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How I Manage My Time as a CEO, Wife and Mom

Let’s get cozy and have our first solo episode of 2024! The topic of today’s episode has evolved a bit as I have thought about what I’d like to share about. But the new year always brings the energy of a fresh start and new perspective, so let’s chat about time management. Or rather, how you manage yourself during the time you have.

I am a mom of two little boys under the age of 4. I am a business owner, a wife, and a woman who cares about her own self-care and well-being. All of this to say, fitting it all in can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. But you can do it. Listen to this episode to find out how I’ve learned to manage myself in this season of my life and how you, too, can find the things that work for you.

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Show Notes:

[3:11] – You can’t manage time. You can only manage yourself.

[5:01] – Everything is playing out for you.

[7:52] – The things you do in your day and how much you do is not as important as how you feel while doing them.

[9:22] – Your feeling state determines how effective your actions are.

[10:27] – When you feel like you’re not doing enough, pause and recalibrate.

[12:59] – You can get a lot done in one minute.

[15:39] – When we’re in the energy of eagerness, not only do we get results from the actions we take, but we also attract other things.

[17:12] – Elyse describes her upcoming childcare schedule and how this will impact her work.

[20:29] – Give yourself permission to make your own rules.

[23:24] – If you are craving self-care time, you need to make it happen.

[24:57] – What used to work for you might not work anymore. It evolves.

[27:28] – Remove things off your calendar that don’t move the needle forward.

[30:33] – Be flexible with your hours.

[33:13] – Do less. Do the things that move the needle forward and then be present.

[36:58] – Ask yourself a series of questions when you are feeling like you haven’t done enough.


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Welcome to She Sells Radio my friend I am glad to be here with you today I’m in


kind of casual mode today I’ve actually got a couple of really important interviews so when I’m not recording


this right now I’ve got like a really spiffy we’re going to use that word green Blazer that I’ve been wearing but


I was like you know what I got a little break I’m GNA get cozy I’m going to put on my sha I’m going to pour some coffee


into my cute new Starbucks mug if you’re watching the video shout out to my


stepmom for getting this for me I’m really enjoying it as a Christmas gift


this is the first solo episode of the new year if you’re listening to this in real time it is uh 111 which is fun


January 11th 2024 and I am sitting down to talk with


you today about how I manage my time especially as a mom of two Littles we


got two under four one of our little guys is three and a half the other one is 10 months old which is crazy to me um


it really does go so fast like it’s not a lie it really does and I don’t mind when people tell me that because I want


to be REM be reminded to be present which is side note a key piece of how I


manage my time um but as a as a mom as a business owner as a wife as someone who


also cares about her own self-care living her life and doing things outside


of work which I also used to be such a um workaholic and all of my identity was


wrapped up in just like how many hours I put in uh that this has really been a


part of me that I I had to give myself permission to cultivate but I love I


love who I am and I love all the different things that I’m interested in outside of work now too so um that’s


what I want to come and talk to you about today is how how I do it I did a post on Instagram maybe a month ago I


don’t know but I was out it was like the middle of the day on a some weekday and


I’d done work stuff that morning but then I was out with um our little guy Luke and I’d done some shopping at


Trader Joe’s I was walking in the stroll oh I was like out shipping a Christmas gift too and it just dawned on


me you know I I know when people love hearing about time and time management


frankly I don’t believe in time management I don’t think you can manage time you can manage yourself um but I


popped on IG and was like would you like me to share how I manage my time as a


mom as a wife as a CEO doing all the things and the resounding response was


yes so here we are here we are and I had a funny thing happen which I’ll tell you about in a minute before I get into it


if you are listening to this in real time I’m sure if you’re listening to it afterwards you can probably catch the


replay if you register but we have a very inspired two-day event coming up


January 22nd and 23rd called Elevate 2024 completely free you can get


registered at Elis Elevate 2024 and I’m really in this mode right


now and this energy I want to bring to you of Ascension and in order to


ascend I want you to think about it’s it’s like a um like a rocket ship taking


off or like a hot air balloon going up and as I say this I’m like I think a hot air balloon drops the sandbags doesn’t it but it’s all about what do you need


to let go of and release and drop in order to ascend and then from there you can keep going higher and higher and


higher so it’s going to be a really beautiful experience it’s all um coming from my heart to yours I I don’t know


about you but I feel like 2023 was man


it it was great in a lot of ways and it felt really e like really tough so other


way so it was a both and anytime it feels tough though we know there’s something we’re being invited to drop to


release to heal in ourselves so that we can Ascend so always know that


everything is always working for you and I I saw that play out in my own life last year as well as like some of the


most beautiful blessings that have ever happened in my life as well uh birth of Luke you know Jason getting into his


dream medical school as getting to move up here to Maine and live that out along with a lot of other amazing things so


anyway all good but with that being said I feel like 2023 gave us all the


opportunity to get clarity on where are we holding ourselves back what is it


that it’s time to release to drop so that you can Ascend and rise to whatever


level of sales performance business Revenue


client opportunities lifestyle that you’re craving and really looking for so that’s what the event is going to be


about there’s also a lot of things like downloading in me right now for it too but I’d love to have you there again AL

5:15 Elevate 2024 so with that being said let’s get


into the meat of today’s episode I’m going to take a sip of coffee


first so this episode has evolved as I’ve been thinking about


today what I want to share with you and hopefully you enjoy solo episodes if


you’re listening I’m assuming you do um they’re they’re way more organic and way more at least a stream


of Consciousness than some of the interviews that I do but I want to always come to you from the heart and at


first I thought well let me make a list of my five tips for time management I was like ah I don’t know that feels


heavy so then I thought and I am going to do this you know what I’ll do I’ll look at my calendar for this week and


tell you what I’ve been doing and how I how I organize it and give you like a behind the scenes of look at Elisa’s


calendar and how she does it so I am going to do that because I think that’s kind of cool and so I really haven’t sat


here and looked much at it I’m going to like go through it with you in real time here and share hopefully some good


takeaways for you but as I was sitting down to record my books fell over my bookshelf


well not my whole bookshelf but I’ve got a um you know two bookends with a stack


of books in the middle sitting behind me you can’t see it on the video right now the whole thing collapsed and fell over which doesn’t happen I hadn’t been over


there messing with it so I thought okay is there something that I’m not thinking


of that I need to be aware of for this episode that’s Universe Spirit guides


whoever is getting my attention here and so so something really stood out and I picked it up and it was a great reminder


of the number one thing that I so want you to get and hear from this is that


the things that you do in your day and how much you do or don’t


do is not as important as your energy and your state and your feeling as you


were doing the things so this is so critically important and it took me a


really long time to get it as someone who was so addicted to checking the


boxes and taking a lot of action and like how much how fast can I


get done and when I lived and operated that way I found myself and maybe a lot like


you maybe you can relate to this like health issues anxiety um it was never enough


either like that’s the thing there was never enough that I was doing and it wasn’t until I started studying a lot of


this work that I now bring to you on the podcast and studying energy and frequency and our feeling you know


Neville Goddard has the book Feeling is the secret and why it matters because it is your point of Attraction it wasn’t


until I started studying that that I started even paying attention to how I was feeling and now because I’m so aware


that our feeling State generates the the extent of the magnetic force course that


comes out is going to be at least this non scientific description of quantum


physics but it’s it’ll be close enough um because that feeling State determines


how magnetized you are right because the heart is the magnet it’s going to


determine how effective every action is that you take and it’s also going to determine whether you have to work


really really hard to get to where you want to go and it’s going to take a long time or or whether you can have a thought of something you would love and


boom it shows up so I’m not here to say that you shouldn’t take action in your days I do I love taking action I take


quite a bit of action it’s it’s definitely not the hustle action that it


used to be it’s far more easy graceful refined but also


impactful and I also give myself permission to really tune into my


feeling State and if I ever am noticing hm my heart feels closed I feel off I this


feels like I should look I’m not perfect with this but I’m getting so much better


at it that I I know enough to pause and to stop and to say what’s going on like


what am I thinking right now that’s making me feel like I’m not doing enough or I’m not good enough or I should be


doing this or that or the other and and to to recap calibrate and get back into


a state of open-heartedness where I feel focused and centered and in my own power


and if you’re listening to this and you’re like I don’t know what that’s like that’s okay I didn’t know what it was like either for a long time I also


didn’t know why it mattered I want you to stay close and go like binge the whole podcast because you’ll get it it’s


a lot of episodes but you’ll get it we’ve got so many other resources on this you can listen to um one of our top


ones is the one gosh I did almost two years years ago my life-changing experience at Dr Joe Aspen’s Retreat where I talk more about quantum physics


and and how this works and why it matters for you so now that I’ve I’ve


elevated my level of Consciousness in my life and I know now this is why that book fell off the bookshelf so I was like oh my gosh I’m about to go into a


an episode and not talk about this when this is actually the most important thing so thank you Universe for that but


the number one thing I care about is how am I feeling and then beyond that all


right what is what what is the next action that I can take that’s going to


move me closer to my goals and always retuning back into the feeling the feeling the feeling so um so with that


being said that’s what matters most Abraham Hicks says something to the extent of if we had to live a day we


would focus on we’d spend as much time as we needed to feel good and then from


that place we do whatever we had time left for I love that because I used to be obsessed about my schedule how much


can I cram in how much can I fit in like I said I never paid attention to my feeling state but the more I practice


this the more I see how real and true it is and I’ll actually I’ll give a I’ll give it just a quick example um and then


I’ll I’ll go into my calendar and I’ll share with you what I see and I’ll talk through how the how and the why um but


even just yesterday I yesterday was a shorter work day for me and I worked I I held our um


10K Club group coaching call did a little bit of work in the morning and and one thing I’ll say with


that too see be bopping all around and hopefully you can follow me all right


one thing I want to say about the little bit of work in the morning and then I’m going to talk about what happened because of my emotional state I heard


this from Bob Proctor you can get a lot done in one minute and I love that because I used to think oh if I’m going


to go like you know process my inboxes or do that like I need hours and so stuff would feel heavy and I would never


get it done because I was such a perfectionist about it and I would think it’s all got to be done and crossed off


the list or else what or else there was just some nebulous or else what I’ve learned now


is if I have a quick window and it feels good to go do something I’m gonna go do


it and I’ll get a lot done so I done like a very quick window in the morning of inboxes checking with the team blah


blah blah then um yesterday morning I was prepping our 10K Club group call then I went and


led the call it was a two-hour call but about an hour hour and a half after that


I left for the afternoon um and this was maybe around 1:30 to go pick up both my sons from


child care and go take them to the local children’s museum we’d never been here before it’s a really cool local


Children’s Museum and they had like compet a therapy dog so that was what my afternoon was


and I was in a really beautiful energetic emotional state feeling very worthy feeling very abundant feeling


very Spirit connected and from that place I was thinking about this is


before I left to go pick them up I was looking at our sales for the week and I was like oh I would love to generate x


amount more of sales for the week and I like that’s it I don’t know how I would


just love this what do you know about an hour later


I get a text from my assistant that says speaking opportunity and the speaking opportunity


totally like not something I’ve been pitching myself for not something I knew even existed inbound from a bureau and


the rate they want to pay is the exact amount that I said I would like to make before the end of the


week so I say that just to demonstrate and you’ve no doubt you’ve got examples


like that too and maybe if it’s not a money it’s another thing where you were just feeling good about it you were light about it you were easy about it


you said I would love that and boom it came to you so I do


take quite a good bit of action in my day I don’t like sitting still my


husband will say I love going to bed so that I can wake up in the morning and start my day I’m I’m a super early riser


I love it like I love it I love it I love it and the energy behind it is so


so so important because because when we’re in the energy of already being a vibrational match for our goals when


we’re in the energy of appreciation and gratitude and eagerness and excitement and we have like intact energy around


our own power too um then not only do we


get results from the actions we take but we can also draw to us things that we’re


Desiring oftentimes without additional action without a lot of additional action and it’s more like a nudge or a


desire and I’m going to do this I’m going to reach out to this person or hey you just have a thought I would love this and boom there it is it all depends


on how much resistance you do or don’t have to the thing so that is why it’s a


long story to explain the importance of tuning into your emotional state I know


right now if I had made that desire and if I had said I would love that but from


a place of separation or lack or not enoughness or even of needing it it


would not not have come through like that so it was from a place of this would be nice I would love this I don’t


need it but this would be really fun and then boom there it is so let’s take a


look at the calendar and let me see what I can tell you that would be helpful all right quick sip of coffee and I’m gonna


I’m gonna share what shows up as I look at this calendar okay so one thing I will say


this week is a little different because we’re in a transition mode right now with new child care for Luke but moving


forward in two weeks I will have three days a week of child care for Luke I do


have um Jack in school five but I also have a lot of flexibility in that and pick him up early slash he could stay


home one day if we wanted to SL go on vacation um but so I’m


effectively available for meetings working three days a week now those days


are not usually eight hour days either so I remember when I before I had had


like my real Quantum Leap experience and went from um you know 10K months to 100K


months so quickly back in February of 2021 I I was addicted to work because I


thought it was what I had to do and I had a little you know Jack our oldest was really little at the time and I was really in a lot of mom guilt about how


do I balance it all and you know I want to grow and run my comp but I’ve also got this little guy at home and what how


do I do this and one of the mentors who I was working with um mom


running a multi-million dollar company and she and Mom three she told me she


worked three to four hours a day and I was like how so I was working all the time yet


making less so what I learned through that process and what was so powerful


and I always always hire mentors because I want to learn how do they think I don’t want them to give me a strategy per se although sometimes that’s helpful


I I want to know how they think and what I learned about the level of thinking


that’s required to ascend and Elevate to that level which I know I know I think I


embody pretty well in my own life and I’m always I’m always working on elevating there too


is it’s a worthiness where you know how valuable you’re time is you know um you


know that the amount you make is not based on how many hours you work which can I get it it can be tricky if that’s


the background you come from and you’ve been paid hourly you’re conditioned in that way but I want you to start thinking like truly wealthy people and


truly wealthy people it’s not about dollars for hours it’s about service and


value and how much can I provide at scale so so that’s it so learning to


think that way has empowered me to be very comfortable and in fact three days a week feels like a decent chunk I was


doing two prior we got a new nanny who has three days a week and we’re going to try this because there are my leadership


needs for my team are growing this year and before I used to take meetings with Luke there at home with me and now I’m just finding it’s a bit challenging to


to do both to the level I want to do so we’re adding in child an extra day of child care for him um one day a week but


also again the days aren’t full days they’re probably five to six hours three days a


week as I look at this some days are a little longer some days are shorter it


just it all depends um but so so that’s the first thing I think is really giving yourself


permission not the first thing it’s one of many things but one of the things giving yourself permission to make your own rules and think the way a really


wealthy person would think which is it’s not about the dollars per hour it’s about the efficacy of the work that


you’re doing and the impact of the work you’re doing I was coaching some of our


members on the 10K Club yesterday because we have a number of women in who just transitioned from corporate into running their own business and it is


such a mindset shift when you’re Your Own Boss I get it it’s such a mindset shift and I still will catch for myself


from time to time like oh I should be doing this or I should be doing that and what I’ve learned is there’s no shoulds


my friend there’s no shoulds the bottom line is are you hitting your goals for you and are you enjoying the


process that’s it so those are the again I don’t think there’s any shs but those


are the things that matter in my opinion that’s what I care about and I care a lot more about enjoying the process than


I used to that’s like my I love achieving goals like I love that too but enjoying the process is critical and it


will help you achieve bigger faster goals so looking back at this C calendar


let’s see what else might be helpful to you so I do have my morning routine time


blocked out um something I’m actively practicing even just this week and this


is kind of new but letting that time be really expansive for me so I used to


include I used to do early morning like I’m up I’m studying I’m meditating I’m


working out and then I’ve got a 90-minute work block before the boys get up that was always the goal but


but you know Littles wake up at 400 a.m. and things are different so it it’s not


that like cut and dry all right it’s not that cut and dry so you got to drop perfectionism with this but what I


noticed this week and I I stopped and I asked myself I was like am I enjoying


these work blocks early in the morning or is there something else that I need


and what I what came to me like sometimes I really do and I do love getting things done early and then


having a lot of Freedom the rest of the day that’s how I’m wired that may not be how you’re wired so always tune in to you but right now what I felt like I’m


needing is really expansive self-care time pouring into me because I noticed I


was like my patience was getting a little shorter with the boys or with myself or with Jason and I was like hm


that’s so interesting why would I be running out of patience with them now granted there’s there’s a lot of


laughable scenarios where one might need to be Mother Teresa or Gandhi or the


pope to be able to to be completely in our Center during the whole thing I’m


working on it um but I did I was like you know what it’s the whole put your oxygen mask on first thing I’m needing


and craving more expansive self-care so I took the 90-minute work block out for


the mornings and all this actually not all this week the past few days I’ve really practiced longer meditation


longer yoga giving myself a much greater chunk of time to like read and study and


journal in the morning which I’m loving so it ends up being about a 3-hour total Block in the morning when I’m doing that


and then from there just trusting that the things that really matter for work are getting get done now I have a


checklist I have a I have a thing I have a list of things that every day um


do help the business move forward and are important for the business to move forward so I’m making sure that those


are getting done or if there if there’s something that I’m not able to do that I’m looping in a


team member to help with Etc um so I don’t death grip it the way that I used


to but I do think it’s really important to say these are the things that every day it’s like your daily kpis your daily


um I call it my success habits but here’s the thing I built them from the


end Vision accomplished so Elyse as this level of CEO what is she doing every day


and that’s what I do um so that’s that that and and that’s really powerful but I’m not this week I have practiced doing


those not as early in the morning and that’s been good for me that’s actually been really good so I’m letting myself


continue to do this I want you to hear with all of this this is something else I was coaching the group on yesterday


there’s no one right way to do it there really isn’t you’ve got to tune in for


you of what feels good and you also I would invite you to give yourself


permission that what used to work may need to evolve with you as you evolve so


even for me as I’ve elevated my Consciousness a lot even just over the past month now and like


seeing myself more and more and more as a leader um it


has the things that I used to think I needed to do have really


shifted and I’ve gotten so much more comfortable with delegating with


not dropping things like they’re not going to happen but me not doing things and and empowering others on my team to do it and and it’s it’s just a level of


Consciousness and raising your level of Consciousness and continuing to do that and you’ll notice that the things that


felt right to do it one stage aren’t going to feel right to do it another stage or maybe depending on your energy


Cycles maybe you’re in if you’re listening to this and you’re a woman biologically a woman then if you’re in a


menstrual phase you’re not going to have as much energy as if you’re in audial Phase where you’re probably going to want to do a


lot of detail work and spreadsheets and all of that and so just learning to tune in to your energy to your cycle to where


you are and that those same energy flows apply to men as well um just on


different timelines really learning to honor how you’re wired and who you are and what


works for you is so important so so there’s that so I do as the way I have


it structed Ed right now is I start off my week on Mondays with Team meetings


and um and those are fun and they’re relatively short and sweet if we ever had a time where we were like we’re supposed to meet but there’s no that’s


rare that there’s not something to meet about but if that was the case I would cancel the meeting I do not believe in having meetings just because they’re on


the calendar at all um let me see what else would be helpful for


you uh okay here’s something else I want to say and if you are watching the video


yes I’m wiping my nose it’s um it’s cold and dry here and I’ve had a runny nose


the past few days so it is it is what it is we keep it real um something else that I would say


and that I’ve really given myself permission to do and is so empowering is giving yourself permission to take


things off of your calendar that aren’t going to move the needle for you that don’t light you up


where your body constricts when you look at them now there’s a difference between


something being misaligned and a limiting belief we talked about this in our group call yesterday I feel like I’m bringing so much of that here too um


sometimes we look at something and we want to cancel it because we feel fear oh I hope that that Prospect doesn’t


show up on a sales call because I’m nervous about asking for the sale or ooh you know maybe I should


cancel that podcast interview because I’m not ready yet whatever the thing is


it’s not what I’m talking about that’s a limiting belief what I’m talking about here is something that with love for


yourself and great energetic boundaries is not the best and highest use of your


time and you’re going to have to get comfortable caring less about


disappointing others and caring more about honoring


yourself and so if there is something on my calendar going into a day where I


look at it and I’m like H that’s really not a great use of my


time or oh my it just feels like a a


drag number one I am big on honoring your commitments check in sooner before


you say yes to something to really see what I want to do this if I had to do


this thing right now and if not it’s probably a no but from there I do give myself per things shift things adjust


Etc I give myself permission to reschedule to drop to rearrange as


needed so giving yourself that same permission to remembering that the only person you really don’t want to care


that you don’t want to disappoint is yourself that’s what I like at the end of the day it’s you and you in this lifetime right so being there for you in


whatever way you need to be with your calendar um I’ll say one thing and then I’ll I’ll add on perhaps another we’ll


see the one other thing I was going to say with that my um my former colleague and


Friend R Vaden talked about this I think I’ve talked about this on another time episode but I’ll just share this here


where he talked about um at the be one of his practices for


time management was at the beginning of the week wipe everything off your calendar and then let it all fight to get back on and see what actually shows


up to fight to get it on now I think that may have been somewhat metaphorical I knowing him I know this he doesn’t


literally take everything off his calendar at the beginning of the week but it’s it’s that type of energy of


what would be important enough for my time that it would fight to get back on my calendar if I wiped it all clean at


the beginning of the week and that’s how you can kind of know what the priorities are in art the final piece that I think


I’ll say with this that’s been so important for me especially as a mom is flexibility especially in hours and I


don’t just mean how many hours a day I work but I also mean the win of when I’m working so as a


woman who was in corporate for so many years and then I when I was my own boss


for the first time I was very much a like slave driver type of energy and and I I existed that way for quite some time


that’s also when by the way I was stuck financially so just notice the the


notice the energy I um I was constricting and restricting myself so I was also constricting and restricting my


income but so I also am very I’ve learned to be very flexible on when I am working so


because of the the boys schedules and because I I love my work like if I if I


could work all the time and be happy with it I really could I love my work it’s my happy it’s one of my happy


places it’s important to me I love what I do I love my clients I care about this I care about you um so this is not like


a oh at least isn’t a hard worker time like that’s more my identity I’ve had to shift my Consciousness to allow myself


to rest and take breaks and do other things so so I’ll just say that but


because in addition to really growing our company and excelling at what I do


and having really sizable goals for the business for what I want to achieve in


addition to that I care deeply about being a presid a mom and I care deeply


about my voice and I love being a mom and it’s I was one of those women where I always knew like I always felt


comfortable at work but I I wasn’t a woman I’ll just be so transparent I wasn’t a woman where like I knew my life


purpose was to be a mom I wasn’t when when I became a mom I was like


oh this is a whole new level and this is very special and I it’s just continued


to grow over the not quite quite four years now that I’ve been a mom so I care deeply about that and I want to create


beautiful memories and have lots of time with my kids so I understand it if you feel like you’re in


that kind of in between like oh I feel pulled in both directions it’s a thing


like I’ll I’ll acknowledge that but I’ve given myself permission to say what are the things that really need to get done


in order to achieve my goals at work and and by the way if you haven’t read do less by Kate northrip phenomenal book um


nominal book to help you hone in on what is that 20% of things you do that move the needle most for you and then you


just start doing just those so really getting Clarity on that and then also if


you can giving yourself flexibility on when and how it happens so for example I’m even looking at my calendar right


now for this week now normally it’s it is rare like very very rare that I have a meeting on a weekend but I’ve got this


weekend as I record I’ve got a A Private Client in intensive on a Saturday and it’s because This Woman’s schedule she’s


she’s amazing if she’s listening to this hi I’m really excited for our intensive uh she’s a teacher and her hours


during uh the weekdays didn’t work with mine and and she bought a private intensive for me and I was like I’m


gonna I’m gon to make this work so we’re going to meet for an hour and a half on Saturday and that’s going to be work


time for me and I’m happy to do it because I’m also filling my cup all these other times and


at the latest uh you know picking up Jack our oldest sometime between 3:30 and 4:30


although I shifted it this week to be by 3:30 at the latest I’m getting them and then like I said like yesterday I got


them at too and I’m I’m having afternoon time with them so it’s different it’s always different but I think a few


things that really matter for me are being present with what I’m doing in the


moment and trusting that there’s more than enough time to get done everything that matters so you do have to have an


abundance mindset with this my clients who are listening to this you’ll know you heard me say this um if you haven’t


heard this before it’s so true if you are in overwhelm or time scarcity that


same energy applies to your money you’re going to experience Financial scarcity because you’re in a mode and a Vibe of


not enough so remembering that and when you choose if you’re listening to this


no doubt you want greater time freedom and money freedom so start with some time Freedom start with allowing


yourself to be present for what you’re doing start with the belief that there’s always more than enough time for what


matters start with the um the belief that you can bend time and space with


your energy and your way of being and that the things that really matter always get done I’ve noticed that like there’s a lot of things every day I


don’t get done so it’s it’s not a I don’t want to say perfect because I don’t think perfect would be complete


completing every single thing on your to-do list every day that would take me probably months with what I have on


my list right now so if we and it’s funny even as they say that I’m like yeah that would probably take


months there can be this especially if you identify as a high performer or maybe recovering perfectionist there


could be this thinking that if I could just get it all done on my list that would be a perfect day probably not


going to happen if your list is anything like mine but what are the core like right now I’ve got and if you’ve heard


me say I don’t keep to-do list well right now I am i’ I’ve switched it up I’ve got a calendar I’ve also got a to-do list um so again I give myself


permission to EB and flow and I may get off the to-do list again but right now this is what I need to organize my brain


when I get home in the morning to work so I’ve got a list of seven things for today and I’m going to do as many of


them as I can recording this podcast is one of them and whatever doesn’t get done I will decide what do I want to do


with it do I want to move it to tomorrow uh can does it need to be done at all can I delegate it to someone else right


there’s all these different ways of doing it but I don’t get into the guilt blame shame game around it the way that


I used to and instead it’s more like I care about my state I’m going to come full circle here I care about my state


was I open today did I enjoy my day was I


there for myself did I love myself did I show up for myself in that I did follow


through on the things I said I was follow through on so it’s that type of energy and and from that place you’re


very present and it’s not so much about trying to just check the boxes and do


the things as much as it is in this moment what’s the most powerful intention and energy I can bring to this


and from that place what’s the most powerful action I can take so I hope that helps I feel like as I wrap this up


there’s probably a lot of follow-up questions someone could have from this so if you have follow-up questions send


me a DM I’m Elyse Archer on all social I’ve really been looking at on the podcast


what people like the most and I found like almost all of our top episodes and we’ve had some amazing guests almost all


of our most downloaded episodes have been solo episodes where I’m sharing from the heart like this so if there’s


more that you want to know as followup to this if there’s anything I didn’t


explain as deeply as you would like send me a DM I may do a follow-up episode and


or I can also just DM you back with some thoughts but those are my thoughts for you for today I hope that helps thank


you as always for being a listener again if you’re listening in real time go get registered for Elevate


2024 uh Elevate 2024 coming up January 22nd and 23rd I love you I’m


grateful for you and I’ll see you on our next episode bye for now.


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