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Permission to be Powerful

Welcome back to She Sells Radio for another solo episode. After so many amazing interview episodes with the best of the best, I really want to dive into themes close to my heart. Today, I’m particularly eager to chat about a powerful concept that recently took shape in a book titled Permission to be Powerful, co-authored by yours truly and members of the mastermind. This book, hot off the presses since January 17th, invites you to think about a profound question: What would it look like for you to give yourself permission to be in your full power in all aspects of your life?

Power is a loaded term to a lot of people. And it can make us feel really uncomfortable. But it’s not about defiance. It’s a conscious choice to be at the center of your life, steering your destiny with intention. I share my personal journey in this episode, and share the internal struggles to remain a lone wolf, as well as the reflection that led to embracing a path of increased leadership in my business. We explore the notion of surface-level safety in hiding and the transformative power of getting massively uncomfortable. Join me in this exploration of self-permission, questioning societal programming, and the beautiful journey of learning to trust yourself. 

The book, Permission to be Powerful, features diverse perspectives on this topic, and I am so excited to share it with you.


Show Notes:

[2:44] – Elyse co-authored a book called Permission to be Powerful with members of her mastermind.

[4:40] – Power is a loaded word to a lot of people. It means that you know you are in control of your destiny and your fate. You are at the center of your life.

[6:50] – Personal power is not about defiance. It’s about you consciously choosing and operating out of the sense of controlling your destiny.

[8:34] – We have to surrender to how big things can be for us.

[10:12] – Elyse has taken on a lot more leadership and experienced a lot of internal struggle.

[12:14] – The wounded part of her felt safer as a lone wolf.

[14:03] – It took a lot of reflection to figure out which path to take. It’s understandable why people hide.

[16:08] – There’s surface level safety in hiding.

[17:30] – What’s the endgame for you?

[19:19] – Elyse couldn’t stop seeing the vision of the next level for her business.

[21:20] – Elyse had a dream about an office space years ago and shares the experience of seeing it in person.

[25:01] – You have to be willing to get massively uncomfortable.

[28:40] – We can hide behind a lot of things. It’s easy and convenient to hide because you don’t have to be responsible and powerful.

[30:29] – Who are you waiting for to give you permission? No one can but you.

[33:01] – We don’t always stop and think for ourselves. We’ve been taught not to question anything.

[35:17] – If Elyse hadn’t learned how to trust herself, she never would have learned the best path for her.

[37:05] – There are so many instances in your day-to-day that are programming.

[38:44] – It is easy to stop trusting yourself. But it’s a beautiful journey to go on.

[40:22] – When you learn to trust yourself and think for yourself, you start making choices based on expansion and your dreams rather than safety or restriction.

[42:53] – In the book, Permission to be Powerful, there are multiple authors and perspectives on this topic.

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Permission to be Powerful by Elyse Archer



hello there welcome to She Sells Radio I am bringing you another solo episode today


and it’s so funny because last year especially second half of the year I think most of my episodes ended up being


interviews and it was such a blessing first because every single guest we bring on here is incredible and I love


connecting with them and bringing them to you um and there was so much going on


in our lives with two moves within a couple of months of each other with


Jason getting into school and me solo moming at home for a while so having the


guest episodes was like such a blessing because I was like I just get to ask questions and it’s easy and it’s


fun and now that we’re settled and we’re here at our home in Maine


and uh just things are feeling more normal in fact if you’re watching the video you will see my normal now is when


I do videos or podcasts downstairs that there’s monster trucks always behind me


so that’s that’s the vibe that I’m going to be bringing you on many of these


episodes if you’re watching the videos because you know what Jack loves them it’s all good this is Mom life but I I


have so many solo episodes I want to bring you of the show of Just themes that are on my heart things I’m thinking


about things I know you want to know more about from the questions I get on social and so as it sounds right now I


have like three months of solo episodes lined up to record for you I also have amazing guests I’m going to be bringing you uh but we’re going to be mixing them


in with with just at least coming to you from the living room or from the office with a cup of coffee chatting with you


like we’re buddies because I like to think that we are so all right permission to be


powerful let’s talk about this first of all it’s a book it’s our book and when I


say our book if you haven’t been following on social um I co-authored a


book with a group of amazing clients of mine from many of them were in my high


level Mastermind 50k Club some of them are in private coaching a couple of them are in our 10K club and as I record this


the book came out two days ago which is so exciting so for I think all of the


women in there myself included it’s like we’re authors we did it and it’s first time I think like I said for at least


most of the women in there not maybe not quite everyone um but it’s a really beautiful it’s been a really beautiful


process and so I’ll speak a little bit to the book today but I what I really want to do is help explain the concepts


to you so that you can take them and start to embody them in your life and


really think about what would it look like for you to give yourself permission


to be in your full power in all areas of life financially


careerwise home wise relationships Health self-love


spiritually all of it what would that look like for you and what would need to shift in order for you to be able to say


yeah I do give myself permission to be in my full power so I want to spend most


of the time today talking about that I’ll give just a little bit of like a book what it’s about and synopsis uh and


you know maybe I’ll do that at the end I’ll I’ll save that for the end for you so you can just kind of get the vibe of the book here first so all right where


do where do we begin so these two concepts I I want to really break down the concept of power and then I want to


break down the concept of permission and what they mean to me and some things


that I would invite you to be thinking about in your own life to help you really Elevate uh in both of these areas


so let’s talk about power first and personal power this is a it’s a loaded subject it’s a


word that can even be like triggering to some people because there could be negative connotations with power here’s


how I think about power specifically in the context of


your own life and being in your personal power to me it means you are aware and


you operate from a knowing that you are in control of your destiny and your fate


so you are at the center of your life now we we are conditioned from right


away coming into the planet to look to others to tell us um to tell us what’s


good what’s acceptable what’s safe what’s not so this conditioning starts off immediately upon entering planet


Earth it just does and what I noticed in myself and this ties in with the theme


of permission as well but I notic notic this in myself was I never although there were certain areas of my life


where as I became a teenager and then in my 20s and then even through my early 30s I I started to take greater power


and control over my life um and I probably swung more from like compliance


to Defiance in a lot of areas because I had been such the good girl for so long that when I uh finally was out on my own


and in charge of everything I I swung probably farther on the pendulum needle


in terms of like I’m going to go out and I’m going to party and I’m going to do this and that and just have all those experiences and it’s it’s okay there was


um there’s definitely some wounding from those times that I’ve gotten to work through in my life but um but that that


wasn’t as that was that was disempowered energy right because it was like I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own fate


for so long that I’m just gonna swing all the way over here and whether it hurts me doesn’t matter because I’m just


gonna go like I’m just going to go have that experience and that’s okay I think many of us do that uh and that’s all


right but when what I’ve really grown to um to understand and believe about


personal power is it’s not about Defiance against anyone or anything it’s


about you consciously choosing and operating out


of a sense that you are at the center of your own life you control your destiny


and while there are always things that happen outside of us that we’re not in control of that you’re going to choose


how you respond to things and that you’re still going to be committed to your goals this or something better no matter


what so it’s it’s a knowing it’s an awareness it’s a it’s a responsibility


not in the heavy sense of the word but where you’re not giving your power away


to someone else where you’re not making someone else source and again this ties in with the permission piece but when we


when we have given our power away and again maybe we were we came into the planet we were told to look outside for


guidance for permission for for all of that but then once you’re a conscious adult if you continue to do that even


subconsciously you are not um you are you’re you’re not in control of your own


life and there can actually be a feeling of safety or comfort in that because then you don’t feel like you have to be


responsible for the outcome of your choices I was reflecting on this the other day as I was doing some


journaling and I because I’m I’m really stepping into a much greater role in in


leadership in our in our company in my life in our family we are um there’s the


I think I’ve really surrendered to the bigness of what is meant to flow through


in my lifetime and I’m really grateful for that too there’s definitely a part of me that had to get comfortable with


that and I was sharing this with my Mastermind this week um that that


there’s sorry when I’m when I come up and I show up unscripted sometimes I like I ping pong but hopefully you can


follow this okay oh here I’ll let me take a sip of coffee and I’ll um I’ll get back to the point of what I was


saying okay I was sharing with my Mastermind this week that a lot of my conditioning over


the years was that there was wounding in connection with other people and that it


was much safer to be a lone wolf and much safer to not have a lot of people


relying on me or depending on me because that energy in the past had always felt very heavy and I didn’t have a healthy


sense of how to create boundaries so I would let people just kind of like come in and suck the life out of me and I I


had a great deal of over responsibility for other people’s feelings and experiences both of me


their experience of life I wanted everyone to be happy and feel good and I would feel bad if other people didn’t


feel good and so for me it was like I learned over the years to create almost


this bubble and it was self- protection where I I’m not going to let people get too close and I’m going to make sure


that I can always take care of myself and not have to rely on other people and


have all it to me it having other a lot of other people relying on me felt heavy and felt like an extra layer of


responsibility I didn’t want because of the energy and the meaning I had given it


based on past experiences so as I’ve as we’ve gotten


settled and I’ve really surrendered to what is meant to come through in this


company in my life I I’ve had an almost an internal kind of struggle I don’t use


that word a lot but but I I have had and I’ll just be so honest um I’ve had an internal


like you know the bigness of the vision it it involves a lot of people it


involves a decent sized team it involves a lot of clients it involves it


it involves connection on a deep level with a lot of people and it involves a


lot of people looking to me for leadership and the part of me that and


and there was one part of me that was like just a knowing of like yes this is


I was talking um with Julie cardi on her podcast about this last week this concept from The Game of Life and how to


play it of your Divine your your most Divine Design for your life something


along those lines and there’s a part of me that’s known that’s the Divine Design


of my life for some time you know being on the big big


stages um lead I I really admire things like what Bob Proctor


built and what Joe despenza has built with his company you all know those are like my my people right if you’ve listened for a while I really admire


what they’ve built and that resonates deeply in my core and so building in my own way something of that magnitude of


impact has felt like the Divine Design for some for some time there you


go a little a little rhyme for you today and the wounded part of me that


feels much safer as a lone wolf and feels much safer hiding and frankly that is like I


like speed I like I like being a just get stuff done and go and and I when I I probably shouldn’t label it as wounded


because I don’t think it’s wounded I think there’s actually a lot of power that can be in that and I love that part


of me too like there’s a part of me that could just go live in our RV and write books and just be an author but I I like


connecting with other people too much I I don’t think I’d want to be alone like that um long term I don’t I don’t think


I would truly be fulfilled in that way but that’s that’s an option so I was anyway I’ve been at this Crossroads in


the business of like okay here we are we’re serving a lot of clients um things


are are growing things are chugging along i’ I’ve got team is lean and mean


but man I’ve got the best team on the planet like I’m so every day I’m like gosh I’m so grateful to it’s it’s all


women right now I’d love to bring on some men I’m not I’m not married to we you know we just have women um but I was


like man I have the best women on the planet I get to work with every day and


really really grateful for that and the next step from


here is expansion in a big way because we’ve got everything in place we’ve got


all not that things can’t always be improved because they can but we’ve got all the systems like firing and going to


be able to really build and sustain and and support now a much greater volume of


clients coming in in a much greater volume of opportunities and I’ve I’ve been really


doing a lot of inner work around which path do we go because the


part of me that felt wounded in connection and the part of me


that didn’t feel safe because in the past she’d given her power away to other


people and and wasn’t sure that she wanted that much quote


unquote responsibility I was like I get it why


people hide I get it why even in my own life and now this is no disrespect to


any of the people I’ve partnered with in business before because I have been honored especially since 2015 I


partnered with some of the most amazing Business Leaders in my opinion


on the planet so huge shout out to Rory and AJ Vaden if you’re listening or any of your people are listening I think


they’re some of the most phenomenal people I’ve ever met in my life and and I was honored because they took me in and let me work with them and study


under them and partner with them in two different companies that really helped me grow and develop into the version of


me I am today and I I saw there leadership and how they led the team and


and people around them and I I have forever grateful for that and there was


a a moment this was about three years ago where I could feel my soul was like it’s time to


really step out to do my own thing and had I stayed


it would have been more out of safety and not have having to have so


much quote unquote pressure on me um and there was an appeal to that even like I


said I was thinking about this the other day I was like I understand why people feel called to go out and start their


own company but they stay as employees or they you know they they want to go


out and they want to they want to grow and expand but they’re like oh well I don’t want to go live because what if


people judge me or this or that there’s a a surface level safety and hiding


right I get that there is and is that the most Divine Design for


your life is how you are showing up right now the most perfect self-expression for


you and if not what would that be and what would it look


like because very likely it would require a much greater level of first self leading leadership and then


potentially others leadership that’s you know you get not perfect grammar but you get it leading


others a greater level of visibility a greater level of


responsibility where it’s like depending on what you’re looking to do if you are


looking to lead and say this is something I’m really I’ve done so much work on this recently where


I’m like I’m good I’m good leading this I’m okay I know that I still get to grow


I know that there’s will no doubt be things that show up where I get to grow


through them and shift and and evolve as a leader in in my life and with others and go deeper get more and more


comfortable going even deeper in connection with others um but I’m good now with


that the point of that is are you what what’s the end game for


you so tying it back in with power and being in your power again I don’t mean


like making others wrong that’s not being in your power I don’t mean blaming that’s not being in your power I don’t mean Defiance that’s not being in your


power I mean you taking ownership of everything in your life and


being willing to stand at the center of it and say I did this


and I know that I am in full control of how I’m going to show up in


this next chapter of my life and I am in control of my life again I’m I’m not saying that you control everything that


happens to you but you are in control of how you respond and so I I taught this lesson


too in our um Mastermind this week about when we’re manifesting our


next level and stepping into our next level it is this this dance this blend


between fullon intention while also being surrendered to the outcome which sounds


counterintuitive but the energ energy of it I’ll just give an example from my own life the energy of it is I see the


vision I see it and I I if I didn’t keep seeing it the way I see it I might have


gone and said you know what let me just move into the RV and go write some books with the family of course I’m


gonna do that I’m gonna make some canned food and I’m


gonna be more in mom mode than than maybe work mode and I’m gonna be a


thought leader and I’m going to do these things and but I’m going to be to to me for me


no disrespect to anyone who’s following that path because that is the Divine expression for a lot of beautiful souls


on this planet but I couldn’t stop seeing the vision of sold out ballrooms


and conferences I couldn’t stop seeing the vision of the next book that’s


already flowing through me that I’m writing this year that’s going to be big I can feel


it big and I’m not attached to the results would it be lovely for it to be a bestseller yes would it be lovely to


have a certain type of publisher yes what I mean by big though is big in terms of I know this is going to change


the game in the business world in the sales world because the concepts that


are flowing through me are not of me it’s a bigger it’s a bigger Source


that’s flowing this stuff so I I’m just I’m just open and I’m being the channel


right now so I kept getting this vision and seeing a certain team with me in our


office which by the way if I haven’t I don’t I don’t know if I shared this um


on the podcast or not what’s really fun about when we moved here I had been seeing a certain office space I actually


had a dream where I saw an office space maybe a year and a half ago two years ago I don’t know on the water


brick walls and it was like yeah that’s the office space where when I have an in-person


space with my team that’s where we’re going to be working out I just felt it I just saw it Oh I’m getting chills while


I talk about it now when we came here to visit yeah this must have been over two years ago because we came here to visit


in summer 2021 when we first decided we wanted to start actively manifesting Jason getting


into University of New England for medical school and we came and we met with a realtor who


last year ended up being our realtor Who Sold us our home we walked around we went to campus


and we were walking in downtown Portland and I walked by a


building oh I feel like I’m going to cry talking about this this is so interesting and I said that’s the


building for my dream I know that space wow I have full chills I said I


know that space I saw it and so I haven’t leased it yet that’s


Loosely on the agenda for this year you know it’s it’s like like I’ve learned to do with goal setting I’m not attached to


the timeline of it but I I know it’s it’s that or something better but I I


know that space and I saw it in my dream first so I’m trusting that’s where I’m going first to Lisa space but coming back to


intention I have also had visions of certain team


and some of these people don’t even know they’re going to be on the team maybe they’re listening to this if you’re


listening and you’re like man I hope that would be so cool if if that was someone who was in her vision to come be


on the team send me a DM we’ll I don’t know we’ll see I’m I’m very open to I know we’re gonna have other people in


our team who I don’t even know exist yet and that’s beautiful too um but I I I


see certain people who are near and dear to me who I know are going to be working


with me in this and so this Vision that keeps coming through


and there’s other really cool elements that I’m not ready to talk about yet but this Vision that keeps showing up was


like it’s it’s bigger than just going and moving into the RV and writing books and and going


the Lone Wolf Vibe which would have been the safer Choice it would have been the um the


less risky move it would have involved less opening myself up for potential whatever all the


things that we’re afraid of when we step into greater leadership hate attack


blame people making you wrong people making you Source right that would have been I


wouldn’t have to deal with that and that would have been an easier choice


but from what I know at this present level of understanding that is not the


Divine Design and so I’m willing to put aside the ego preferences for


Safety and Security and smallness to be available for the biggest and most


powerful self-expression to flow through knowing that your biggest and most


powerful self-expression it’s not just about you it’s about the ripple effect


and every single life that you are meant to impact and a lot of people you won’t


even know you’re impacting it was fun when we did the book launch this week I


had someone send me a Facebook message and she sent me a picture of the book


and I don’t apparently we went to high school together I thought that was so cool I was like your name sounds familiar but it’s we like I don’t really


know her well and we hadn’t been in touch a lot I remember she had asked how to order the book so I’d sent her a


message on Facebook about that prev previously um but aside from that we hadn’t really been in touch and it was


so cool to be like this is my first picture of someone who I don’t really know buying the book and saying it’s


impacting her and and so you have people


who are meant to benefit from you being willing to get massively


uncomfortable and step into the center of your life in your your most powerful


way being willing to deal with the [ __ ] that sometimes comes with that pardon my


French but that sometimes it feels that way because you haven’t seen it through all the way you’re not you’re not clear


yet on the blessing that’s happening for you and unfolding for you when you do


that all right so you get to choose you get to choose and and so that’s my


choice and you get to choose for you but the way that I’ve learned to make


decisions and the way that um the thing that really helped me


first get way out of my comfort zone and has continued to inspire me now as I’m stepping in a new way way out of my


comfort zone it’s like i’ I’ve got the Rhythm and the flow of running this company the way we’ve run it the past


several years and now there’s it’s like okay we’re we’re I’m ready like I’m ready to make this way bigger um but but


bronnie wear top five regrets of the dying where she talks about one of the top regrets is I wish I had been willing


to live a life that was more true to me than what I thought other people expected of me something along those


lines so I let that phrase guide me and I let


that idea guide me and continue to come back to what is


the most true version of my life what is the fullest expression of


my life and it’s not it’s not about Comfort though it’s not like this is the


thing that feels most comfortable because it’s what I’ve been doing for so long it’s this is the thing that makes me


want to cry with gratitude this is the thing that feels so good there’s parts of me


that wonder if it could be possible this is the thing that flashes briefly when I do meditation or visualization and then


I say oh it’s too big it’s too much it’s too this it’s too that whatever it is for you and again my


perfect self-expression is going to be different from yours I was working with a client a couple weeks


ago and what she shared was so beautiful she was like my dream for my life like


what I would love and she’s running her own business she said what I would love is to


be a stay-at-home mom and to make our home so beautiful and I was like man I feel


that I feel that and that is the Divine the most perfect expression of


her and I was like that’s so beautiful and man that’s some of the hardest work out there too like hats off


and props to her so whatever it is for you being willing to


be fully visible fully vulnerable fully in your power at the center of your


life that’s power that to me is power if you’re if you’re hiding stop hiding we can hide


behind all sorts of things so let’s kind of pivot to permission let’s talk about that for a minute and tie these together you can


hide behind so many other things things and it’s easy and it’s convenient to hide because then you don’t have to be


in your power and you don’t have to be responsible either for if things don’t


go according to plan or if they do and suddenly you’re like oh snap I am


leading and growing my own company I I did write a best-selling book I I am


successful in my business I am top of the leaderboard now what does that mean right it’s the whole the fear of success


thing that people talk about which I don’t ever want to pump too much energy into any fear but it’s but that’s


something that people can experience and so I mean even just the


the other weekend I see women do this I had a a team member on a discovery call


with a woman who’s like giving her power away to her husband I want to do this I know I need to do this this is a yes and


I need to go talk to my husband her husband fully supports her she is not willing yet and if she chooses to great


if she chooses not to that’s fine too to she is not willing to


yet let herself fully be in her power in her life and I’m not saying there’s not


things and wounding and conditioning and old paradigms that make it feel very


scary to be in our power but I want you to notice where are you putting the


blame where are you giving permission so that you don’t have to make a decision so that you don’t have


to Step Up is it lack of money this is why a lot of people don’t manifest the


money that they say they want because if they had the money they would have to actually step up and do something with it so if I don’t have the money I can’t


say yes you don’t have to have the money you just say yes and then the money comes all right um where are you waiting


for someone else to come give you the go-ahead this is what I realized I was doing three years ago where I was again


in beautiful partnership with other people who are someone the most phenomenal human beings on the planet like the best human beings on the


planet and yet for me that was no longer continuing to stay


in that type of role was no longer the fullest expression of me and I could


also I didn’t have to make all the decisions I didn’t have to give myself permission I didn’t have


to play full out because someone someone else could come tell me okay now we’re going to launch this now we’re going to do that here’s the move you make now


here’s the move you make so I was giving other people permission to I I was


waiting for other people to give me permission I was waiting for other people to tell me it was time and we do


this in all sorts of different ways if you are waiting on a certain amount of


money to come in before you feel like you’re good enough in your business you’re giving your power away if you are waiting for a certain number of likes on


your social media before you decide that you’re good at posting and before you lean in and


start really building your brand that way you’re giving your power away if you are waiting for your first sale to feel


validated in your business you’re giving your power away clients money opportunities are only going to mirr to


you how you’re feeling about you so it’s an inner game first it’s an inner game first and so


the Awakening comes this is what we talk about in the book what I talk about in the book and every woman who contributed


has kind of a different vibe to her chapter it’s really cool to see the different perspectives but for me in my


chapter what I talk about is the Awakening came for me when I


noticed how many areas of my life I was kind of like leaning back in rather


than just leaning in and taking ownership and and taking control not


from a control freak it has to be this way but from I’m going to show up with full


intention that this is what I’m this this is where I’m going and then the surrender piece that I talked about


earlier is like it’s this or something better so I’m open I’m open to the timeline I’m open to the how and and I’m


open to something better as well but the other place where we give our our our power away and where we give


other people permission versus ourselves is just not thinking for yourself like there is so much stuff


that we just take for granted every day and we don’t stop and think for ourselves because we’ve been taught not


to you’ve been taught don’t question don’t question anything you’ve


been taught just trust why just because I said so man I tell you what my life


changed when I started thinking for myself because I used if someone was in Authority if someone was


in power I would make them up here and me down here and I would just trust what


whatever they said you know when I the first time I was diagnosed with skin cancer I hadn’t


done this work and and I I immediately went into


fear and I immediately was like whatever the doctor says to do I’m going to do so I had surgery and the


surgery again I this my feeling on it was that it was a very


aggressive cut that the person did on my on my head


that was far greater than the size of the cancer that left a pretty visible


Scar and it was relatively traumatizing like I can even feel emotion around it


right now while I talk about it so I notice like there’s still some healing I get to do around that and that’s


okay but I hadn’t stopped and thought for myself if I had and not again you’ve got to think for yourself and I really


believe with something like a cancer diagnosis or a medical like you’re going to get the best result with


whatever feels most true to you so if surgery chemo whatever radiation feels


most true to you and feels most like you then your job is to follow that for me


if I had stopped and thought for myself I might have chosen a different path and the second time I got a


diagnosis I stopped and I thought for myself and I said I want to take this a different route and I took it a


different route and I I cleared it and I healed it without surgical


intervention and that was what was most true for me but if I


hadn’t been taught how to think for myself and how to trust myself and how to trust


that whatever feels most true for me regardless of what someone says outside


of me regardless of their level of Authority or control that that is going


to be the best path for me I probably would have gone the surgical route again and I I would not


have been happy with that all right again you’ve got to know what’s most true for you but so think for yourself


there’s so much crap that people say that’s not true oh money doesn’t grow on trees what


is money money is paper where does paper come from trees money is literally trees


now obviously crypto digital I get it but follow the follow the line of thinking think about all the junk that


people say that they just accept as true that’s not actually true the food


pyramid don’t get me started on the food pyramid and the standard American


diet now I love some chocolate I love some bread I love some like I love all of it I let myself have what I


want and because I care about my body and because I am a healthy woman what I


want is generally healthy all right but we’re we’re taught


this stuff and we’re the stuff that people like the gluten-free labels on me


well yes of course right anyway I’m not a dietitian you get me started on


another path but think for yourself because if you I’m like do I


want to talk about the news you’re being programmed you’re being programmed and


none of it’s good none of it’s good and if you sit there and just accept it and you don’t


think about it drug commercials hello you’re being programmed if you do not stop and think for yourself and listen


to side effects oh may cause seizures


and death but here’s two people smiling and holding hands and prancing in a field down the the TV


commercial what did they just say you didn’t listen you weren’t awake wake up


think for yourself all right to do that the final


part of to me giving yourself permission to be in your power is you have to trust


yourself you have to learn to trust yourself and this just takes practice I


did not trust myself I realized that was one of my core wounds that I got to heal and shift in my


life and we stopped trusting ourselves for many reasons one again we’re we’re


told by well-meaning oftentimes not always oftentimes well-meaning


caregivers growing up that their way is better than ours that their knowing is


better than ours they know more than we do shut up just listen and so we we supress the inner


knowing and we we stop listening and we start looking outside


of us and then add on to that any sort of bodily trauma sexual trauma you learn


to disassociate from your body you live in your head you disconnect from your body and it’s easy to stop trusting


yourself so the most beautiful gift one


of the most beautiful gifts I’ve given myself in my life has been to go down a journey of learning how to trust myself


again and this is a lot of what we teach in our programs you know it’s it’s like I’ve


talked about this on the show before s we teach sales and we teach a different


approach because it’s the Inside Out approach how do you trust yourself again


so that you can trust your intuition on a sales call go for that Big Goal feel


worthy of making $100,000 months million dollar months whatever it is you want to do go lead the company it to be


sustainable and to be pleasurable and enjoyable there has to be a high level


of self Trust where you’re willing to go out on what may feel like a limb I do


this all the time now I do things that to a lot of other people would say like oh that’s risky or oh that’s not


safe or oh that’s this or that but my inner know because I’ve cultivated such


a deep connection with my my truth and my core I follow my


knowing it’s never guided me wrong it’ll never guide you wrong sometimes it’s just you’ve disconnected from it that


for so long that it’s just going to take a while to rebuild the relationship and that’s okay but again we we teach


practices there’s a lot of beautiful practices out there to to get reconnected with that um but when you


cultivate that and that you you learn how to trust yourself you learn how to


think for yourself you start making choices based on


expansion and your vision and your dream dreams rather than safety or restriction


or not wanting to be harmed not wanting to get it wrong and you start instead


playing full out and being on the offense rather than the defense in your life to me that is permission to be


powerful and that’s what the book is about so whatever it is for


you that you’ve been waiting on that you’ve been saying some day maybe to


maybe it’s investing your in yourself with coaching or mentoring maybe it’s launching a


business maybe it’s going for the promotion at work maybe it’s telling your partner Your Truth writing your


book this book is going to teach you how to do that and when you do and when you


make that shift I’m getting chills again life takes on a whole different


energy things start shifting around you things start rearranging it’s almost like the path


clears because suddenly you’re in


such what I want to say you’re just so empowered in your


life that things don’t phase you the way they used to phase you things don’t get


in your way the way they used to get in your way you don’t let things get in your way the way you used


to because you’re just above it all not above it like a better than worse


than but it’s just like not even in your Consciousness anymore


so if you’re ready for that go get a copy of the book that’s


what it’s about it’s beautiful it’s Elis book you can also search permission to be powerful on Amazon um


and find it there it’ be would love for you to get a copy and share tag me on social when you get it use the hashtag


permission to be powerful book um you can connect with the other authors of the book as well it’s they’re all


incredible women and I’d love for you to follow them and connect with them too and um and it’s an amazing amazing


journey we’re going to take you on and and I will say too what’s been cool about the book is there are different


perspectives in it and so some of the women in there they are in the community


and they have different perspectives on things than I do and that’s okay it’s like everyone to


me and you may you may pick up on that as you read the book and that’s great like a part of being in your power is


what is the truest expression of you what is the truest expression of you


and so as you read you get to pick what resonates what doesn’t it’s again it’s all about you being you getting back in


touch with the inner knowing in you but but what’s amazing about each of these stories is you’ll learn how did this


woman give herself permission to go for what she really wanted to trust herself to trust her inner knowing and you’ll be


able to you’ll be able to take and apply the principles for you to do the same in


whatever your next level of expansion abundance elevation looks like at this


point in your life so that’s what I got for you today my friend I hope this


spoke to you again the book is book permission to be powerful


uh you can also search for it on Amazon it should be available on any book site now as well and um and I hope you enjoy


it I hope you enjoyed I’d love to get your feedback on it send me a DM I’m at Elyse Archer on all social thank you for


being part of our community I’m grateful for you love you I will see you on our next episode bye for now.


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