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Do you find yourself procrastinating on what you need to do, or are you getting derailed by something negative that screws up your whole day? That frustration can throw off your entire plan. Our guest today is Holly Martin, a single mom and sales leader with 15 years of marketing experience, even breaking 6-figures in her first 6 months with a new company. Today, she’s sharing how we can better manage negative emotions, create a good mindset, and structures we can use to get us there.


Holly went to BYU, graduated, and started a family. At the time, she thought she would be a stay at home mom, but she knew that wasn’t for her. Through family connections, Holly entered a new place, taking the leap despite battling post-partum depression. She signed up on the spot with no experience beyond her people-person abilities. 15 years later, she is going strong as a single mom in sales. Now, she’s breaking six figures in her first years with a new company. 


To break that mark so quickly, Holly focused on emotional management. Sales has ups and downs. Holly reminds us that we are a thermostat, not a thermometer–you control the temperature. Whatever happens, staying steady will prevent you from wasting time wallowing in failures and will allow you to manifest goals into fruition. Believing that she would thrive during adversity put her mindset at a constant high, convincing herself that she was capable. And that happened in real-time, tripling her business. 


Her rock-solid mindset is built on a foundation of mantras, including “no means next.” She starts her morning with scripture and meditation, clearing her mind, doing exercise while educating herself as much as possible. The more you can flood yourself with positivity the better. Also, she tackles her least favorite things in the morning, in addition to a list of “6 most important things” aka revenue-driving activities. In the evenings, she balances her home life while following up with people she has connected with. Don’t forget to give yourself space to decompress–it’s important to balance the push with the release.  


Dealing with self-doubt is essential. Holly believes in changing dates, not goals. If you want to hit a certain goal, make sure you hit that number no matter what time you do. Don’t beat yourself up, instead, consider that you got as far as you did because you aimed high, and by putting the goal in the future, you keep momentum towards it. Also, look at the people with who you surround yourself. Partner with people who share your values and dynamics to keep a positive mindset. 


Only tell a story twice. If something falls through, let it out, vent, but don’t force yourself to relive that energy. Allow those feelings to come and go, not linger and drag you down. You can get stuck on a hurdle and focus on what you don’t want instead of looking ahead to what you do want. Be unattached to the outcome. 


Tune in to hear Holly’s final tips to women in sales!

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Do you find yourself procrastinating on what you need to do, or are you getting derailed by something negative that screws up your whole day? That frustration can throw off your entire plan. Our guest today is Holly Martin, a single mom and sales leader with 15 years of marketing experience, even breaking 6-figures in her first 6 months with a new company. Today, she’s sharing how we can better manage negative emotions, create a good mindset, and structures we can use to get us there.



Welcome to she sells radio. All right, my friend, I have got a question for you. Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on what you need to do or having something negative happened in your day that totally derails you for the rest of the day? Maybe it’s like a customer meeting. Didn’t go the way you were hoping it would. Maybe somebody says something to you. Maybe you look on, I mean, never speaking from experience here. Maybe you look on social media and see someone who’s doing the thing that you want to do. And then you think, ah, you know, that’s never going to happen for me and you get frustrated and you kind of get derailed the rest of the day. Well, if that has ever happened to you, and my guess is because you are a human listening to this show that has maybe it happened today.

I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you. Today’s interview is going to be so helpful for you and my guest today is Holly Martin, and she’s a top producer in network marketing. She’s got 15 years in the industry and this is what’s to me, really impressive. She started over with a new company two years ago and broke six figures in her first year. Built a team of 3000. She’s a John Maxwell certified coach, and she’s a single mom balancing all of this as well. So I asked her in our interview, how in the world did you do this? And specifically, how did you break six figures in your first year? Because I know for any of you, if you, if you’re starting off and you’re trying to kind of hit that first six figure number or for whatever and whatever your particular revenue number is that you’re looking to hit when you can accelerate that and do that faster, that’s never a bad thing.

So she’s going to share with you how she did it. And some of the key things that I learned that I thought were so important that I’m excited to share with you as well are one how to manage those emotions in your day. So if something does go not the way you were hoping for it to, how do you get past that? And she, she is able to get past it really quickly. And she shares with us how she talks about how to create the right mindset to literally achieve whatever you want. It’s so powerful. It’s so good. You can apply this to your sales as well as to anything. And this is part a part that I love because I love a good schedule or checklist or something like that. So she tells us how she sets up and structures her day for success, really specifically like in the details, she tells us how she manages her time, how she sets up her day for success and how she keeps her mindset strong all throughout the day.

So there’s just a lot of brilliance here in this interview with Holly. So I can’t wait to share it with you. And before we get into that, I do also want to invite you to join us at the weekly sales accelerator. You know, part of my vision for this brand and this business was to create really affordable accessible sales training for you, regardless of where you are in your journey, on your business. You know, you may be just starting out and saying, Hey, like I know I want to hire a high level coach right now. Maybe that’s not feasible financially, but I still need to invest in myself, get resources. This is such an amazing resource for you. Or maybe you’re a woman who’s farther along in her journey, but you’re like, you know what? I’m frustrated by the lack of sales training, that’s out there.

That’s designed with me as a woman in mind. And that is the intention of this is to provide low cost affordable, accessible, really high level sales training. I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve worked with some of the top producers in the world to you. And so that is why we exist. And so you can check it out over at Elise get signed up for our next training. I’d love to see you there. And if there are other topics or things that you want me to either do an interview on on this podcast or do a training on in the sales accelerator, let me know, send me an email. At would love to hear from you. I really want to create what you need through these trainings. So go check it out at Lee, and now get excited because you going to learn from a woman who was crushing it in sales and business, Holly Martin let’s tune in and learn from Holly, Holly, Martin. Welcome to she sells radio. It’s so good to have you join me here today.

It is still good to be here. Thank you so much for having me. It’s an honor to be your guest. Okay.

Oh my gosh. Well, and it was just fun too, in the, pre-chat kind of talking about your kind of ours at brand builders and realizing it had been a whole year since we connected initially. And gosh, a lot has changed since then, but it’s, it’s just, it’s so cool to have you on and reconnect in this way. And I think you’re such a model of what’s possible for women in the sales world, even too. I think about like for moms who are, you know, kind of balancing all the things right now and taking care of kids and trying to grow their business and doing all of it, like you’ve done it, you’ve done it as a beautiful example for other women. And I’m just really excited to, to learn from you and hear about your backstory and also just help have you kind of share some of your pro tips for your fellow sisters in sales. So, you know, I think the first thing that would be really helpful for our listeners is if you want to share some of your backstory of how you got into sales. I think a lot of us don’t necessarily intend. We don’t have like a vision as little girls that we’re going to be sales professionals one day. So maybe you did, I don’t know, but tell us how you got into it and kind of what got you to where you are today.

Yeah, absolutely. It is true. You don’t really think I want to be in sales, but I had went to college. I never thought you were supposed to do. And I graduated high school. I went to Brigham young university and graduated with my degree and had a baby. So I had been married five years at that point and I’m home and I thought it’d be a stay-at-home mom. Cause my mom was a stay at home mom and realized very quickly. That’s not me. I’m not, that’s just, wasn’t wired that way. I think it’s the hardest job in the world. And I just, I, it just wasn’t me. So my dad has co-worker’s daughter was in sales and she was a network marketing and doing really well. And my dad said, Holly, you should go and meet her. And initially I, at the time I had just had my daughter and we moved from California to Illinois.

I didn’t know a soul in the state of Illinois and I had postpartum depression and I was, it was not a very happy place. And so I went to meet her anyway and she walked in, dressed up hair, done, or nails were done. And she had just gone on a company trip and talked about travel. And I looked across and said, I want that. I want to reason to get dressed. I want, you know, I want that conference, but I didn’t have any of that. And I signed up on the spot and you know, the next bit was, it was a journey, right? So no sales experience, no confidence. I was a people person, but didn’t have any experience or confidence in that. And, and slowly, you know, worked at it, worked at it. And 15 years later it was still in sales and love. And can’t imagine any other way. And I’m a single mom of three now that baby at the time is 15 and I have a 12 and a 13 year old and the flexibility and freedom that comes with what we get with sales with a little more of not having stuck, you know, in an exact timeframe has been awesome.

Yeah. Wow. And you know, I laugh in that story. When you say her nails were done as a new mom, I, for the first time in my life, my nails are not done. I got to get back on my game here, but yeah, it’s like thinking, wow, you know, you probably saw that example in her and you said, gosh, there’s something else that’s possible here that is different from, from what I’m doing. So, so tell us, give us some context for where your business is now, because you’ve been, you’ve been doing this for some time. You’ve built a team. So give us just some context of at this point, cause you’re, you’re doing it sister. So I want you to tell everyone

Kind of where you’re at. It’s been a great journey. So the first I was with that first company for awhile, I’ve been with the company that I’m with now for the last it’s been just over two years. And so I’ve started new, you know, then. And so this first full year with this company, I went over to six figures. My team’s about 3000 plus consultants and number 10,000 customers. I’ve just been working with some incredible people. And then of course the experience from before has come over and the you know, the residual income that we can build in, in sales too, is, has been really amazing. But mostly the leaders, I have a lot of people on my team that, that are making a really great income, you know, from coming in and just following, following the model.

Yeah. So tell us, because that’s, that’s super impressive and certainly like breaking six figures in your first year, I would say, I would imagine that’s not the norm. How did you do it? I mean, in the time we have here, I know you, you can probably give us like a, you know, a week long course on this, but like, what were some of the ways, what were some of the things you did to break that six figure Mark so quickly?

Yeah. So some of the biggest things, I, my favorite topic is emotional management is keeping yourself steady because sales, as we know, you know, there’s definitely the ups and downs. And so in my mind, I picture myself, I am a thermostat, not a thermometer. So I’m set at 72 degrees. So whether I get the sale, don’t get the sale, you know, how, whatever happens, just staying steady and not letting yourself go up and down because I didn’t waste any time because I didn’t have bad days or bad weeks. I, you time for about a minute. You know, that didn’t go how I wanted. All right, I’m going to pivot. I’m going to go over and keep going. So there, there weren’t any of the delays. And I’m a big believer in speaking what you want, because what our thoughts are, things, you know, we are on profits.

And so from day one when I joined this company, I said, I am, I’m going to be on stage and earn the strength that I was going for. I’m going to earn a company trip and I’m going to build this. And I said it so much and, you know, visualized it and it came to fruition. And so from the beginning, and even though I didn’t know how in the beginning I was going to get that amount of sales or, you know, reach that level. It held matter. It was, I believed it so much that when I can talk to the prospect, they either join my team with me or became my customer just because they’re like, she really believes in what she’s doing. And that mattered more than any script than any, you know, exact thing that I went through because it’s, it’s all about the energy and when they, they feel that before you even open your mouth. And so I got that. Right. And that was a lot of behind the scenes work, you know, hours of personal development, investing in different courses and getting the right coaches that actually had way bigger factor in the six figures than knowing my product or knowing the sales system.

Yeah. Wow. That’s so powerful. Did you grow up with that type of teaching, like the personal development from your parents or people you were surrounded by, or was that something you had to learn later in life? I know like for me, I, I stumbled across it kind of at a low point when I was 27. And so it’s been like later on in my journey and I’m just curious because it is like, it is all the mindset. Right. But I think we, we look for the tactics. Was that for you, have you always been that way? Did you have to learn it?

Yeah. I dabbled in a little bit. My dad, I remember listening to Zig Ziglar and, you know, there were several things. So I was introduced to open as a teenager. I was like, I don’t, you know, I didn’t really think it mattered. It didn’t, but, you know, I knew that was, that was there. And so I also I love John Maxwell. I became a John Maxwell certified trainer because I thought the knowledge I’m going to get from that and the people I’m going to be surrounded by that it’s going to help, you know, as well. So it was more once I started my business I started at 25 doing at that point, realized if I, the leader’s mentality and the leaders’ knowledge is how big the team grows. I don’t think it matters what product you have, what company you’re with, where you live.

I moved across country during the pandemic this year in July, and moved from Illinois to Texas and bought a home and did, it’s just, it’s a decision, you know, of when I decided do all that before the pandemic hit, you know, kind of changed things, but I decided my economy, this is not going to affect my economy. I am going to thrive during this. And so I believed that, and I showed up everyday for my team, showed up everyday for my clients with that attitude. And they all believed it around me too. And we didn’t have any kind of a hit or a wall in the business.

Yeah. And, and the opposite. Right. I mean, you were telling me in the pre-chat, you’ve tripled your business this year. Right. Which is how many people can say that right now. Yeah. So I’m really curious, what does your daily routine look like? So when we hear about kind of this rock solid mindset, and I love the idea of you being, you know, you’re the, you’re the thermostat, what w like, is it, do you have a morning routine where you’re doing affirmations and visualization? Are you doing it throughout the day? I like, I like to get into the nitty gritty. So tell us, like, how do you actually do this every day to stay so lock in your mindset?

Because it does take that. I have like little mantras too. So no means next, especially in the beginning, I had to go, no means next nobody’s sex. I would say that to myself and I’m always putting the head. So for me, you know, morning routine is huge. And so always like starting the morning with scripture, I’m big into meditation. I started that about four plus years ago, and that changed my entire life that has a big part to do with my business as well. So having that morning time, and then doing some kind of exercise you know, when the gym’s closed, it became walking. But while I’m doing that, I’m listening to a podcast or I have the free app poop, bla like audible, that it’s free. You signing with your library card and you can listen to audio books. And so I’m listening to audio book.

I have that playing while I’m in the shower. And then while I’m doing my hair and makeup, I’m listening to it. When I come out, take my kids to school and do stuff with them, then on the drive home and listening to something positive. And then I sit down and do the things that I don’t want to do the most in the morning. So I try to get all that stuff done before noon, because we know how the days get away from us. You know? So the most important thing is the thing I don’t want to do. I tackle that right away. And then the night before I make a list, I call it the six most important things to do list. And so I’m writing all the things that are income producing, so not laundry and not groceries. That’s a separate list. So this is just income producing activities for your business.

And so the follow-up the new reach outs for clients, the customer renewals, or whatever you have for your business. And so that’s the thing I’m going to do. So I sit down and I have a list of things to tackle versus, okay, what needs to be done today. And so that helps me stay on track. And then I give myself something that I want to do, like funding. It’s not all grind. I used to think the more activity in the more action and the more I was grinding, the more results I’m going to get, but I found the more I’m in the flow and the more I’m doing, like what feels good to me you know, what’s, what’s authentic to what I want to do. I love sitting outside. I moved to Texas for the, for the weather. And so I love to sit outside.

The sun hits my front porch at time and just let that soak in. It feels so good. You know, that recharges me versus thinking, this is prime time. I better get to work. Now I know I need to do that for a little bit and just have that rest. And then I’ll read, you know, during that time, before the kids, then I get the kids and come home and we do our evening routine. You know, I set up any evening appointments that I have. And then when they go to bed, I have a list of people that I follow up with and call that when we have kids as well, and evenings are better for them. Wow.

Wow. That was so good. And, you know, I love that piece, Holly, about giving yourself the space to sit outside. And I know for me, I think this was a lot of my conditioning from, gosh, I think just, you know, Western culture for what I heard from leadership earlier on in my career was you keep pushing no matter what. And, you know, even if you have 20 bad calls, have the next call, have the next call, keep going, which there is merit to that. But what I’ve found for myself is when I try to do something from an energy that is frustrated, anxious has resistance. I just compound that. So the thing that I’ve started to give myself grace to do in the past few years, which I think you’re saying you do as well is to like pause, especially if you realize you’re coming from an energy because, you know, whatever we focus on expands, right? So if you’re trying to do something from that anxious negative state, then you’re just going to get more of that. And it’s kind of a waste of time to keep pushing through it. And even if it’s like a one minute reset by stepping outside, feeling gratitude, and then going in with a totally different energy, your results are so different and you do get more of that flow state in that ease. So is that kind of what you’re doing there to like, by taking that break

A hundred percent? Yup. It’s like a total reset. And a lot of times at that point, if he just got the phone with an energy sucker, those people that, you know, you call or you have to deal with them maybe, and you look at your phone and you feel your energy drain just by seeing their name, you know, but maybe you have to deal with that for a minute. Then you need to call an energy giver, you know, or do something that fills you back up to change the energy. I really believe that because he’s, yeah. If you get off with that, that energy, that frustration and go to the next, you bring it to the next call and it’s yeah, exactly. You summed it up. Perfect. Right there. I did the same thing.

It’s so good. It’s so good. And I wish I had known that earlier in my journey and, you know, we learned things at the perfect time, but it would have been helpful too, to know that it’s okay to pause. It is okay to pause. You don’t have to keep pushing so hard if things are just continuing to Mount in a negative direction. So how do you deal with self doubt? Because one of the things you said before was you, it sounds like you said, you’re a big believer in your language and you speak the result that you’re going to have before you have it. And you say it with confidence and you talk about, you know, I’m going to win this trip or I’m going to hit this level in my business before that’s happened, though. Do you, do you have twinges of self-doubt show up when you see those things, like now you’re not really gonna do that or, you know, that’s too big. And if so, how do you deal with that?

I think when we set a goal, I’m a big believer in you change the date. You never change the goal. So if my goal was, you know, I want to hit, I wanted a certain income at the end of 2020, I put a really big, I love grant Cardone, right? So I put my goal and he texted and like 10 times that, you know, made that it. So I didn’t hit that particular number. You know, this year I won’t hit it, but I hit a lot higher than I would have had I not done that. And so I never beat myself up. I really look at it as I’m going to just change the date. Okay. So this year I didn’t hit that amount. All right, 2020, here we go. You know, I’m going to do that. And it’s funny because for 20, my 2019 goal, I didn’t hit that.

I hit that this year and I just look at it and what that is, what that’s saying is, you know, put it out there and you’re going to get to it. Even if it isn’t necessarily by the date that you want. So if there’s a promotion and you have that promotion by this quarter, but it’s there and you don’t hit it that quarter. It’s not a, I’m awful. I think I can’t do it. It’s all right. I’m going to push it to the next one. And so by not, but giving yourself grace, that’s one thing that I I’ve learned. And as moms, those that are moms on here, Oh my gosh, you, you can’t, I don’t think you can do it all. I can’t make meals and I can’t clean my house and run my business and have a social life. I can’t. And so one thing that I’ll do in this kind of do a self-doubt in the sense of, I, I know that I can’t do all that.

So anything I can hire out, you know, someone else is going to clean my house. My kids have an extensive chore list. And so they, they do those things because it’s not possible for you to do it all. And so I think if I thought I had to do it all and hit the goal, I would be like, how am I going to do this? But I don’t really have that because I make it, I allot the time and the space that I need to hit that goal. And so that makes it more believable. And I look at other people that are there. I constantly am talking to people who are, where I want to be. So the people that have the income that I want, the promotion that I want, the relationships that I want, you know, a couple goals. I look at those business people and I’m even like, I want to be around people that love their spouse, because if I got remarried, I want to love my spouse and talk about them like that.

And the people you’re around how they, I mean, I think this, this is important in business, but I think it’s more important our personal life. So I look at other people that are parents. I want to partner with you, you’re successful in business, you know, and you’re good. And you also have a really big family dynamic. And so that helps me not as self doubt too, cause my, they have it all. They’ve promoted their accomplishing this and they have a loving relationship and their kids have things going. And so then I think this is possible by just constantly surrounding myself around that.

It’s so interesting how, as you say that, because that’s one of the recurring themes that I hear from the women who I interview on this show from women like you, women who, you know, I was interviewing a woman the other day who just exited an eight figure business and she gave such similar advice. And I love that. You’re saying that because the recurring theme is look for evidence of what you want for yourself in other people. And I think the mistake that we make is arguing for our limitations rather than saying, okay, want this thing, let me go find someone else who’s done it. And then it almost becomes this very clear, easy. We’re about to start arguing for, Hey, if someone else can do it, I can do it too. It’s just a matter of, like you said, being in their energy, surrounding yourself with them and you don’t have to actually know them today.

You can see what they’re doing on social media. And I’ve got plenty of mentors who I’ve never met and who I’ve still learned. Great things from just because of the beauty of social media today. So I love that you said that and it’s, it sounds like just kind of setting that vision that, Hey, if this can happen for someone else, of course it can happen for me. And then starting to kind of take the actions and speak that into existence. I’m curious about, cause you you’re such a master of this and I know this is a piece of your personal brand as well is helping with that emotional management and sales. Is there any other wisdom or anything else that you think is really important for a woman to know in terms of managing her emotions throughout the day in the sales process? I love being the thermostat. I love like focusing on words, but anything else that you would share that you think is critical for us to know?

Yeah. I think the last, the two things that I thought of was only telling the story twice because we will go to a sales call and the person doesn’t show up. We have an appointment, we get on the person’s ready to go and they’re going to sign on the dotted line and then they talk to somebody and they don’t do it. So it doesn’t go how we want it. And so what we tend to do is we tell our coworker about it. We call our best friend and tell them about it. We talk and we relive that story. We go on Facebook and we say, some people have no integrity, you know, and we go on and we start blasting and reliving that and we stay in that energy. And so the biggest thing is you can tell a story twice. You know, you, you tell a story to be your boss, your car, someone that maybe, and I look at this actually helps.

So this went wrong, let them know. Is there anything on that part? I could have done different, you know, as really as, not a way to complain, but as a way to simply get better, but saying that and then letting it go and not keep bringing it up because we get stuck on this last quarter. I missed my goal or last month I didn’t hit the quota or look at last December and we just keep talking about what we don’t want. And so just cutting that off and just literally just leaving it in a, let it go behind. And part of that goes along with being unattached to the outcome. So if you can, my best visualization is you have a pack of gum. So if I offered these three people in front of me, a pack, a piece of gum and one, one of the piece of gum and two didn’t, I, I would not be disgusted and cannot believe they did not want us to take that piece of gum.

I offered them. I would be completely uninvested whether they took it or not. Cause I don’t care if the one who’s gonna let me play it and offering it to them, you know? Cause I like it. So the same with our business, our opportunity, our service, our product we know it’s great. You know, we love it. And we, we come into them because we think it will help them, whether they do not want to be unattached to that. And so if you can really be on attached to the outcome, then you can share it in a way that’s really authentic because it’s really coming from, it brings you joy. You love it. You think it could add value to versus I need them to do this because I need that sale. I need that, that number. And now you’re looking at of this. I just, I just want to offer something and you take it. You do. I would say I put it out there and God decides where everything goes. You know, he he’s ultimately it’s between them and God, what they do with it, but it’s my responsibility to offer it.

That’s so good. I love that. Both of those tips, I’ve actually never heard. I’ve never heard them said that way. And I really love that. And as you talk about not telling the story twice too, are you an Abraham Hicks listener? Okay. I think this is sounding like, cause it’s the momentum, right? It’s like you’re building, you’re out. We’re always building momentum in one direction or another. So what I’m hearing you say is the more you and our natural tendency is something happens that we don’t like, and we want to go share it. And I don’t, I was even thinking about that yesterday. Like why is it that we want to go? We want to kind of like perpetuate that pain. I don’t know if it’s, we want people to feel bad for us. We want to not feel alone. I don’t know. But but you literally have to like stop yourself.

Like I, even this morning it’s not exactly the same, but kind of related my mom was coming over to watch our son for this interview. And while she and I were talking, we, I started saying how hard it was to balance taking care of him at home and working. And I literally stopped myself in the sentence. And I said, actually, no, let me rephrase that. It’s really easy for me to do this because I’ve realized how important it is that like our words literally create our outcome and we create more of what we talk about. And so if you want something to be easy for you, if you want something to be a certain way, you have to say it that way because it’s only gonna drag you down and create more of what you don’t want by continuing to tell that story. So thank you for that. Cause I think that’s so important. Yeah. Yeah. This is awesome. Tell us, so Holly, if there was a woman who is listening, who’s looking to break through that six figure Mark and she’s, she’s like, she’s listening to this. She’s thinking, Oh my gosh. Okay. Holly did it. She did it in a year. Like I’ve learned so much from her. What would be, what would be your number one piece of advice for her that you would share? I’m really curious to hear your thoughts there.

Yeah. I would say initially I thought about, for me, what’s it going to feel like cause how we feel, you know, and that is so, and then getting gratitude for things before it happens. So I thought like, what is that going to feel when something silly as I make a grocery list and I don’t have to cut things off or buy the off-brand or look for sales, I buy whatever groceries I want and I can spend extra money. What’s it going to feel like when we go out the kids? Yeah. Get, get the full meal, get the milkshake it, and it’s so small that I have to, I used to have to, you know, think about that stuff. So my thought was, it’s going to be total freedom to be able to just kind of treat my kids and do all these little things. Once I have a six figure income.

And what’s it going to feel like as far as with myself, I set out to do it. And so I wrote gratitude lists of I’m so grateful for the opportunity and by us making that income, we added value. We helped other people, you know, so foreign sales, we’re giving a service or a product or we’re doing something that’s helping other people’s lives. And so I thought of how many people are going to be out of touch. How many lives, how much good am I going to be able to put out there? And if we work with a team, how awesome I’m going to be able to influence and help other people on the team and around because then they’re going to be like they could do it. So I sat and just thought of all the reasons why I wanted it and money is great and it’s the final, but that doesn’t do it.

The, the freedom and the no worry. And the fact that we were able to help people is, is what it was all about. So I had to step back and I made, I wrote list. And then I wrote a list. This is really hard to do a hundred things that you like about yourself because you really have to I was watching, it was a podcast and they talked about this. So I got to like 40. Then I was like stuck and I got to 60. It took a while and I just, I had to really stretch. But again, what you focus on, you get more of. So I wrote a hundred things that I like about myself. That I’m good at that. I appreciate. And so when I started seeing it books on it, then when I went out, other people saw it too.

And so just, it came around and it helped get to six figures. Because you have to see yourself as someone deserving it, you know, that that was capable of it. And then the reason why, because then you went out on, which is a different heart, you know, doing it. But if you don’t see yourself doing it, like you’ll never, you’ll never get there if you don’t see it. And so you have to see it, believe it, speak it and act as if I don’t like fake it till you make it. I like to act as if and so show up to the appointment act as if you’re that six figure earner. And so I did that in this, that first bit. I acted as if I showed up for the trainings and just carried myself as if I was making that and then found myself there. Wow.

Wow. That’s so powerful. I love that. I love that list of a hundred things you like about yourself. I think that could be extremely healing too. For a lot of women. I love, love, love that this has been, my heart is full. I, this has been so powerful for me and I’m sure it is as well for everyone listening. So thank you. Tell us how, where can, where can we find out more? I know you’ve got some more material for women who do want to master and go deeper into that emotional management in sales. Tell us how we can find that, how we can find you on social media, on the web. I know women are going to want to connect with you.

Yeah, for sure. It goes to my website is the Holly So just the, then Holly is H O L L Y Martin. And on there, there’s a free course. So it’s a free training as you’ll go with the download as a video. And then it’s a workbook talking about a lot of these things are emotional management. It’s like a little check-in and ask the questions. You can kind of go in and see do an inventory on yourself and get to see where you want to improve. And on Instagram, I’m at the Holly and then on Facebook, it’s just hot Martin as well.

Holly, thank you so much for how you showed up today for what you’ve shared about managing our emotions and really setting the intention and just making something happen in our lives. I know you’ve been for me, this has been so inspirational and just energizing and exciting to think about you know, the next goals that I’m going after and seeing myself there and feeling myself there and expressing gratitude before I’m there. And you are a living, breathing example, sister of what happens when we do that. So thank you for putting in the work yourself to become this woman who is able to be an example for us and then for sharing your wisdom today, this has been so great.

Thank you so much. Thanks really beer with you. And I love I’ve loved watching you. So you’ve inspired me. I’ve watched you go on your journey and step out and thank you.

Love it. Absolutely. My pleasure. All right, everyone. Thank you so much for joining. Go connect with Holly. You’re going to love learning from her online and we will see you next week with our next episode of she sells radio bye for now.

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