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Thanks for tuning into Instant Impact with Elyse Archer. Today, Elyse is talking with Andrew Bilak. He helps businesses and brands connect with their customers through interactive and engaging Chatbots. Playing on his passion for marketing and strategy, Andrew Founded RoyalWood Media and created a Chatbot Agency nearly two years ago. In that short time, the market has seen rapid growth in the adoption of Chatbots across various industries. In this episode, Elyse and Andrew discuss how utilizing conversational commerce to create a frictionless process for potential clients and how it can deepen that relationship. 

Andrew wants to shed some light on what Chatbots are exactly and clear up some misconceptions about them. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversational experience. Andrew explains how these programs can help businesses and brands create and establish more meaningful conversations with clients. Through voice interaction like Alexa or Google or though text-based programs, a conversation can be sparked. 

Andrew goes on delve deeper into the practical uses of conversational commerce and the powerful information it can provide. He points out how conversational experiences bridge the gap to a client. Chatbots can also be used internally to shift the business into a direction that is more efficient and effective. 

Elyse and Andrew chat about creating an initial touch point. This is key, Andrew says, in landing customers. There is a split second where contact is made, and if it’s perceived negatively, you could lose a lifetime client. 

These Chatbots can be catered to the needs of the business or coach. It can provide vital information instantaneously, and that’s something clients value. Conversational commerce provides the ability to follow up the moment the potential client interacts with your widget. It could be in your social media bio, your website, or in an email. Any time they click on it, a conversation will be started. 

What you’ll learn in this episode

In this episode, Andrew Bilak will clear up some misconceptions about Chatbots. He sheds light on what conversational commerce is and how it can help establish, retain, and satisfy clients. You’ll learn the potential power of conversational commerce through the information it provides, how it can deepen your relationships with clients, and how to create a frictionless process overall.

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