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7 Figure Style with Jessica Papinaeu

Do you ever meet someone where you connect with them instantly and within a few minutes you feel like you’ve known that person your whole life? 

A while back I was introduced to Jessica Papineau through a mutual connection, and we’ve actually been meaning to record this interview for you for SOME time because what she does is so aligned with the type of coaching I offer my clients. 

Jessica is the founder of CSJ, a leading authentic fashion styling company for high-performing female entrepreneurs. Jessica has personally styled hundreds of women, spanning 7-figure entrepreneurs, executives for billion-dollar global brands, online influencers with millions of followers, and professionals in the entertainment, sports, music industries. 

Here’s something else I love about her – she recognizes that the uplevel is all an inner game, and her approach to fashion is similar in a lot of ways to how I approach sales and business. 

So if you love fashion, styling, inner transformation AND learning from pretty badass women who have grown successful companies – you’re going to love today’s episode. 


Show Notes:

[4:58] – Jessica shares her background and how growing up with the type of childhood she had impacted her adult life as an entrepreneur.

[6:47] – Her imagination has always been her superpower.

[7:48] – For a long time, Jessica felt a lot of shame about the things she loved.

[8:57] – Jessica remembers the time when she detached from the person she was born to be due to feeling the pressure of her family to be someone else.

[11:08] – Jessica shares the story about getting her first fashion retail job.

[13:09] – It all began in a plus-size fashion store. She learned how to highlight beauty.

[16:22] – She found herself in leadership at a young age, leading women who were older than her.

[18:11] – Learning about leadership was a lesson in listening.

[19:45] – When she was home as a stay-at-home-mom and her husband lost his job, Jessica knew something had to change.

[21:28] – While working in a boutique, she had a side-hustle styling women in their homes.

[23:01] – If you are allowing fear to hold you back from doing what you know you are meant to do to serve others, you are actually being selfish.

[26:03] – Once she made changes and started using her gifts to serve others, she wished she had done it sooner.

[28:17] – Jessica shares how she learned how to visualize.

[30:37] – Are you staying present in your intentions?

[32:20] – Start your day and know how beautiful you can look. Put your intention into what you like.

[34:40] – Jessica has a formula to use when you are styling yourself. The first part is to review and reflect.

[38:19] – Jessica shares some of the things that the women she has worked with have loved about the services and community.

[42:11] – Shift your mindset to focus on what is possible in the future.

[43:14] – Head to Jessica’s website for free resources and opportunities to work with her: 


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Welcome to She Sells Radio have you ever met someone where you just feel like you connect with them instantly and then


within a few minutes you kind of feel like you’ve known that person your whole life so that’s who I’m going to


introduce you to today and a while back I was introduced to my guest Jessica Papinaeu through a mutual connection and


we have actually been meaning to record this interview for some time now and I


have had some crazy life events happening and she’s been so gracious to reschedule and I’m so excited to bring


this to you because who she is and what she does is so aligned with our


community and I know that you’re going to just be blown away by her story her


wisdom her Insight so I’ll tell you a little bit about her and then we’ll get into the conversation so Jessica is the


founder of csj a leading authentic fashion Styling Company for high performing female entrepreneurs she’s


personally styled hundreds of women which blows my mind spanning seven figures entrepreneurs Executives for


billion dooll Global Brands online influencers with millions of followers and Professionals in the Entertainment


Sports and music Industries and something else that I love about her


which I’m excited to dive into today is that she recognizes that the uplevel is


an inner game first and foremost and so when we first connected I found her approach to fashion and styling is


really similar in a lot of ways to how I approach sales and business which it’s an inside out


game so if you love fashion if you love styling if you love uplevel if you love


we’ve been talking in the pre- chat about like this is just going to be viby if you love something viby if you love the inner transformation and learning


from a really badass woman who has grown a successful company you’re going to love today’s episode so Jessica welcome


to She Sells Radio I’m so happy to have you here wow thank you for such an incredible introduction I truly


appreciate you having me here and I have been so excited to to do this for I


think we I think we have had it planned for the last couple months but probably


but I’m all about timing and I just think the timing is right and I’m just


really excited to share um just some great value and and great messages today


to your listeners and following and we were you know when we were talking in the pre-chat I learned


things about you that I didn’t know going into this so we were connecting on obviously both boy moms your boys are


older but we were talking about how awesome your home is when you walk in it’s like a a studio and then you’ve got


the doors and then it’s Boyland Beyond there because everyone else in your household is mail right yes and I know


we’re I guess I’m just I’ll just Dive Right In because I do have to tell you because we didn’t talk about this in the


pre-chat but when you walk into my home and you see cuz it’s it’s my studio


Boutique of all my things cuz as a Fashion Stylist I have all the accessories I have all the clothes I


have everything at my fingertips five years ago I closed my


eyes and I saw it Oh I just got chills when you said that wow and it’s go oh my


gosh this is what I already love about you like you get it we we were talking about this in the preat we speak the same language people are going to get


this our listeners do too you shared something with me too at the beginning that I want to hear a little bit more


about your backstory because someone would look at obviously like beautiful aesthetic beautiful woman you’ve put


together this incredibly successful company and they may not know how you


grew up and you were sharing with me you were born in Maine which I didn’t know because we we just moved to Maine so I


think that’s that’s really cool um but you were sharing a little bit about some of how you grew up and I am super


intrigued if you could share with our listeners just some of that whatever you want to share and then how that maybe


shaped you to become the woman who has gone on to launch this really successful company yes so Maine um I grew up with


parents that were they were hippies they were not fashion people they did not


care about any of that they um they just simply wanted to live off the land they


wanted to be self-sufficient they wanted to be off the grid uh so I grew up in


very rural Maine um in a home that was built uh by my parents uh we had no


electricity no running water so we had a hand pump um we had kerosene lanterns to


um light our house at night we had a wood burning stove um ous um and so it’s kind of


unimaginable to now you know where things are in my business and what I do to think back on that because when I


lived there I always felt like I didn’t belong because of the family I grew up


in and so I would actually as early as


four years old I remember going in my closet and my clothes were from


Salvation Army and I would take these pieces and make outfits out of them I


did this every single day at that time I was an only child and my parents would


actually threaten to put a padlock on my closet door because by the end of the day all the clothes that were hanging


were in a pile in the middle of the closet and but it was my happy place it


was I would put these clothes on I would look in this fulllength mirror and I remember it like I can literally close


my eyes and imagine it as if it was like yesterday uh and I would put these


outfits on and make it like really fun and mix and match things and look in the


mirror and I felt I I just remember how I felt I felt so beautiful I felt


confident I felt this inclusivity like I really like was talking to friends and


my imagination was has always been my superpower and so it was my escape from where I was because I wanted to be


anywhere but where I was oh my go and so I learned at a very young age how to


have this imagination and how to like build my life but in my imagination and


but I felt as I got older I felt like I was very superficial because my parents


were not into me being that way they were you know like we had all our fruits


and vegetables that we um you know we had a garden and then would can everything and it was just a different


way of thinking so I felt a little bit actually a lot of Shame around my love


of fashion oh my gosh you know I don’t know


I I don’t know whether you agree or disagree with but something I I personally believe is I think we choose


parts of our our upbringing coming into the world to like help create the contrast that develops us and so whether


you or anyone listening agrees with that or not what I’m hearing that’s so interesting and Powerful is that


contrast and that almost like shame of ooh is it okay to be who I feel like I


really am right it’s like we have those moments growing up where we learn to develop a mask and we learn to to um


sometimes be someone other than who we are to feel safe and like we fit in and maybe I shouldn’t say all I’m wondering


for you did you go through a process like that where you were like oh well this is my love but you know I don’t fit


in with my family so I’m going to do something else and then you came back to Fashion or were you always just like no


I was always in it but there was um there was a shift that had to happen I would say at age


40 I became four again oh I think I know what you’re saying and I think I love it but say


more yeah say more yeah so I remember you know I remember the time when I


detached from who I was born to be who I was designed to be because not just


because of the shame but who I felt my family and the people around it around


me wanted me to be so I let I let go of it but I remember before letting go of


it I was in complete alignment wow I I felt like I was just I was living my


purpose and then it was very um I had I had a lot of trauma in my early years


and then my teenage years I was very very depressed because I detached from from myself really and so fashion um


what I wanted more than anything when I was a teenager was to live in a city and work retail so I could get like really


get into fashion and like not only dress myself but I could dress other women right yeah so at 16 I had an opportunity


to move from where I was my parents had divorced my dad moved to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada where he was from and I


had an opportunity to go and live with him I did not have a close relationship with my dad um I simply wanted to get


out of my circumstances and go live in this city so first thing I did getting


to Winnipeg was of course I had to enroll in school okay and then but my next thing was get on the typewriter and


I typed out my resume and it took me a very long time because I had typos let’s


do it again it’s like the it was like the old one oh my gosh and so then I put


on my black skirt suit and nylons and I was this like you know


small town girl and I had to take two buses like a city bus to get to this


mall and I was determined like I had to figure out where do I get off how do I get back on so I get to this mall and to


me I mean it’s not the biggest mall in the world but to me it was and so I walk


in with my resume I’ve got my skirt suit on and I go and hand out my resume to


all these stores and I get to the farthest store on the second floor walk


in give my resume they hire me on the spot cuz I was just so you know when


you’re so passionate about something and I mean I had never sold before I didn’t know what sales was I just knew that I


loved fashion and I was going to put clothes on other women and make them feel amazing and so I get the job start


my first day unbeknownst to me I had been hired at a woman’s plus-size clothing store


so you know my life had always been a series of roadblocks and me trying to


figure out to find my way right and so this was another roadblock for me because I am this skinny scrawny


16-year-old kid from a small town and women coming in just looking at me


automatically did not want my help so I see them walking in the door I ask if I


can help the answer is definitely no then I see these women like coming in


and like frantically grabbing clothes going in the fitting room and then coming out looking so defeated there’s a


pile of clothes in there and they’re walking out the door and they look so unhappy and I thought if they would just


let me help them I want them to feel good and eventually they would you know


I’d see some of them come out of the fitting room and try and look in the mirror and and I’d see that they would


look at their bodies and like try to cover everything and over time I got to see


how I would dress them so in my imagination I would fully dress each woman wow and then it came to a day


where I was like okay here’s my opportunity and this woman comes in she


leaves all the clothes in the fitting room does that same thing looking defeated and I said excuse me before you


leave you know I noticed that you came all the way to this mall you parked your


car you go to the furthest store and you didn’t seem to find anything you must


have had a purpose I know you said you don’t want my help but maybe if you


could just give me a try what do you have to lose right and she was like okay


I guess what do I have to lose so that’s where it all began and I started to


learn how to dress um wom women and women of different sizes right I mean I


had only dressed my body at that time time and so once I learned and I’m putting like the Fabrics on them and and


showing them how to highlight the best areas because I could see them I could


truly see them in all of their beauty but what a woman does when she looks in the mirror and it doesn’t matter what


size she is her eye goes right to those areas that she doesn’t like that she’s


shameful of isn’t it yeah and that’s all she can see and so over time these women


would like come back and see me I was top salesperson at 16 years old I didn’t know what selling was and I wasn’t


selling I was just making women feel great and so that was kind of where it


all began and uh I went off to college I was in Fine Arts I did not think retail


was going to be you know my path I didn’t think that’s what I should be doing and then I quickly learned um


painting that my canvas was not a canvas it really was a woman oh my God and so


my part-time job turned into a full-time position and I was at 21 um managing


women in this clothing store and uh they were between the ages of 40 and 55 and I


had to learn how to how to manage that at that point and really what I was


learning how to do was how to not only Inspire the women that I was dressing but inspire women that were older than


me to you know really get into the fashion end of thing like the fun and


the you know and not just thinking about the bottom line because for me I was creating something that was so


attractive for other women to come in and see so at that time sorry go ahead I


love this so I want to I just want to pause there because one of the things that I think is powerful about you and


the work you’re doing is I know you’re you know you’re leading a team now I can only imagine age 21 you’re leading women


twice your age right and you’re also serving them as clientele we’ll get back into the story in a second but what’s


like what’s one thing you learned about leadership from that that you still take with you to this


day um what I learned and it doesn’t matter what age she is so um I’ll just


real quick tell you a a very short story about a woman she was 45 that I was


managing and she um was very she seemed very unhappy and her sales were really


down because she didn’t smile like she had she had been in the business for a long time she knew what she was doing


but no her energy was offputting and so when it was time for me to do a


one-on-one with her and an evaluation um I had filled out the entire thing of what she’s doing well


what she isn’t the numbers all the things and I started doing this this evaluation with her and I was a bit


nervous because it was like my first time and it just wasn’t I wasn’t getting through so I put my piece of paper aside


and I said Chris I have one question for you what do you really


want and she she stopped dead in her tracks she


stopped talking and it was like awkward silence H and I said I really want you


to think about this Chris like if you weren’t to worry about money or if you weren’t to worry about like what you


should be doing or because you’ve been in this for a long time what do you really want she was like oh my gosh no one’s


ever asked me that before and she said you know I guess I’ll just be honest


with you I’ve always wanted to write a book oh wow and she said I don’t want to


be doing this I’m sick of retail and I actually did want to push her out I


didn’t want her there because I knew she didn’t want to be there right I said you know what Chris I really think you


should try that I think you should I you’re at your age like I’m younger than


you at your age I would hope that you could live out your life living your


passion and what you feel called to do wow she was like I can’t believe I have


a 21-year-old has just led me to realize that I am in the wrong


place so learning about leadership it was learning about


listening and also knowing you know women work differently than


men I don’t believe you have to be a certain way at home and a certain way at work I think who we truly authentically


are and our gifts and how we show up is very fluid so those gifts and being a


high performer in all areas and being fully present that needs to happen in


all areas that’s probably one of the biggest things I learned and I also learned that


women don’t they they don’t always reveal themselves and they don’t always want to be seen because there’s some


shameful parts and some feelings of unworthiness even when they’re at a high


level oh my gosh yeah I want to come back to that because I actually think that’s a really important piece of what


you do it’s also the work I do with my clients take us to so so let’s complete


this part though so you were you were kind of sharing the backstory and I know you had said at one point like at 40 you


became four again and it sounds like a lot un so take us to that point had you


away from fashion and styling and then you like reawakened what you really care about tell us about that um I’ll try to


give Cole’s notes here I’m gonna give just a little backstory on what led me to that


moment um so I I moved to Sarasota Florida with my uh because from Winnipeg


I met my husband there got married moved to Sarasota Florida used our whole life savings to get our house to get


ourselves set up um ended up having another child so I was home with the


kids um for about seven years and I did this kind of on the side as my side


thing um in 2011 my husband lost his job and we


didn’t have a nest day we didn’t have anything to fall back on and so at that time we were on food stamps and we were


also um or the kidss were on Medicaid um and I went I had to go back to work at a


boutique um where I was out of the gate only offered $10 an hour and I was


paying the babysitter $12 an hour once my husband got back into work and you


know what we could have lived off the system I could have left that job um but


I knew that I had this gift and I started to get to that point where you


know cuz sometimes as a mom you’re like who am I now like do I really have something to offer the world or am I


just a mom right and so I realized getting back into the workforce that I


had so much to offer so much impact to offer women to really show them how to show up powerfully and how to feel


beautiful in their bodies so that they could like Get over themselves and be


who they were designed to be and so over the course of eight years of being in


this Boutique my side hustle was going to their homes curating their wardrobes


helping them put outfits together showing them what pieces needed to be retired and then them coming back to the


store working with me and strategically shopping for the pieces they needed to


align with their lifestyle and so I helped this woman in


this this high-end Boutique she pulled back from the business because I was


taking over and so you know tell you don’t make a lot of money um I was


capped out as to what I could make I had helped her build her business from a million to 3 million and I was working


constantly you know 80 hours a week because I would work all day and then I’d go to my side hustle and slowly that


was getting more busier and busier but I never thought I never felt like I could


really do it on my own until until one day I’m driving to work and Tony Robbins


is on uh on a podcast and I’m listening listening to him and I can like remember it like it was yesterday I used to


always have my Tresemme hairspray in my cup holder be at a stoplight and like


Tony’s blaring I’m spraying my hairspray to make sure the curls stay good yeah


and he says something that stops me dead in my tracks and what he said was and I had


probably heard heard this message somewhere before but the timing of it was just so right and he said when you


have a gift to share with the world and you know how deep of an impact you can


make if you’re living your living out your gift and sharing that if you know


what impact you can make and that is the life you’re designed to live if you allow fear to hold you back you are an


extremely selfish person


oh my gosh I didn’t know I was selfish wow it was it it got me out of


myself to realize the bigger picture that there was there was so much more


and that if I didn’t take that step like I could on a small scale continue to do what I was doing and spinning my wheels


and thinking that I wasn’t you know worthy of doing something better but it was more than that it was the people and


the women that would not be able to experience what I was able to do for


from them and and how I could help transform their lives I couldn’t give that big impact if I didn’t take that


leap once that happened the shift I couldn’t unknow it it didn’t mean I


wasn’t scared yes I couldn’t unknow it Nothing Was the Same I had a different lens of


how I saw the world wow oh my gosh wow wow that for anyone who is stuck in like


fear of visibility and we’ve like I know I’ve bumped up against this plenty of times right you like fear of visibility


fear of shady stuff being thrown at you on social media fear of leaving the this


qu I use air quotes if you’re not watching the video the quote safe job to pursue your actual passion that mindset


shift of itself not to do it right out of the fear that’s incredible so this


was around 40 and you thing and it took me um from that


point 10 months to leave so then I I put all my plans in place at that time and I


leaned in to my imagination because once everything expanded I could actually see


it like I could see the big picture and I visualized it I could see myself like


starting this company and helping women and impacting them I could Envision them


going from you know being like say a stay-at-home mom and then they’re getting back into the workforce and they


just need someone to help guide them and hold the space with them to to that next


level to help close the gap between where they were and where they are to


like next level where they’re going so that I could close my eyes Envision them


there and help them to literally and figuratively step into that woman that


they are designed to be I never wanted once I could see it and like saw


the light and saw the big picture I thought gosh I wish I didn’t wait till 40 I wish this would have happened at 20


or 30 even but it happened when it was supposed to happen because you know


we’re as you know Rory Vaden says we are perfectly positioned to serve the woman


or the person we once were yeah and so that’s what I that’s what I began to do


yes wow we’re gonna speak we will I I am actually gonna ask you like a styling


and fashion question so for everyone yes I know and I’ll give you I’m gonna give it away too I have a formula I love okay


oh that’s beautiful amazing I want to ask first you have mentioned this


several times and I’m really curious how you do this so you’ve talked about your imagination I love that you own it as a


superpower because I think it often gets like knocked out of us as kids that we shouldn’t be doing this we shouldn’t be


in our imagination you also shared at the beginning of this interview that you closed your eyes five years ago and you


saw your space as it is now I’d love if you could take just a minute to talk


about how you visualize if you I don’t know if you like do it intentionally


every day or if it’s more just like when you feel inspired but what that process is like for you and then just any tips


for someone who’s really inspired by your power to see what’s coming and to


create what you visualize who maybe feels like they struggle with it or they don’t do it right like any just anything you’d say there I think our audience


could really benefit from I think because of how I grew up


and I didn’t have the visual stimulation of like a TV and I also was in a very


rural town all I had was imagination so it forced me to to use that muscle so


really where it started was because I loved stories I absolutely love stories


I would create my own stories I would even record them on a recorder when I was like eight years old but I used to


listen to it was called spider web and it was children’s stories um that I


could listen to that was instead of television and so when I would hear the stories I would close my eyes and I


would see the picture playing because I couldn’t see it on a TV right and so


that’s where I learned how to do it but then I leaned into the C because I’m a


creative I’m like high creative and so with painting you know when I was involved in that and I used to do


creative writing it all involved that visualization so at a young age that


really that’s how it became my superpower is I used it now I you know


and I think along the way being deprogrammed and getting into like the


everyday life of what I should be doing and just kind of like going through the motions of life I think I did at some


point kind of suppress that and I it left me a little bit but once I reignited it I real I took that skill


and I use it in a very in intentional way every day wow and and how I do it


and this will kind of get into fashion at the same time awesome um I do something every day and every


morning that I call get up suit up show up it’s a speech that I’ve done I used to speak to


groups I haven’t done it done that particular one in a while but the get up


get up suitup show up really is all about like setting your intentions for the day and I know everybody is you know


really speaking about this right now like your early morning habits and all the things I’ve done it for a long time


and for me it’s about from my intentions for the day of what does the day look


like and how is it going to play out and then giving myself that pause and


closing my eyes and envisioning the day unfolding but then it also I know this


is like you’re like my life I never realized how different it was than like


how some other people kind of formulate their day but that’s how I do it and then at the end


of the day I do a replay in my mind of the day and how does it line up and were


my intentions met did I did I stay fully


present in those intentions yeah and if I didn’t how did I why did I get out of


it and it always has to do with two things number one is I tried to control


an outcome that I had no control over which we talked about and number two is I got I got


caught up in self I got caught up in in uh negative


messaging and I didn’t step outside myself to impact and give Serv to


someone that truly needed it in the right way in the deepest way because I was caught up in self and so reflecting


on those things that’s what sets me up for the next day with my intentions and so that I can continuously grow keep the


needle moving forward but also continue to impact on that deep level because


when I’m in that space that is when the magic happens


like that is like I feel the frequency and the energy level just go up and I


can bring people other women into that frequency to live their best life and


then so get up suit up is taking that intentional time to care for yourself to


after you do your workout in the morning because I I believe you have to move your body to get things going you have to put the right messages in that’s my


podcast that I listen to when you go in the shower and you have that moment of


today’s day for should I or shouldn’t I wash my hair make the intention to wash


your hair care for yourself care for your body shave your legs if you’re wearing a dress if it’s a Monday go in


your wardrobe pick out your best outfit and put on and suit up in your best


outfit for that day so that you can start your day where you can look in the


mirror and you can know how beautiful you look and you can fully instead of


focusing on what you don’t like you’ve put the intention into what you do like


and that you’re worthy of wearing something amazing on a Monday so you can fully step into your power and get over


yourself and share your gifts with the world oh my gosh wow that and one of the


words that you’ve said over and over and over again that I want everyone to hear is intention intention like I can tell


you were you’re a very intentional person I think a lot of where people go wrong is they think they’re at effect of


everything outside of them and what I understand about how you approach styling too is it is all about setting


that intention right for who am I not only how do I want to look but who am I gonna be and show up I don’t want to put


words in your mouth but I’m just I’m guessing here let’s speak to I wish I had like two hours with you sorry this


happens to me I get into it and I I love this no I think what we’ll do we’ll I think it would be really fun to have you


come in and speak to our Mastermind this year so we’ll connect on that separately um because I’m like I I need this onee


for more time but let’s do this so in we’ve got a couple minutes here and I also want


people to have time to learn about your community your app you’ve got an amazing download that people can get to um most


of our listeners and we’ve got a really diverse audience which I love and is great many of our listeners are going to


be female entrepreneurs sales professionals their driven they’re ambitious they they you know they care


about succeeding in work they’re probably like spiritual to some level as well they want to earn from like six to


seven figures typically and they really want to create many of them are creating a different life than they saw modeled


growing up which clearly you did for yourself what are some of the top like if you could give them any sort of


styling fashion advice I don’t know if this is where the formula fits or not this is the formula what do what do we


need to know for women like like this what do we need to know about styling um okay well let me try to do it as like at


the highest level and and then I can give away all the things so that everyone can go and get the the details


um the first part to My formula is um review and reflect and that’s where you


know that’s that inside part right that’s the envisioning that’s the that’s


the point at which I can hold the space with her to formulate and really see


what she truly desires and even give herself permission to go there and that’s when I can close my eyes she can


tell me where she is how she feels and I can see what she’s wearing once we do


that and we really set the goals for where she’s headed and the woman she’s designed to be that’s when we walk in


the wardrobe and from there we’re really um assessing and then eliminating what’s


no longer serving her so many women have pieces in their closet that that they’re


hanging on to that’s part of their past and has no business being in that space it’s holding them back from where


they’re going so the way that I make that assessment is four things um well


first are the three FS fit fabric fashion and then does it align with my lifestyle and where my life is headed so


fit does it fit me right now if it doesn’t it doesn’t belong there if


you’re in the process if it’s too small you’re in the process of losing weight and it’s a great item put it in a bin


and and move it from your closet it doesn’t belong in there because when you go in and you see that item and you


think you’re actually um motivating yourself to lose weight you’re actually body body shaming yourself and that’s


not what we want um and then number two is Fabric and is the is the fabric


intact has it been overwashed does it have pills on it um are are we worthy of


wearing something better than this and there’s ways to tell if it still um is intact or not and that’s in my wardrobe


edit blueprint so I highly suggest everyone go there just to to really understand how to know if it’s a still


still a good item um and then fashion is it in fashion and there’s some very I


know it may sound kind of broad but there’s some I teach women a very easy formula for that um and then does it


align with my lifestyle and then from there really determining taking inventory of what’s left and what is


really going to work for you moving forward um create a core wardrobe of


pieces that um not only are you know incredible fabrics and and that are you


know that they’re really foundational pieces that will take you season to season and then I teach women about the


cake and putting on those foundational pieces and then using icing you know


like the pieces you put it to round out the outfit and to really highlight your


best areas and your best features and and then do some strategic


shopping got it so that’s how I work I work with women either virtually I have 50% of my clients are locally here in


Sarasota Florida 50% of my clients are all throughout the United States and a


little bit into Canada um and so we’re actually um in the process of creating a membership um


and a styling app and speak to this this is great yeah it’s very different than


you know than what you would think and it’s taken some time to really um like I had my vision for what it was but I’ve


done a ton of market research and many of the women that I work with these are


some of the things they’ve said about going through the process with me they’re where they want to be in


their life it’s changed they’ve closed the Gap quicker so if they wanted to start a company they’ve started a


company and it’s exploded very quickly quicker than they thought um and they


determine that to be the fact that their confidence is elevated and they’re


they’ve gotten over themselves and they’re doing their thing um their relationships are better they’re able to


be more uh fully present with their families with their children um going on


date night with their husbands and really feeling connected in that way and then just overall in life feeling more


aligned connected and experiencing joy and so I wanted to bring this to a


larger audience so I asked my clients that have been with me for a long time or even some that just started working


with me what do you love about the service and you know they say things like what I just described they also say


saves them time um they feel more confident all the things and then they


also have been saying something that’s really interesting they’ve been using the word community


[Music] what what makes you say community and so


what I’m hearing is well you know so many incredible women because I the


women that I attract it is it’s much like who you’re serving Elyse it’s that


high performing women she wants to be the best version of herself in all areas but when you connect these high


performing women all together this is where true Innovation happens and it


just it levels everything up to it’s really magical and so now I’ve


been able to do this in Sarasota Florida by because I have my space and we bring these women together we now are going to


have a platform where it’s like Limitless and so I just can’t wait to


bring everyone in it’s a three tiered uh system and we’re basically I’ve come up


with a digital course a DIY of how to do this on your own if you’re not going


going to work directly with me um and that’s really the first part the first tier middle tier is really um you get


the course but you also get to be part of the community and connect with other women um we’re going to be doing Summits


live q&as all kinds of really cool styling demonstrations we’ll have women


in the beauty industry coming in Live guest expert speakers women like


yourself at least that can offer you know the mindset and really because I’m


going from like the outside in and we need that inside piece too these women


want the holistic approach and I want to give it to them yes oh wow oh my gosh


this is so exciting I love how you shared Community because that was in our in our group too I was like I was


surprised when said we need that like and we want that and that’s one of the most valuable pieces because we I don’t


know we we go off and start something because we love it and then I think just because of who you are and your level of


energy energ and your just your heart you’re going to attract amazing women so I love that you’ve created this place


and this platform and so I know that’s coming soon is there like a do people just need to get on your email list or what’s the easiest way to find out what


I what I highly recommend is number one getting the free wardrobe edit blueprint


because that’s going to give you some really tactical actionable steps that you can take today in your wardrobe to


to begin the process because you really have to get get that action going get that momentum going to to shift your


mindset into thinking more about the future and what you desire and then also


we have we do have a wait list and I can give you the link to that uh people that sign up for the weit list are going to


they’re going to have the first option of getting in to the membership and so there’ll be some benefits to that as


well um I also offer a freestyling call so anyone um that desires to level up


their fashion and really do some transformative things in their life um and wants to know how


can you work with me um reach out because even if you know the timing may


not be exactly right for the oneon-one they definitely is a place where I can I


can meet you where you are I believe every woman is worthy and deserves that


uh deserves taking care of herself and feeling beautiful we should all feel that way yes wow oh my gosh I just love


you I just love you I’m like wait I really would love to have you stick


around for another hour and keep going deeper I know we’re going to collaborate on a lot of things coming up and I’m


excited so for my listeners you can stay tuned obviously go we’ll link everything in the show notes to get the styling


edit um get on the wait list to learn about the community Jessica’s app that’s launching and I think you’ll also see us


doing some exciting things I actually have a project I’ll tell you about offline where I think it would be really cool to Loop you in as well so you’re


amazing thank you so much for being here there’s again there’s so many other


things we can there’s so many things I have so much more that I want to tell your people we will do it again we


will thank you again I time in your heart yes um to you my


listener wow I told you it was going to be a powerful conversation and I learned


so many things myself today um not just about worthiness right and styling how


do we cultivate that wardrobe that helps us step into the best of ourselves we talked leadership we talked about


imagination the power of visualization so so many great things from this conversation go connect with Jessica


we’ll link everything in the show notes um thank you as always for being a listener on She Sells Radio and I will see


you on our next episode bye for now

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