got it I love that I find there’s always a tie in


and it’s just like what approach are you going to take and and being able to think creatively in that way too so you


mentioned that so you get furloughed um your starting over essentially right


building your brand and so you’re working with a business partner who says hey just go post and you said I started


posting you use the word aggressively but like you were deliberate you were intentional I’d love if you could share


a little bit more about like specifically what that looks like for you in terms of what you post on


LinkedIn so do you have something where like every day you do this type of thing


or do you do a video post on one day and a written post on another is it more organic I think for someone who’s


looking to okay they’re starting to find their voice they’re they’re trying things out they’re sharing but they need some sort


of structure or framework to it um what would you say to them so I’ve got a few


things to say one is I think you got to be careful not to make it too much about yourself you want to make it about others so always providing value and


again I have to be careful on that because I always have something I want to share promote or sell um so and then


another thing I do think there’s advantages and I know people content creators that have


so you know Monday might be a motivational quote Wednesday might be a poll Thursday might be a video Friday


might be um a little more fun and I’ve and I’ve done some things I mean I’d say


I’m a little more organic what inspires me um and now and I started more just posting more text then I started doing


more images now I do more polls and video but I feel like you have to feel


what’s more natural to you now for me so like for yay maker we do corporate team


building events so we do paint nights and mixies and speakers and all these things but I realize I just can’t keep


posting about hey do this event do this so I thought more broadly on what our


company as a solution we’re helping increase Employee Engagement we’re uh


improving corporate culture so I started sharing wanted to be more of a thought


leader on those topics so that’s when like in Forbes I’ll I’ll talk about corporate culture and and I’ll also I’ll


talk about Employee Engagement and then maybe 10 to 15% of my posts are a little


more hard-hitting about hey this is what like a yay maker event but for the most part I want to Pro provide value to


others and I don’t want to make it just about what I what my goals are I’ll share free content or advice like you


know you can do um um you can do a talent show and you can do that virtually or in person that’s a free way


of utilizing your employees to get more involved and improve roof culture things like that I mean I talk about you know


doing a you know I do a lot of dad jokes and uh you know but before a meeting it can be an icebreaker and it can be a


little bit of a culture Builder get people a little more engaged or things like that but that’s things I like to talk about um that um I’ll share


something else that’s really um benefited me my company I feel like


others is just like you’re doing with me I really enjoy interviewing others and


getting content and thought leadership from others so um even if there’s companies that I’d love to work with


that really aren’t interested in my product or service I might say hey can I talk to you about corporate culture and


I’ll interview I’ll ask you five six questions I’ll do it through zoom and on LinkedIn and I find that there’s


multiple benefits from that one is I get some great content um two I I feel like


I strengthen the relationship of the the person I talk to and then I noticed um a


lot of people from that company will start in engaging in that content and


then often and again sometimes um they’ll reach back afterwards and they’re like how can I work with you


more or and so uh without even me asking just putting out more content shining


the light more on others it has organically driven a lot of business for us yeah AB it’s the power of platform


right always it’s I I I go on a lot of interviews my favorite thing is getting


to interview ask questions it’s like I already I already know about myself I want to find out about other people and


to your point there’s all of those other things that can happen with that too what if somebody’s listening and we I would say with our listeners and I


haven’t done like a poll but I would say when I look at our client base it’s probably 60 to 70% entrepreneur 30 to


40% corporate give or take but I want to take a moment for those who are


listening who are in corporate sales who are like it would be brilliant to launch a LinkedIn live series and interview my


target clients and I want to post more but they’re they’re bumping up against


either regulations or compliance or a lot of restrictions around what they can


and can’t post do you have any advice is it like sorry you got to find another way or is there a way you can approach


your leadership like what what would you say to someone because we’ve got clients and members actively in our community


who are doing this now in their company and it’s like it’s working but they had to get Buy in from leadership so how


would you approach that so I guess a couple folds I mean one is I’m always encouraging CEOs and leaders and HR


departments to encourage employees to post more on on LinkedIn I mean to to to


embrace it uh you know obviously there’s certain topics you know anything very


charged political religion things like that encourage employees to stay away from so add add some bumpers but in


general encourage employees too now if you’re an employee or you’re sales


professional you’re like you have this ambition to post more and things like that yeah I think just reaching out to


who up to you report to to say hey I’m looking at doing this share with them your content or ideas I I I’d like to


believe more and more companies are embracing that or things like that it you know if a company is really got


handcuffing people to say hey we do not want you to post anything unless it comes from our Communications Department


then it gets extra challenging um you know then I’m a Believer in more engaging in other people’s content and


you can add your content Contex so like one of uh one of the highest engagement


responses I had with Gary vaynerchuk he’s obviously a very uh strong leader


thought leader on LinkedIn very much I once posted you know some context on one


of his posts and next thing you know is I saw somebody else says here’s my like five favorite responses from Gary Vayner


highlighted me and I had some other people reaching out to me or things like that so you know hopefully you can find


a way and again I think it’s just a quick business case um to just say hey this is what I’m doing I also think too


is if as long as you’re promoting the business most people that I know that are posting things on LinkedIn and it’s


showing their company in a good light and themselves they’re not getting pushed back and usually worst case


scenario would be a company be like hey let me know this beforehand and again have to be very careful professionally


how to share that with somebody but in general if you use good judgment I think most of the time it’s applauded um and


like there’s a woman uh Drew beerworth who uh uh with this company carbin who


we talk pronoun she goes by she and they and it was something that I was very interested in and C but her company very


much embraced her and I interviewed her and things like and it was just but again a lot of even the company liked it


or things like that so I feel like most people will be should be pleasantly surprised of a company encourage because


it’s free marketing too for that company yeah absolutely and I think we’ve we’ve come a long way I started digital


marketing in like I don’t know like 08 like it’s so it’s like it’s come a long way since then um and I’m just we’ve got


a lot of listeners in finance or Insurance where they’re working with compliance so I think one of the things that you shared which I like is there’s


always a way there’s always a work around even if it’s commenting and engaging on other people’s content there’s a way to do it and build build


thought leadership so one of the other things I want to ask you about Matthew because you did this and I was really um


I appreciated it because I send a lot of voice notes I don’t get a lot back but you reached out and you introduced yourself to me on LinkedIn with a voice


note and it was super personable and friendly and um it’s like little stuff


like that that just stands out so with LinkedIn or social media in general


there’s obviously the marketing aspect so putting out the content but then there’s also how do you convert and I’m


a saleswoman at heart I I I love marketing but I love selling even more


and I know you said that you used your own LinkedIn content to generate 60 corporate leads for yay maker and I


forget if there was a time frame on that but it was like I remember it was like an impressive amount of leads and a short amount of time yeah really within


the first year I mean is really when the bulk of things I mean it was the time when uh again when the pandemic


companies were struggling what to do to connect I was talking a lot about engaging employees and it was important


and I was just getting calls after calls messages on LinkedIn saying boy I love


what you said and I’d love to work with you so um so most of them were then I’m still getting several now but most of


them were I’d say within the first 12 months and again what you said about the


the LinkedIn voice message that’s just a free feature on someone’s mobile um I’m somebody I’ve got over 15,000 followers


on LinkedIn and most I’m connected to to to me I take a lot of pride in nurturing those most people I’m connected I try to


leave a message at least once a year a lot of people you know once every few months and I I do find I like to share


as a tip I say this is a way to kind of stand out or break through I find a little more personalized or engaging and


uh I do a lot of LinkedIn messages if I see something an article um I’ll often


forwarded to people in my LinkedIn Network who I might not be that close to or talk to just saying hey I thought you might find this interesting and I’ll do


a lot of intros on LinkedIn like somebody might have a podcast somebody might be a a you know for somebody like


yourself there might be an amazing female uh leader salesperson that has just a a really strong voice and a


message I might just be like hey I think you two should connect but I am I love being a Matchmaker I love being a super


connector and I just push that out um I don’t and I find um I do it because I


like to help people but some people there’s a reciproc proy where they want to help back and for every 20 messages


or intros I do I usually find one or two come back and so I just love doing that


yeah I love that I love that that’s um so I took down a note there too because


that’s so interesting like 15,000 connections and you’re trying to touch a lot of them you know at least once a


year which is powerful um we could go down a whole rabbit hole with that I I


don’t think we will but one of the things that I was curious about so with these you you start off the company


you’ve got 60 so it wasn’t leads it was clients 60 new corporate clients within the first year of doing this so I just


want everyone listening to think about that’s what five a month if we average it out like what would five new clients


a month or five additional clients a month do for your bottom line how did you do that was that a combination of


posting and then you were reaching out to people in DMS or was it literally just your posting and they’re like hey


Matthew we love that which is I mean it’s like everyone’s dream is they just have an inbox full of leads but I feel


like there’s probably some Outreach on your part too like tell us a little bit about what that look like so it is a


combination it was a combination of putting out content it was letting people making myself very accessible or available if you have any questions let


me know um it was me just trying to help other people there’s a lot of people that were looking for opportunities or


jobs that I would make sure I’d reach out I always think it’s important to reach out people when they’re having challenging times later when they became


leaders new positions or companies they reach out to me um in wanting to do team building events um I also really


encourage uh testimonials so um and that’s been really powerful so uh often


after an event or something like that I’ll ask somebody if they’re comfortable you know writing a few things or doing a


testimonial and if they’re if they just write me a few words then I can share it with our you know marketing or put it


together and as a testimonial I find those when people started seeing more and more more sea Lev High VP levels


working with us um and and these were a lot of people would be in my network um


that was really influenced like I I worked for Groupon for almost uh eight years and I would say a high percentage


of those were in my group on network working now for other companies um but when they see some very high level


people working with me or working with the aaker and then they shout out that hey we had the best murder mystery


experience or things like that it was awesome AB n c um and they’d post it and I’d reshare it um that would that really


helped uh I’d say be a catalyst for more leads because they’re like oh if that so I’m a real believer in those third-party


examples those testimonials and getting others to also shout you out it’s I mean I’m a self-promoter but when other


people can shout out the things you’re working on I think that’s I I think that is really strong and um you know I I


want interviewed uh Joey nevka he’s the VP of sales and operations I believe both of of house and it was amazing


because I interviewed him he shared some content on how to be a successful leader


he had uh he was really organized with it he had three his three C’s on building a great strategy and he talked


about coordination and communication and uh and I got to remember what the third SE was but again


but basically um and after actually in the interiew he shouted out yay maker and and basically like hey um it was um


you know we had a great team building experience thank you and again he had just some really strong content um he


was very well respected within Groupon within other leaders other companies and how so I’ve like repurpose some of his


content into little 60c Clips or things like that and reposts but I find the the


the the power of your network and other people’s network uh can really help um


improve your thought leadership credibility but also help bring in new sales yeah okay that makes a ton of


sense and it’s so I wanted to ask you I’ve got probably two final questions and one of them was about thought


leadership and when you mentioned uh the three C’s I thought that’s ex I mean it’s that’s thought leadership right so


um my friends Rory and AJ over at Brand Builders Group who by the way I should introduce you to if you’re not familiar with them yet um it’d be a great contact


but I talk about thought leadership is how are you forwarding the message of what’s already been said so for someone


who’s building their brand and they don’t want to just like generate leads but they also want to truly leave a


legacy and build a a name and change maybe the thinking in a in a space and


be seen as a thought leader how do you know when you’re there like can can you be a thought leader right away just by


sharing content do you need to come up with your own methodology and Frameworks like guess I’d love to hear your take on


it and how we know when we are when we’re truly thought leaders so I do think it’s an evolving


evergo evolving journey I mean there are people who are much stronger thought leaders than myself I’ve kind of


self-proclaimed I’m a thought leader in um a few lanes um I was honored uh


LinkedIn uh badge me as a top entrepreneurship voice so that kind of felt more validity but I um so that that


felt good but I think realistically it’s you know when you get others asking for your advice I mean that that to me is I


mean that then you’re now being more more of a thought leadership I mean when I have friends and family um now asking


me for my advice on hey what should I do on LinkedIn or how should I brand myself or I’m thinking about my first article I


mean to me it’s baby steps but I mean once your people are asking you for advice I feel like now you’re at least a


a micro thought leader so um you know so I mean there’s I’m sure there’s different measures or exact things but I


mean I would say if you’re getting you know at least you know a couple times a month someone asking you for advice


advice I mean you’re on your way but again just keep just like working out the more you put into it you’re going to


see the results it’s you know after three weeks you might not see many results but after three months six months a year two years you’re going to


see the fruits of your labor and I think the same thing’s true with thought leadership um and then for me also when


I get asked to be on more podcast or I asked to contribute or collaborate with an article or asked to be on a board


those are indicators to me that my content’s working um and that people are


seeing me more as a thought leader yeah well and I think what you shared there too at the end about think about it like


working out is so important um when so I I know uh AJ and Rory from I worked with


them at at their company brand builders for um some time and have a lot of respect for them and we would coach people to launch podcasts and so Rory’s


advice to people was always don’t look at your numbers for a year like don’t even look at the downloads for a year


and I think that’s it sounds like what you’re saying too and I know for me if I post something and then I get too caught


up in what are the numbers and who likes it and who doesn’t I mean number one there’s so many people who see your


things that will never comment they’ll never like but you’re you’re dripping on them and you’re influencing them and


over time eventually some of them are going to come forward and say hey I’d love your help I’d love your service and


you just you never know right it’s like that law of reciprocity um and it it’s a slow build and I think get that like be


in it for the long run yeah I have to sh one thing there was once I was at a wedding and this was I want to say about


8 10 months ago and I was sitting next to someone who I used to work with it was that group when he was a manager and now he’s like a VP of another company


and he shared oh yeah we did an event with you and it was amazing he’s never engaged in any of my content never like


commented that I remember anything or that or very rarely and I had no idea but it was the influence of me putting


content out there and him seeing others and the combination of things that he just reached out or went on our site and


and booked an event and that was something I didn’t even know so there I mean literally it’s probably a 100 times


as many people are seeing your content than engaging your content if you get a 1% engagement that’s probably pretty good 2% probably great but I’m just


saying so realize 50 to 100 times as many people are seeing it and you just never know and sometimes it just takes


that one I had one person reach out to me and we did almost a seven figure uh


partnership deal because of just staying in close connected and he’s singing me on LinkedIn amazing I love that so much


yeah you literally never know um Bren and bashard has this great quote he says never underestimate the value of one and


I think that’s so important to remember with social because if we judge it based


on who’s responding and how are first of all I think that’s a a fast track to not being willing to show up and position


yourself as a thought leader because you’re too concerned about what other people think which is not thought leadership in my opinion um and then two


you’ll stop and you don’t realize what’s going on behind the scenes and who you could be impacting so it’s so powerful I


want to ask so I I shared this with you in the pre-chat um before we recorded when I have men on the show I love asking about the women in their lives


and I know you’ve got a a wife who’s a real estate Powerhouse and she’s a professor like very well educated um


from what you shared and and so I’d love to hear from you Matthew for uh Sabine right I think is her name what is what


would you say is the number one life lesson that you’ve learned from


Sabine wow the number one life lesson I’ve learned from be I mean you know


passion makes a big difference I mean if you’re if you literally jump into what


you’re doing with passion and with the goal to really help people if that’s really you’re not a salesperson you are


really there as a support and a consultant if that’s really your mind frame I think that goes a long way I


mean so yeah you’re right my wife you know I love talking and bragging about her she went Yale undergrad got her PhD


in Psychology had some health challenges had to leave the whole educational but


but then after a few years break she got into real estate and I see her mind


frame she doesn’t look at I mean it’s not about the dollars she treats whether someone’s buying a $100,000 condo or a


$3 million property or so this the same way like she like their family and and


and she connects with people so I always talk about connection but if you’re really if people know that you care


about them that I I feel like that may be one of the most important things so with uh with Sabine I mean she lives


breathes and see it she loves helping people and I feel like that has been instrumental in her success yeah that’s


so good that’s there’s so many lessons there from what you shared and I think that’s at the end of the day the bottom


line for us in sales or entrepreneurs is just care about people treat everyone


right it’s very best you can and um and it always comes back so thank you so


much for this this was so fun yeah I’d love if you could share Matthew where can people connect with


you so if you want to share your LinkedIn um I know people can get your book as well on Amazon or I’m assuming other books I where people can go yeah


so yeah I always like to promote my book find your yay but that’s on Amazon you can get that uh um my email is uh M


rollneck my first initial last name at ym but really my preference is


people connect with me on LinkedIn so they can find me on LinkedIn Matthew rck and um and yeah as I said I love


connecting with people and trying to find new opportunities collaborations and uh I make myself fairly accessible


so amazing thank you so much so yeah if you’re listening go connect with Matthew on LinkedIn let him know you heard him


here on the show and uh thanks again this was really really fun and I’m I’m thinking in a bigger way about our


content too that we share so I really appreciate it well thanks Elise I look forward to staying in touch and collaborating with you as well and


wishing you the best thank you you so much all right my listener go connect with Matthew online go check out his


book find your yay will’ll uh link everything here in the show notes as always I’m so grateful for you being a


part of the shells Community I’ll see you on our next episode bye for now

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