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Discover and Monetize Your #CoreBrandIdentity w/ Mark Drager

If you’re here, I know you want to sell more. And whether you are an entrepreneur or sales professional, you care about growing your client base and the brand and reputation you’re building in your space. 

Today I’m going to introduce you to someone who has recently become a great friend of mine and someone I have tons of respect for in the business space. Mark Drager was introduced to me a while back by our mutual friend Bo Hawkins, and I was honored to go on his show “How to Sell More”. 

In getting to know him, Mark has this concept he calls #CoreBrandIdentity that I thought was brilliant and can be applied to help you amplify your brand and sales whether you’re in corporate or an entrepreneur. 

Mark Drager is the Founder and CEO of SalesLoop, which has won 32 industry awards and produced $14 million in content. He’s also a father of four who has had offbeat adventures including having a Boeing 737-800 for the day (twice!), a heated encounter with a billionaire, and even shedding 70 lbs in his late 30s.

Show Notes:

[4:13] – Mark shares the reason behind jumping into entrepreneurship.

[6:50] – When his daughter was born, Mark was a young risk-taker and quit his job.

[8:14] – Mark describes the successes in a short time, including 2 million dollars in revenue.

[9:52] – When he started, he wasn’t considered an entrepreneur. He was called a small business owner and the stakes were really high.

[11:08] – When Mark realized the mindset shift he needed to make, sales became easier.

[12:12] – In the beginning, he felt that he was not a good people manager. Now he knows how important it is.

[14:56] – When it comes to enneagrams, Mark is surprisingly the least likely to be an entrepreneur.

[16:30] – When you strip down what you are for everyone else, you should be left with who you really are.

[18:25] – Aren’t sales and marketing overwhelming?

[20:45] – We need to show up a certain way to earn the right to network in a beneficial way.

[22:53] – What works for one client might not work for another. Mark couldn’t figure this out until he noticed a particular pattern.

[25:57] – The more lead generation you do, the more dud calls you’re going to get. The goal is to find the diamond in the rough.

[28:26] – There are three different types of business owners. Everyone has their Core Brand Identity.

[30:03] – We have to start with what comes truly to us first.

[31:39] – Mark describes the three types of business owners.

[35:37] – Mark considers himself as “a farmer” but that isn’t what resonates with Elyse.

[37:15] – Network marketing businesses rely on the assumption that everyone will be a fantastic tribe leader, but that isn’t the case.

[38:57] – What is the lowest hanging fruit? What is the thing you should go all in on for the fastest results?

[41:54] – You don’t have to fit into a box to sell successfully.

[43:45] – Listen here to learn about what Mark can help your business with

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